I am PhilipOscar please unbanned me or give me limit for being unbanned !!!


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    I am PhilipOscar please unbanned me or give me limit for being unbanned !!!
    Hello administrators and moderators

    I am PhilipOscar!
    I know that mistake leads to us into many crisis but I am banned with the reason of copy pasting in the best answer section.

    I know the rules are very strict but mistakes are common where the members mistakes anywhere.

    so I requested to all moderator that if I am band with the copy paste from the encyclopaedia section then why I am band permanently from the forum.

    So it's my humble request wall moderator that please don't banned me permanently from all the forum this will be injustice with me because I just of one mistake I have to give one more chance.

    I am not against forum but I was very upsetting from the last two weeks that's why just for one post only for one post I use a website for the copy paste just only for one post.

    all the other posts I written with my hands but I take many website just for getting knowledge not for the copy pasting. I think that getting knowledge from different websites leads to me into a critical situation to being permanently banned this is an justice full behaviour from the mt5 guru with me.

    So please it's my request wall moderator that please unbanned me from other sections don't banned me permanently I am waiting for the administrators & moderators replies ???:04_kiss_-_big:

    This is really not good behaviour sir !

    All the other post are lies where the mt5 guru reasoned for the copy paste !

    Now the justice with an old member into your hand!

    I never did copy paste except from this article !!

    Wish you good luck

    Hope for the positive assistance !!!
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    hello brothers and sister, Hopes all of you will be fine and good!

    I will say all things clearly?

    First, of all with the reason of copy paste i am getting banned but the proofs was for the best answer content section! Please be attention, if i am copy paste here then where are the proofs from which website i was copy and pasting,

    Secondly, if i am banned in the encyclopedia section then why you banned me from all forum> If you was not agree to me for working into the best answer content then why you banned me permanently from the forum. It is good to say that if i am a spammer then banned me from the copy pasting.

    Thirdly, warning should be given to me for the other sections except from the encyclopedia section. This is the rule.

    Just i will say here clearway that please open my account name PhilipOscar from the other section and i don't mind if you banned me in the best answer content, because you know except form the copy pasting in the best answer content the work is impossible with the typing

    I am an old user and to banned me permanently is not justice to me. So please unbanned my account form being permanently banned!

    Its my request to all administrator & moderators

    Best regard PhilipOscar


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