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    Suggestions for bonus problems
    I have suggested some of this before but first, let me clarify a fact

    Most of the members here act like this: If I am the only one who gets a satisfying bonus, It's Ok, and I will attack the other members who complain of bonus problems and the way of distributing this bonus, But once I face a single problem I will attack and show my rejection of these rules and I will join the crowd who were suffering from the beginning, The rule of When I am away from the storm I am fine.

    I see a change in rules of distributing or counting bonus, and I wish this time these rules succeed in solving the problems that most members suffer from regardless of what the members who follow the rule of storm think

    I have a suggestion concerning The maximum amount of bonus gained every week that has no limit In the old system although it was not very fair enough the systems that followed it were not fair at all, and the best of the old system was that limit of the maximum amount of bonus gained by a member every month so Why did this rule disappear?

    I don't know if you agree with me or not but excluding this rule was the beginning of all the problems so having a limit of weekly bonus may bring some justice to the other members who work honestly, and hard to get what they deserve

    2- Earning the bonus by claiming posts is a fantastic idea if it's well regulated and supported by the bonus limit
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