What do you mean export,,?


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    What do you mean export,,?
    My dear bro I also agree very welcome to our Forex mt5 forum. According to my knowledge in the forex mt5 form there are some tricks about export and export in international trade is a good or services produced in one country that is bought by someone in another country. The salary of such goods and services in is an exporter, the foreign buyer is an importer. Export of goods aften requires involvement of customs authorities.
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    You are talking about physical stocks trading whereas in forex we dont need to fullfill this type of import/export formalities. Its not that kind of business. Here we need to focus on demand and supply of any currency/item. This could be helpful for us if we are able to judge well in advance and can put a trade accordingly. Stocks are relevant in such cases like oil is short or its production os going on good. So we can calculate the further price action. Similarly Gold is disturbed by USD value. For Gold trading, we have to focus on Dollar's value as well.


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