To, MT5 Administrator, Control Spamming and Spammers in Journal Section.


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    To, MT5 Administrator, Control Spamming and Spammers in Journal Section.
    Originally posted by sunstrar View Post
    This time again the old member has got a very disappointing bonus. But the new member has got good bonus on fewer posts. How can we trade well with such a small bonus?
    Originally posted by Black Dragon View Post
    Bonus updated but very disappointed.
    Originally posted by Honey Bee View Post
    Every week disappointed very low amount
    Originally posted by tradingforex View Post
    very bad bonus updated
    I don't know what is happening here the bonus is still very disappointing. Also have I have complained and requested all Moderators, all Admins to take control of the Journal Section and bring stability to this section. Since lot of spammers are posting senseless, meaningless, copypasted, spinning posts.

    And, it's more than a week, I didn't got any reply from anyone nor saw any improvement or action to control spamming in journal section.

    I just don't understand why the Moderators and Administrator don't care about us and seems to ignore the spamming problem by closing their eyes. They will take action only when we report a post to them. I don't see them personally hunting down for spamming post and spammers.

    I understand all Moderators already have enough load on them but that's not an answer.

    Administration Team needs to find a solution and needs to assign a moderator specific for this Journal Section to control spamming and bringing stability to this section.

    Since, the Section Rules thread in Journal Section was closed, from that time the Moderation Team and Administrative Team had turned a blind eye, GOD HELP US, is this really the MT5 forum we all know?

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    *Edit:- I don't have a problem with the bonus I get, I have a problem only with the amount of spamming taking place in the journal section to which the Moderation and Administration Team had turned a blind eye.
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