Help! I can't edit my post fix my mistakes.


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    Help! I can't edit my post fix my mistakes.
    To the owner of the Forum.

    I want to ask for help because I made a mistake in my post but I cannot edit the post. Usually I am allowed to edit my post minutes after I submitted the post but this time I cannot do it. I don't know why.

    And this is the post that I am talking about:

    Here's the content of the post:

    Originally posted by EnKubo 8x5 View Post
    Hi and good morning to you too.

    I'm also seeing Sarah barasch move because from the last two days we can see a big pinbar candle and yesterday we also have a big nice bearish candle on the daily time frame. I think the market is trying to tell us that it's going to go down. Plus we also can see that the triangle pattern is coming to an end so a strong breakout is likely to happen. Also, according to your indicator price already broke 2 median lines so you can expect the price to come down to the other median line.
    It was supposed to be "strong bearish move" not "Sarah barasch move".

    Please help me edit it.

    Thank you.
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