We want Justice, Super Modertaor have multiple account, but he ban us for multiple accounts.


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    We want Justice, Super Modertaor have multiple account, but he ban us for multiple accounts.
    First, We want back our Previous Super Moderator Phontomtrader.

    The new super moderator when come, he started banning continuously, he ban us for cheating and multiple account, no one know he has other account too like other moderator.

    Every moderator has cheating profile, they ban us. We want justice and they should get punishment too.

    Before few days, super moderator told me to give thanks on his accounts, but we do not give him thanks on Best answer contest. He ban us all Indonesian and Nigerian Accounts.

    He do not deserve super moderator posts, Aviz moderator is better than all other,

    If I am cheater, i got banned.. everyone will banned.

    Supermoderator mistakely made posts from his cheating profile



    Everyone will understand, Only those 'Angry' words come from bozzdevil, the great cheater.

    His another cheating account is Parabolic

    More proof from facebook chat, he told me to give thanks to Zysitililititilitid, and dedy hari, jerico

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    MT5 Admin, Take action to them. We want justice. I know thread will delete, i will ban for multiple account. I have more proof, sending it to Instaforex.
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    The End
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      Please ask all Moderators to check my IPs between me and them. Also, you can send PMs to MT5 Administrator about my clones accounts. Also, send an email to AntiFraud Dept ask them to check all of the accounts you mention above with my selves. All of this username: Zysitililititilitid, and dedy hari, jerico, Parabolic.

      I am working here since 2012, I work in accordance with the procedures and MT5 rules, a direct command from MT5 Administrator, if I ban some member that is because I have strong evidence of the violation they made.
      Ex-SuperMod PhantomTrader79, he is my old friend, we live in the same country. Now he was really busy with his PAMM accounts.
      All username you mentioned above, i know all of them personally.
      I chat with you on social media like that, not only you but almost all peoples I know because at that time I am TESTING the forum system, include the limit for posting.

      The same way to attack me? Nice pics, good job for editing.
      I know who you are guys, you think you can attack me like this to kick me and other old moderators and try to take over Forum Administration under the command of that New Guy?
      I am ready to Fight with your Group. If you have a personal problem with me, let's finish it in a Personal way.
      We are in this Forum to study Forex, not for stupid things like this.

      I will not delete this thread, I am waiting for the results, please do everything as I said on the first sentence above.



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