What is shooting star strategy


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    What is shooting star strategy
    Helo forum friends. Hope you are doing well. There are various candle stick patterns are in use according to a trader knlwledge and skills. One of them is known Shooting Star Pattern that can be determine by its first candle and next 2-3 candle will be in same direction. Set your SL limit right behind that first candle and TP should be some reasonable pips above the candle. This is a very good pattern to get profit. First candle is indicated by a formation of shooting star candle having a long pin and little tail on other side, mostly used for a buy trade. Kindly share your experience regarding this one.Thanks
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    If we want to trade our cheeses, we should be able to trade with a pair of hums and say that we will be able to trade on our humorous side of the trend. The trend is going to increase and we lose it.


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