margin resilience, a "survive" strategy in trading


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    margin resilience, a "survive" strategy in trading
    Good morning,
    many people think of how to survive in trading without loss or until the MC. but when the need for life urges traders sometimes trading carelessly without regard to the risks that will occur on their accounts. Finally, the resilience of the margins was broken, so it was not fortunate for the poor.
    trading can be carried out by everyone without analysis can also be origin of large capital and small lots by relying on the strategy of "margin resilience" so that what happens to the market we ignore it for long therm can also be for example capital of 1000 $ and op total lot 0.10. this is one way to overcome the losses and survive in forex, although the results can be a little bit can be collected too long. if you really want to make "trading for living" maybe this is the best way, not by continuing to attack the market because capital is still there and margins are still strong.
    what do you think?
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    Sir mt5 Forex is a seconed toughest job in the world so is hardly possible without strategy. Strategy is not a difficult thing to made like its set of protocols that due make for your trading like which pair to trade on which time frame for what lot size how much money to risk with which money money management techniques Nice work thanks for you


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