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Dear users!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the set of rules of our forum for the placement of original posts to participate in the program "Bonus for quality".

1. If you want to send a written message to the editor to participate in the program "Bonus for quality". You can do this by clicking on the application at the bottom of the message.
You can send 3 messages a day for checking with an interval of 2 hours between messages.

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2. A reply will be sent to your email address shortly. If the post has been edited, you become a member of the program "Bonus for quality", otherwise you lose one right to request the post in the future (the right to make a mistake). By submitting a refusal, the editor will definitely inform you of the reason. This can be multiple grammatical or punctuation errors, poor formatting, low quality images, or content with no semantic or artistic value.

2.1. If you think that the post was wrongly rejected, you can appeal editor's refusal. In order to appeal your post, please follow this LINK.

2.2. If the post contains minor grammatical and/or punctuation mistakes or the design of the post does not comply with the rules of the forum, then such a post will be sent to the user for correction.

3. If the applicant for participation in the program "Bonus for quality" receives a “reject” by the editor 10 times or receives a "correction request" 20 times, then he will be limited in posting for 1 month. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you take a responsible and thorough approach to writing posts and sending them to editors. If your idea is too small or concise for the entire post, refrain from writing such a post. But you can always write a comment on posts. Take note that comments do not participate in the bonus program.

4. If from time to time your posts go through the editing of the editor quickly and without comments, he will assign you a permanent status of "trusted user". Information about this status will be sent to your email address, and under the posts it will be indicated that all your posts are automatically confirmed in the program "Bonus for quality" after claiming (In this case, all your posts sent to the stigma will be written accordingly. Otherwise, you will be affixed to this status).

Note: The minimum number of words in the post should be 250. After the editor refuses, you can edit the text and send it for review again, but frequent use of this option carries a certain danger. After 10 refusals by the editor or receives a "correction request" 20 times, the system will block your account for 1 month, depriving you of the right to claim posts.

5. General regulations:
5.1. All of the following does not constitute a commercial public offer, and/or an offer of paid work. Any bonus payments are gifts, not payment for the work.
5.2. Each user of the InvestSocial Forum automatically becomes a member of the bonus campaign after claiming the post to be qualified. The Participant agrees with the rules of the bonus campaign.
5.3. InvestSocial Forum is a place for traders’ communication rather than a place of work for text writers for payment.
5.4. The Participant is not financially liable to InstaForex or the InvestSocial Forum in case of unsuccessful work on his/her bonus account.

6. You can attach only the USD account opened in InstaForex.

7. Procedure for registering the USD bonus account:
a) Click InstaForex special link, fill in the registration fields carefully and correctly your data (this is important for account verification). The USD currency of the account will be selected automatically.
b) You can register a bonus account directly on the forum: - Go to the Profile (click on your forum nickname at the top right). - Select the "Bonus for post" tab and click the "Open account" button. - Fill in the registration fields carefully and correctly your data and click the "Open account" button under the registration form.
c) There are no special requirements for account parameters (5 or 4 decimal signs, account type, trading server, leverage). If you do not have experience in trading in the forex market, it is recommended to select the account leverage of 1:100 (later, it can be changed in the Client Cabinet on the InstaForex website). Please note that there are restrictions on leverage for a number of countries.

8. To attach an account, you should:
a) go to the Profile (click on your forum nickname at the top right)
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b) Select the "Bonus for post" tab, enter the data from the account, and click the "Attach account" button
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8.1. It is recommended to make sure the account is attached. To do this, go to your Profile again, and open the "Bonus for post" tab.
8.2. You can change the attached account every 2 months. First, you need to detach the account, then attach the new one. To detach the account, go to your Profile, click on the account number on the "Bonus for post" tab, and then click the cross near the message "Detach an account".

9. Procedure for crediting bonuses.
9.1. Attaching an account is mandatory to get bonuses.
9.2. Bonuses are credited weekly to the Participant's attached trading account, based on the results of the previous week.
9.3. In the trading platform in the column "Comments", bonus amounts are displayed as follows:
FORUM BONUS WEEK [number of the week]-[yyyy] EN - weekly payments for “Bonus for quality”;
9.4. The Participant must attach the account until the last day of the week inclusive if he/she wants the bonuses for the current week to be credited.
9.5. Accumulation of bonuses does not occur in the event that the Participant posts for several weeks, but does not attach the account. After attaching the account, bonuses will be credited only for the last week, and not for the previous ones from the moment of registration in the forum.
9.6. Bonuses are the property of the campaign sponsor - InstaForex, and cannot be withdrawn from the account and/or transferred to another account.
9.7. In case of replenishment of the bonus account with the Participant's own funds and subsequent unsuccessful trading, the Participant's own funds will be reduced first.

10. Blocking, exclusion of the Participant from the bonus campaign.
10.1. It is prohibited to participate simultaneously in a bonus campaign through several accounts belonging to the same person or to different persons using the same IP address.
10.2. If bonus crediting to the accounts registered by the same person is detected, the person is excluded from the bonus campaign.
10.3. It is prohibited to use any schemes that offer forum users a money reward for writing messages. A monetary remuneration means a transfer via an electronic payment system as well as bank, postal, and cash transfers.
10.4. A bonus account can be blocked in the following cases (the following list is informational, and does not constitute absolute grounds both for blocking and unlocking the account - the decision on blocking is taken on a case-by-case basis by the security department of the bonus owner, InstaForex):
10.4.1. Registration and/or use of several bonus accounts from the same IP address in a relatively short period of time;
10.4.2. Registration of several bonus accounts in the same or matching names, in particular, close relatives;
10.4.3. Detection of the use of several accounts in the InvestSocial Forum, including Internet resources with a similar campaign sponsored by InstaForex.
10.4.4. Opening of positions with the use of the whole deposit or its large proportion. It implies the recommendation not to open positions of such volume which, immediately upon the opening, would lead to a significant decline in the "Level" indicator in the trading platform below:
200% for the account with the leverage of 1/200;
500% for the account with the leverage of 1/500;
1000% for the account with the leverage of 1/1000.
The decline in the Level indicator below the above-mentioned values in the trading process is not a violation of the recommendations.
10.4.5. No trading with credited bonus funds within 1 month or more from the date of accrual.
10.4.6. Simulation of trading by opening a single position for the purpose of holding it for a long time (more than 1 month). Such actions are contrary to the aims of the bonus campaign, one of which is to allow users to try trading on a live account and learn trading.

11. Technical regulations.
11.1. Trading on bonus accounts is carried out through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
You can download the trading platform here: InstaForex.
11.2. To enter the trading platform, click on "File" -> "Login to Trade Account” and type in:
- Login (number of the Participant's attached account)
- Password (password from the trader's account);
- Server (server on which the account was registered).

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12. The terms of the bonus campaign can be changed without prior notice.

13. InstaForex is an owner of bonus funds and has the right to cancel the bonus used by the Participant, as well as the profit received from bonus payments, without explanation.

14. The Forum Administration of InvestSocial Forum does not have access to the accounts of InstaForex clients and does not block bonus accounts. Questions about blocking of bonus accounts should be referred exclusively to the brokerage company by email: antifraud@mail.instaforex.com

Note: This offer is not available to clients of instaforex.eu which is a European regulated entity