Please review my posts because my account was blocked


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    Please review my posts because my account was blocked
    Respected forum managers ..

    Yesterday I received this message, stating that my account has been banned for a month, although I did not violate the rules and regulations of the forum with any post. What made me wonder, that I am one of the members who respect the forum and work hard without any deception on the forum, I make a lot of effort in writing posts in English language in the way that is consistent with the forum’s instructions. This is because I am an Arab person.

    Click image for larger version

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    Just because 10 posts were rejected, I have been banned for a month .. How is that ..? Is this fair ..?
    I am applying to review my Trading Journal section and evaluate the last two posts, as they were rejected, and I don’t know why .. !! Although they are the same quality as previous posts.

    Please review these posts



    thank you ...
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    Most of the forum members receive this message and I have also received it and I am about to end my ban due to a large number of rejected posts. This means that you cannot request approval for your next posts for one month.
    You can work as usual and focus on bringing visitors to the accepted posts until you get a reward.

    Regarding reviewing your posts, you should visit this thread and put links to your questionable posts so that the admin can review them again.

    good luck for everybody


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      this post is rejected because it has no trading activity this was ok before but now you cant post like that in the trading journal

      from now on your post needs to be about your trading activities otherways it is going to be rejected
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