Suggestion for Post Claimed (Approved and Rejected Counter)


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    Suggestion for Post Claimed (Approved and Rejected Counter)
    Greeting all user and Moderator teams,

    I just want to make a suggestion to share an opinion on the InvestSocial forum.

    Counter for current Rejected/Approved post
    - The suggestion is to remind users of the current posts they have claimed and the amount remaining for the ban limit for rejected posts being counted. As we know that now, we only can see the total post counter only that can be found at the profile site.

    - This will encourage users to be more careful in writing and claiming their posts.

    This is an example draft to explain further for this proposal. Anyways, this is only an example from me. Maybe our mod teams can provide a better version than this.

    Anyways, anyone is also welcome to share their opinion on this or another suggestion so we can help each other.