The counter didn't update for anyone else around here?


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    The counter didn't update for anyone else around here?
    I was absent for nearly one month because I wasn't in need of a bonus. I preferred then to let the chance for the others and not to act like bonus hunters, who whatever they get, they continue to get more and more

    I returned, and I have been here for 2 weeks. I heard that you got your weekly bonus on the previous Thursday. Before I return I used to get a weekly bonus ranges from 10$ to 16 $. this time the counter didn't even update, Zero

    I have contacted a moderator asking him about this thing. He asked me to wait for the evening and here it's the following day, he didn't reply. He even neglected my further messages.

    The real problem is not about the others that whatever they work or not, their work is well or bad, they are present or absent, they get satisfying bonus

    The real problem is about being not clear about things around here and the absence of truth. I asked the moderators if I am restricted or my account has a restriction for some reason, they told me there is no problem, so what's wrong?
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