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Affiliate program

Benefit from the partnership with We pay for your active position. Invite a friend and earn up to 2,000 RUB thanks to the affiliate program. It is interesting and profitable to become friends on Terms and conditions of referral (affiliate) program
1. Affiliate payments
1.1 All the payments are made in the form of non-withdrawable (bonus) funds.
1.2 The biggest possible one-time sum of bonus funds received by means of the referral link totals 2,000 RUB.
2. Size of affiliate award
2.1. The size of the affiliate reward depends on the registration period of a new partner on as a percentage of bonuses for his/her posts:
- registered less than a year ago – 25%;
- registered 1-2 years ago – 12.5%.
2.2. The bonus sum is calculated at the moment of crediting of non-withdrawable funds.
2.3. Bonuses are not credited for partners registered more than 2 years ago.
3. Terms of participation.
3.1. All participants of the "Bonus for Posting" campaign can receive money for attracting referrals. To do so, it is necessary to link an account to a particular profile.
3.2. There is no need to register in the affiliate program.
4. Referral (affiliate) links
4.1. Affiliate links could be found in a user’s profile in the Affiliate Program tab.
4.2. There are three types of affiliate links:
Forum affiliate link allows a participant to invite users to the forum. The link becomes active automatically. It could be used immediately without any additional settings.
InstaForex affiliate link allows partners to invite referrals to the company. To use the link, a participant should register with InstaForex as a partner. After the registration, participants receive a 4-digit code that should be inserted in a particular field in a user’s profile of the forum’s affiliate program.
Joint affiliate link of the forum and InstaForex allows participants to refer new clients to both the forum and the company. Participants should also register as a partner of InstaForex to receive an affiliate code.
5. Methods to share an affiliate link
5.1. Participants of the Affiliate program can refer clients using only allowed methods:
- sharing an affiliate link on various online resources, forums, and blogs;
- telling friends and well-known people about the forum, offering them to register using an affiliate link;
- using banners with an affiliate code on their personal websites.
5.2. Partners are prohibited from:
- advertising the forum using an affiliate link on the VKontakte website;
- advertising the forum as a source to earn money for writing texts;
- offering money for writing more than needed posts (see clause 1);
- sending an affiliate link via private messages to the forum users;
- increasing the number of referrals offering the forum users to open new accounts.
6. Partners receive awards for the previous week during the current one. Importantly, affiliate bonuses and bonuses for posts are not credited simultaneously.
7. If a partner has more than one referral using the same IP address, he/she will be excluded from the Affiliate program.
8. Partners cannot register referrals using their own affiliate accounts and accounts of their relatives.
9. InstaForex has a right to delete account details from the forums campaigns in the following cases:
- if some account details of a partner coincide with account details of a referral;
- if a partner and a referral are using the same IP address for trading;
Frequently asked questions:
Why do not I see a referral, who registered using my affiliate link, on the list?
There are two reasons for that:
a) The invited client has registered, but has not finished the activation process as a referral. After the registration, a new partner gets an email with a link. To complete the activation, it is necessary to follow the link.
b) The invited client is a referral of another partner. It is possible that earlier, the new client followed someone else’s affiliate link placed under a banner or a widget on a particular website. Why has one of my referrals left the list?
This means that the user is banned. When the ban period ends, the user will be seen on the list again.
How can I learn whose referral I am?
The forum management does not inform users as to whose referral they are.
How can I make sure that my affiliate link is active?
To check the status of your affiliate link, make the following steps:
a) Clear cookies or use a new browser to visit the forum.
b) Click your affiliate link.
c) Go to the registration page. If the link is active, you will see your nickname in the field “Referrer”.