I can't link my account


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    I can't link my account

    I can't link my Forum account with Insta account and I got this message

    An account registered under this name has already been linked to the forum. It is impossible to link an account if the personal data of its holder (full name, address, phone number, etc. or at least one of these parameters) coincides with the data of the account linked to the existing profile on MT5 forum or other forums on Fx.co

    I already contacted Insta Forex support and they told me that the problem is with the forum !

    Any help ?
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    Hello dear ,I hope you are fine and feeling better .

    Please be informed that account that you created on the name has already in attached with Mt5 forum. Now you can create an other account with other name or may be you have created second account on same email .

    For one account only one email and its name and its Personal data when it is attached ,you should to create another account with other name. Then attach it

    If other account is also not attached ,kindly send private message to respectful moderators.

    Here is the link of respectful moderators;


    Kindly contact with them .


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