It's seems bonus for post doesn't count anymore.


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    It's seems bonus for post doesn't count anymore.
    I have come to notice that bonus for posting doesn't count anymore, what count now is like, even if one post 500 post which normally give us 100$ nowadays without like you won't get more than 10$ from those 500 posts, and it's seems like is given only in trading journal session and I notice too that some specific members only give like amongst themselves, this has to stop like has to be distributed accordingly in all session of the forum.

    And I also think the bonus for post should be counted in general discussion area since people don't normally give like to one another there.

    Thanks for your understanding.
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    I have notice that I get bonus for some posts and for other don't and I don't Know why?


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        In any sphere of life, quantity can never surpass the quality, same is the case with posts quality. As for a bonus is concerned, it will only be available for the posts that are good in quality. Quantity is not matters anymore. So pay more attention to quality. Do not count numbers only


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          Bonuses for Quality Posting

          There are some rules to get bonus from this forum. So kindly follow the rules, some main points are as below:
          There are two types of bonuses available in the forum:

          1. Bonuses for posts are available. Everyone can get them, even beginners, but only with meaningful posts, not more than 5-10 posts a day. The bonus can be up to 30 cents per post.

          2. Bonuses for likes are also available. They are received by the authors of posts which accumulate likes from the readers of the forum. The Bonus for likes to one post can amount to more than 50 USD.

          3. You can't ask readers directly for likes. It is prohibited and may leads to ban of your account. But you can type "like this post if you find it useful"

          The total monthly income of a contributor can reach 2,000 USD per month. It will paid on weekly basis.
          This restriction does not apply to the payments under the affiliate program of the forum. The amount of bonuses, that is over the maximum possible for a month, is cancelled.
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