What's going on in the forum?


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    What's going on in the forum?
    I'm 100% Sure, in these forum new members to the senior members, everyone is worried about the new rules of the forum. Even after following every rule of the forum, 80% of the members are not getting a bounce. But the team is not taking any action, I will not say that only scammers are getting bounce but I am sure the system is not working properly.

    And as for the claim system, we are not giving any English exam here. We are also human beings and cannot do everything accurately. We share our analysis here, and everyone has a different style of understanding others. So there may be grammar mistakes.

    Aviz Please understand the members and try to help, do not hurt the Felling of the members because people give their best.
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    You know, I agree with you but I agree with any change that may make this system fairer, I got 2$ this week like how it was in the previous weeks, but I will just wait to see if the quality and the approval of posts by the system will really make any change or not, I don't like to talk about myself, but I can talk in 3 languages so the quality of my posts is perfect, the content I give to this forum is great, I am not happy with my amount of bonus but as I said I will wait for the next payment to see if these changes will help to bring even a bit of fair for those who work hard and honestly, and by the way, I stopped sharing my work to social media and other websites because this forum has got traffic from my signals but the return was zero so if fair takes place I will return to share again and bring traffic
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