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Earn money! is a place where your words can make you richer.

We strive to create a benchmark forex community and therefore provide a unique opportunity for forum users to earn money by creating high-quality content. The campaign "Bonus for Posting" is your opportunity to profit from your frequently read, popular posts. Write an article and earn up to 120,000 RUB per month!

How to take part in the campaign?
Register on the forum and make a post. That's it.

How does it work?
Forum participants communicate on various topics. If you are a brilliant author, have extensive knowledge of a subject, the gift of persuasion or well-developed analytical skills, then choose a topic and begin to write. Your success depends on the popularity of the post among other forum users.

Apart from that, you can earn money on the affiliate program by referring new users to the forum. This is what many highly rated authors do ( You may receive an extra 10,000 RUB per month thanks to the affiliate program.

How is the rating formed?
Articles are evaluated automatically using the Content Intelligent Analysis System (CIS), which is our joint development with the sponsors of the forum.

The Intelligent Content Analysis System gauges the contribution of a particular user to filling the forum with useful and interesting content for other users. When calculating cash bonuses, the Intelligent Content Analysis System factors in:

— quality of posts
— number
— response of forum users (frequently viewed)
— how commentable your posts are
The system is configured to track the real response of forum users. It easily identifies spam- liked activity. We recommend that you carefully read the rules of the forum.


InvestSocial Forum makes bonus payments to a trading account with InstaForex attached to the Profile on a weekly basis. By bringing in new referrals through the affiliate program, the size of bonus payments can increase.

The maximum bonus payment to the attached account totals 120,000 RUB/month. Unlike bonuses, profits received from trading with these funds can be withdrawn. All you need is to communicate and write posts to earn money with InvestSocial Forum.

Rules of Bonus for Posting
Terms and conditions
1.1 All of the following does not constitute a commercial public offer, and/or an offer of paid work. Any bonus payments received from communicating through InvestSocial Forum are gifts, not payments for the work.
InvestSocial Forum is a platform for traders’ communication. It is by no means a place of work for selling text or multimedia commercial products.
InvestSocial Forum neither provides brokerage services nor has access to InstaForex client accounts.
1.2 Any InvestSocial Forum user can become a participant in the campaign (hereinafter referred to as the "Participant").
By attaching an account (see clause 3), the Participant agrees to conform to the rules of the campaign. Participating in the campaign is not obligatory for all forum users.
1.3 The Participant is not financially liable to InstaForex or InvestSocial Forum in case of unsuccessful trading in his/her account.

2. Size of bonus payments
Bonus payments are made on a weekly basis. The maximum 4-week bonus credited to the Participant’s account totals 120,000 RUB. This restriction does not apply to bonus payments provided by the affiliate program of the forum. When the size of the 4-week bonus exceeds the limit, the bonus funds are not available anymore.

3. Registration of a bonus account (hereinafter referred to as the "Forum account"). Attachment of the Forum account to the Profile
3.1 You can only attach a RUB account registered with InstaForex.
3.2 You cannot attach a new account to the Profile when an account with similar personal data (any of the following parameters: full name, address, phone number, etc.) is already attached.
3.3 Forum account registration steps
There are two possible ways to register the Forum account:
3.3.1 You can register an account by clicking the Open Account button directly through your Profile (see clause 3.4 (a)). Make sure you have entered a valid email address because InvestSocial Forum will send the information on your account and other updates to the indicated email. Your account will immediately be attached to your Profile.
3.3.2 Likewise, you can open an account by clicking a special InstaForex link*. Make sure you fill out the registration form carefully, which is necessary for account verification. RUB will be automatically set as your account currency. *) This is an alternative link if the one above is inactive or redirects you to another address.

3.4 How to attach an account: click the Account link:, find the Bonus for Posting tab, enter account data, and click the Attach Account button.
Select the Bonus for Posting tab, enter account data, and click Attach account.
3.5 Make sure your account is attached. In order to check it, go to your Profile once again and click the Bonus for Posting tab.
3.6 You can replace the attached account once in 2 months by detaching the previous account and adding a new one. In order to detach the account, go to your Profile, find Account Number on the Bonus for Posting tab, and click the cross icon on the right.

4. Crediting of bonus funds
4.1 Attaching an account is mandatory for receiving bonus payments (see clause 3).
4.2 The Participant receives bonus payments to the Forum account based on weekly results within three days following Monday.
4.3 In the trading platform, bonuses are displayed in the Comments column as follows:

FORUM BONUS WEEK [week number] - [yyyy] [RU] - weekly bonuses for posting + likes;
FORUM AFFILIATE WEEK [week number] - [yyyy] [RU] - weekly bonus payment for bringing in new referrals.

