All admin and moderators please read this


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    All admin and moderators please read this
    I think MT5 Guru going to be mad because all as you know first Guru se banned my account encyclopedia then I request to all admin to check my posts and dear death star moderator check and say this you have not a copy paster there is issue in there tools who use for checking copy paste and open my account but now guru again banned my I'd for always in encyclopedia.Guru has not seen here bonus issue he is only making his point to banned any users without any solid proof.dear Guru you need to focus on bonus issue and my request to all my moderators you should check my posts .

    This is nonsense to making us fool because we work hard in whole month and guru us awaken when bonus is to coming I think first guru is going to sleep then he wake up and see all the spammers.if any justice here we need to justice.
    Thank you