4.4 The Participant must attach the trading account before the week ends if he/she wants to receive a bonus payment for the current week.
4.5 If the Participant writes posts for several weeks without attaching the account, bonuses will not be accumulated. Having attached the account, the Participant will receive bonuses only for the last week, not for the entire period since registration on the forum.
4.6 Bonuses are the property of InstaForex, the campaign sponsor, and cannot be withdrawn and/or transferred to another account. The Participant can transfer profits yielded from trading with these funds to another account owned by the Participant using the InstaForex Client Area.
4.7 When the Participant replenishes the Forum account with his/her own funds and then incurs losses, the Participant's own funds are deducted first.

5. Withdrawing profits
5.1 Withdrawals are made through the InstaForex Client Area by submitting a withdrawal request, provided that clause 5.2 is fulfilled.
5.2 The Participant can withdraw profits received from trading with bonus funds only after trading InstaFutures (hereinafter referred to as "IF"), with at least 0.01 lot for each non-withdrawable 300 rubles. Read more about IF in the InstaFutures Regulation topic.
5.3 In order to withdraw profits received from trading with bonus funds, the Participant’s trading account should pass the highest level of verification.
Information about InstaForex account verification can be found in the Client Area on the InstaForex website in the Account Settings - Account Verification section.
5.4 The Participant can make the first withdrawal of funds using any e-payment system. The same details should be used for subsequent withdrawals from the same account.
5.5 Profit withdrawing does not result in a write-down of forum funds. Having withdrawn a profit once, the Participant can still trade and withdraw profits using forum funds.

FAQ about InstaFutures

1. What bonuses can I use for trading InstaFutures?
You can use only non-withdrawable bonuses. This does not apply to withdrawable bonuses received in the contest of the best Forexpedia answers.

2. When can I trade InstaFutures?
You can trade them at any time but on one condition: you should trade InstaFutures before submitting a withdrawal request.

3. Can I withdraw profits made from trading InstaFutures?
Yes, you can.

4. What is the duration of a position on InstaFutures? Does the so-called "5-minute rule" apply to trading currency pairs?
The duration of such a trade is not regulated. You can even close it in a second after the opening.

5. Can I trade InstaFutures only?
Yes, you can.

6. Can I trade InstaFutures in advance? For instance, if I keep receiving non-withdrawable bonuses, but the trading volume of InstaFutures after the first bonus exceeds the required limit?
Yes, you can. Please read question 7 (b) of the given FAQ.

7. What if I blow up a non-withdrawable bonus? Do I still have to trade it? For example, I received a 3,000 RUB bonus and blew it up. The trading volume was 0.04 lots instead of the required 0.1 lots. The following week, I received another 3,000 RUB. What the trading volume should be – 0.1 lots or 0.2 lots including the previous bonus?
It depends on how you blow up your bonus.
a. If there was no stop out, the trading volume should be 0.2 lots. Since the volume was 0.04 lots after the previous bonus payment, next time, it should be: 0.2 - 0.04 = 0.16 lots.
b. In the case of a stop out, you will have to trade InstaFutures again.
That is, in the case of a stop out, bonuses and the trading volume of InstaFurutes are reset to zero. Conversely, they are not reset if no stop out occurs.

8. How can I find out the trading volume of InstaFutures?
Here’s a guide to calculating the total trading volume, the number of transactions, and a profit (author: Gold. It is not an official InstaForex product, so it cannot be used as an argument in a dispute with InstaForex).

6. Rules of writing posts, criteria for bonus payments

6.1 The size of a post in the trading sections should be at least 2 full lines* and no less than 4 lines in the Outlook section*.
*) For displays with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Smiles and/or other special symbols, as well as attachments, do not count. The exact number of characters in a post is not specified to avoid artificial adjustment to the required size. Compliance with the minimum required size does not guarantee a post will be accepted. All bonus payments are made using the Content Intelligence Analysis System (see clause 6.3).

6.2 Posts must comply with the forum rules as well as be original and informative. Original posts are posts written directly by the author and published solely on the forum. They are not borrowed from other sources (copy-paste) or published elsewhere. Regular placement of non-original posts on the forum is regarded as a deliberate misuse of the campaign. Users not following this rule will be blocked.

6.3 Bonus payments are made through the Content Intelligence Analysis System. The System calculates bonuses depending on the contribution of the Participant to the forum, which is measured in likes. Valuable and informative posts get likes from other users by clicking on the Like button. The System makes calculations based on numerous parameters, the most important of which is the grammatical correctness of a post.

6.4 The Participant does not receive bonuses for flooding on the forum. In case of systematic flooding, the Participant can get blocked from taking part in the campaign or using the forum.

6.5 Any activities aimed at boosting likes, including requests in private messages, signatures, etc., are prohibited and can be regarded as spam by the forum administration. InstaForex receives information about such users from the forum administration and can block their accounts from taking part in the campaign.

6.6 Plagiarism, taking other users’ posts and publishing them as if they are yours, including with partial changes, is strictly forbidden. Otherwise, a user gets blocked. There is a system on the forum that monitors posts and detects plagiarism.

6.7 The maximum bonus for a post is up to 3,000 RUB for trading sections and 1,000 RUB for the Outlook section.

6.8 The Participant does not receive bonus payments for posts published in the sections listed in clause 7.

7. Unpaid sections
News | Contests | Promotions
Questions to Forum Administration
Bulletin board
In the ForexPedia, LifePedia, and MarketPedia sections, bonus payments are made after summing up the results of the next stage. Information on them is not displayed on the forum and is available only through the Client Area on the InstaForex website and the trading platform.

8. Blocking, exclusion of the Participant from the campaign

8.1 Participating in the campaign through several accounts belonging to the same person or different persons using the same IP address is prohibited.

8.2 If bonus payments to the accounts registered by the same person are detected, the person is excluded from the campaign.

8.3 Using any schemes that offer forum users remuneration for writing posts is prohibited. Remuneration means a transfer via an electronic payment system as well as bank, postal, and cash transfers.

8.4 An account that participates (or participated previously) in the campaign can be blocked in the following cases (the list is informational and cannot be regarded as an absolute ground for both blocking and unlocking the account; the decision about blocking is taken on a case-by-case basis by InstaForex security department):
8.4.1 Attachment of an account registered by another person to the Participant’s forum account.
8.4.2 Registration of several bonus accounts in the same or matching names, in particular, close relatives;
8.4.3 Detection of the use of several accounts on InvestSocial Forum, including Internet resources with a similar campaign sponsored by InstaForex.
8.4.4 Opening of positions using the whole deposit or its large proportion. It implies the recommendation not to open positions of such volume which, immediately upon the opening, would lead to a significant decline in the Level indicator in the trading platform below:
100% for accounts with the leverage of 1/100
200% for accounts with the leverage of 1/200
500% for accounts with the leverage of 1/500
1,000% for accounts with the leverage of 1/1,000
A decline in the Level indicator below the above-mentioned values in the trading process is not a violation of the recommendation.

8.4.5 No trading with bonus funds within 1 month or more from the crediting date.

8.4.6 Simulation of trading by opening a single position for the purpose of long-term holding (more than 1 month).

9. Technical regulation
9.1 Trading in bonus accounts is carried out through MetaTrader 4.
You can download the trading platform here: InstaForex.
9.2 In order to enter the trading platform, click File -> Log in to trading account” and type:
- Login (number of the attached account)
- Password (account password);
- Server (server on which the account is registered).

10. The terms of the campaign can be changed without prior notice.

11. The forum administration does not have access to InstaForex client accounts and does not block Forum accounts. For any questions regarding blocking, please contact:

12. InstaForex, the owner of bonus funds, has the right to cancel the bonus used by the Participant, as well as the profit received from bonus payments, without explanation.

13. To refuse participation in the campaign, traders should write an application directly to the manager. Please note that it will be impossible to register for the campaign once again. In case of a victory in the contests held on the forum, traders cannot receive prizes that are credited to the linked account.
Attention! The forum’s management does not offer a job offer for text writers! All the ads on the Net inviting people to write texts for the forum for a particular payment are fraudulent and misleading. As a rule, such fake employees require documents’ copies of an applicant to register an account. Applicants are promised to pay after they write several posts on the forum. The forum management warns against such contacts and asks to inform it of such facts.

Answers to frequently asked questions
1. Where can I check the statistics of the current savings on the promotional account? What does the number under the avatar reflect (line “Funds”)? Why does the sum remain unchanged even if I write posts? - The number under the avatar reflects the total amount of funds credited to the Participant’s account since the moment he/she has registered on the forum. The sum changes after a participant receives funds for the previous week on the linked account. The daily dynamic is not displayed to avoid fraud.
2. What will happen if I start posting texts without linking an account to my profile? Will the funds disappear? Funds will be accumulated only for the last active week on the forum. It means that you should link an account before the weekends. (see section 4.2 of the detailed rules of the campaign).
3. How does the Intelligent Content Analysis System count likes? Will the system ban likes if a user likes my post, whereas I like his/her one or if someone likes all my posts?
An appropriate use of likes will not cause any problems. Like a post if it is really interesting for you. Do not click the thumbs up symbol to be polite to your colleagues. If likes do not reflect the quality of a text, but they are received/sent fraudulently, the specialized system may nullify them.
4. Can I ask other users to like my posts? No, you cannot. Such actions are prohibited and considered shady. Your profile could be blocked.
5. I do not see the button “Do you like the post? Thumbs up”. I cannot like texts. What should I do? You have exceeded the 24-hour limit of likes. You have to wait for another 24 hours before the system resets to zero. The 24-hour limit of likes is hidden information. Please do not like each post you read. You should give thumbs up only to the texts you really like.
6. Is it possible to arrange voting with likes, hold competitions, etc? No, it is prohibited. Such actions are considered to be spam. The only exception are contests where likes are allowed by the rules.
7. What is a weekly limit to the number of posts? The limit of posts is not regulated. Nevertheless, it is better to follow the forum’s rules, according to which the publication of numerous useless posts is considered a flood. In addition, the system may consider a big number of posts without reaction to be useless. This may result in a lower income.
8. What payment systems can I use to withdraw the income received when trading on promotional funds? You can use any payment system that InstaForex is working with at the moment. The funds could be withdrawn by means of SorexPay, MegaTransfer, Qiwi, and Skrill. You can also use any VISA or MasterCard cards. The first withdrawal could be performed via any system. After that, all the funds should be withdrawn using previous banking details. It is also possible to withdraw funds by means of wire transfer and InstaWallet.
9. When trying to link a trading account I see a message that it is impossible to do so. What should I do? To participate in the campaign, you should open an account strictly following the rules presented in clause 3. Otherwise, it will be impossible to link an account. Such problems may also occur on Saturday and Sunday when most servers are under maintenance. In this case, you can try again a bit later or wait until business days.
10. If I link a new account two months after I liked the first account, what will happen with the funds on the first account? Can I continue trading using the first account?
Funds on the detached account will stay intact. Traders are not prohibited from trading on detached accounts. However, it is not recommended to open opposite positions on an instrument in several promotion accounts. Otherwise, the accounts could be blocked.
11. Am I responsible for promotional funds in the detached account? (I have linked a new one.) No. A new account is a new life. You can forget about the detached account.
12. Can I transfer permanent funds from the linked account to another account (belonged to me, a family member, friend, or a person I know) or a PAMM account? No, you cannot transfer permanent funds to other accounts.
13. What will happen if I lose promotional funds as a result of an unsuccessful trade? Do I have to reimburse the loss? According to the main rule, you are not responsible for losses on the account that participates in the campaign. As for the loss of promotional funds, there are several scenarios:
1) The trading was not successful, but the stop-out order was not executed. In this case, a trader can withdraw only the earned funds without the promotional sum. For example, according to the first week results, a trader got 3,000 RUB. However, by the day of crediting funds for the second week, there were 1,000 RUB on the account due to the unsuccessful trading. For the second week, the trader received 6,000 RUB. As a result, the balance totaled 7,000 RUB. Since the sum of received funds is 3,000 RUB+6,000 RUB=9,000 RUB, the trader can withdraw any sum except for 9,000 RUB.
2) The trading was not successful, but the stop-out order was executed. In this case, traders do not have to meet the obligation to sum up promotional funds. It means that for the second week they can withdraw the whole sum except for promotion funds. For example, according to the first week results, a trader got 3,000 RUB. However, by the day of crediting funds for the second week, there were 100 RUB on the account due to the unsuccessful trading. For the second week, the trader received 4,000 RUB. As a result, the balance totaled 4,100 RUB. In this case, it is possible to withdraw the entire sum except for 4,100 RUB.
3) Crediting prize funds to the linked account for winning a contest held by InvestSocial Forum forum automatically cancels the action described in paragraph "2)".
Example. According to the first week results, a trader received 3,000 RUB for posts and 400 RUB for participation in the contest. An unsuccessful trade led to the stop-out order execution. As a result, by the day of crediting funds for the second week, the account balance totaled 200 RUB. For the second week's results, the trader got 4,000 RUB. The overall balance totaled 7,400 RUB. First of all, the trader should recoup all the credited and lost promotional funds. Only after that, it is allowed to withdraw income except for the promotional sum. A stop-out order is a forced automatic closing of positions by the broker if losses lead to a decline in the "Level" indicator below 10%. More details-> (p. 3.15.2- 3.15.3)
14. I am advertising the forum among friends, they register there. I would like to receive money for this! We appreciate that you promote the information about the forum and the portal on the Net. You can join the affiliate program and get 25% of the sum received by referrals for their posts. You can find your affiliate link in your profile (My profile -> Affiliate program).
15. Can I link an account opened on the InvestSocial platform? No, you can link only MT4 accounts.