Triple Tag Team Assault [Finished]


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    Triple Tag Team Assault [Finished]
    Hi Everyone. Hope you all are having a great time.

    After MT5's World Cup 2014, MT5 Forum in partnership with InstaForex has arranged a Triple Tag Team Assault. Come and participate to show that your triplet is the best among all others!

    You only have one chance to trade so think before gambling in your contest account.

    Hurry up and book your spot for participation. Time is ticking towards the deadline!

    Make yourself familiar with the rules.

    Contest Regulations!

    1. The contest is held between 16.06.2014 00.00 (GMT+3) - 04.07.2014 23.59 (GMT+3).

    2. To become a Participant, user must make a post in contest thread stating "I want to Participate" as early as possible. Registration will close on [13.06.2014 23.59 (GMT+3)].

    3. Any member of MT5 Forum who joined on or before 3rd June 2014 can take part in the contest.

    4. The contest participant's mission along with his partners is to earn the biggest profit shown in "Equity" indicator by the contest end and also to make his thread as much informative as possible.

    5. The Participant opens a demo account with InstaForex Company via The Special Form. The account parameters (USD 10,000 balance and 1:500 leverage) are set automatically. In the process of registration in the account holder field it is necessary to indicate the forum nickname. The Participant should keep the account password safe as it cannot be restored if lost.

    6. No advisors are allowed to be employed on the contest account.

    7. Working on the contest account should comply with the rules set by InstaForex Company for servicing real accounts.

    8. Each participant will have only one chance. If he/she blows his contest account, there won't be a second attempt.

    9. Each team consists of 3 participants. Teams will be formed based on the sequence of participant posts i.e. the first 3 posters will make up team 1, the second 3 posters will make up team 2 and so on. So if three friends want to team up together, then they all should post one after the other. After team formation, each team will nominate who is trader A, trader B and Trader C. If they failed to decide and inform Toxic before the deadline, then the first poster will be considered A, second as B and third as C. C trader of all teams will participate against each other during the first week, B traders of all teams will participate against each other during the second week and A traders of all teams will participate against each other during the third week of the contest.

    10. The Participant opens his/her own contest thread in Triple Tag Team Assault's subsection specifying his/her account number, team number, his position in the team and providing a very precise short description of the strategy in the form of, for example, "XXXXXX - Team YYY (ZZZ)-Trade midterm EURUSD", where XXXXXX is the trader's account number, YYY is the team number, ZZZ is the position of the participant in that team (A, B or C). The publication of the investor-password is must. Considering the example given in point 9, Toxic's thread will be titled as "XXXXXX - Team 1 (A) Trading midterm EURUSD", Phantomtrader79's thread will be titled as "XXXXXX - Team 1 (B) Trading GBPUSD" and Passionate Pisces thread will be titled as "XXXXXX - Team 1 (C) Trading Gold" assuming that Toxic's team posted "I want to participate" before any other team.

    11. The Participant is to explain the actions in relation to every deal, open or close (partially close as well), or fixing profit in the topic thread (see point 10), in particular, what triggered the decision to open or close a deal. The description is to contain the number of a certain trade or order.

    12. The participant should mention the indicator/indicators he will use while trading in the contest account. With his explanation, he have to give one or multiple thread links of our forum on his indicator/indicators in Indicators Section of MT5 Forum. To search the thread on your indicator in Indicators section, you can use This thread. If the participant is to use such an indicator which doesn't have a thread on our forum, he must create a thread on his Indicator in Indicators Section of MT5 Forum.

    13. The Participant must close at least 10 trades which will be taken into account with the total value of 10 lots on his contest account during the contest. If this requirement is not met by any participant of the team, he won't be considered as a winner.

    14. For the moment of the contest finishing all positions of the Participant should be closed. In case a position is open, the participant’s score will be the value shown in "Equity" parameter.

    15. Selection of winners is done by using the following steps:

    15.1 At the end of each week, top 5 positive scorers for that week who met all the requirements will be announced.

    15.2 At the end of the contest, one winner for each week will be selected out of 5 top scorers based on his trading performance and thread quality after jury voting. This means that there will be one winner from A participants, one from B and one from C.

    15.3 Along with this, the highest cumulative scoring team (Score of A + Score of B + Score of C) will get a special prize.

    15.4 There will be one record breaker prize. This prize will be given to anyone who can beat Hera Wati's score of $2311319.23 at the end of any week. If no one manages to surpass it, no one will get this prize.

    16. The total prize pool is $2450. The Prize Distribution will be as follows:

    Winner from C participants = $300 (40% for winner, 30% for his each team mate)
    Winner from B participants = $500 (40% for winner, 30% for his each team mate)
    Winner from A Participants = $700 (40% for winner, 30% for his each team mate)

    *Special Prize = $450 (distributed equally among all 3 participants)

    Record Breaker Prize = 500$

    * Only positive participants from the top scoring team will get a share of special prize.

    The prize amount is unavailable for withdrawal and accrued to the member's real trading account with InstaForex attached to his forum profile. All the profit earned during trading operations is allowed for withdrawal with no restrictions.

    17. Anti-Fraud policy.
    17.1. The administrators of the contest warn that non-trading methods of competition leading to the guaranteed prize are prohibited, in particular, the confederacy of the Participants with a target of registering numerous accounts and opening differently directed deals on the same instrument. For such actions the Participants will be disqualified.

    17.2. InstaForex Company has a right to ask the administrators of the contest to consider the issue of the Participant's disqualification in case of revealing scam electronic advisors, using the faults of the Company's software support with an aim to get the guaranteed profit by the Participant.

    17.3. For the actions which contradict the rules of the contest the Participants will be disqualified.

    18. The administration takes decision at its discretion in relation to the situations that are not covered by the present Regulation.

    19. MT5 Forex Forum and InstaForex has the right to publish the complete trading strategy and full trading statement of the winners in any way most fitting to MT5 Forex Forum and InstaForex.

    Combined Team Scores So Far
    Final Standings of C Participants
    Final Standings of B Participants
    Final Standings of A Participants

    Monitoring link:
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    Just book your position for now. There isn't any need to create an account now.

    Accounts will be created once the deadline is over and the teams are finalized.


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      Team List:

      Team 1:
      A) OnlyGainer
      B) Humza
      C) Godwin okeke

      Team 2:
      A) NikitaBelle
      B) bidyut
      C) forexianz

      Team 3:
      A) Kalex
      B) heba12
      C) AkuRapopo

      Team 4:
      A) antasena
      B) seadoffx
      C) systematicfx

      Team 5:
      A) ilyas_ili
      B) مناڈکیت
      C) Roon

      Team 6:
      A) misssoozy
      B) muhsin
      C) fxforex

      Team 7:
      A) Lyubov
      B) Black Mamba
      C) topman

      Team 8:
      A) bigearners
      B) nkhan2810
      C) NomanKhalid

      Team 9:
      A) ragib
      B) Kanta
      C) fahids

      Team 10:
      A) Rin0
      B) deathstar
      C) lukmon

      Team 11:
      A) ding dong
      B) fxaiden
      C) mbilal_319

      Team 12:
      A) chimasky
      B) BhaiG
      C) zahid4x

      Team 13:
      A) darksaurabh
      B) taxman
      C) rythmvarun

      Team 14:
      A) sasuke
      B) acushnir
      C) ruli

      Team 15:
      A) tromso
      B) saiful8780
      C) Mummyz

      Team 16:
      A) beo
      B) cheema
      C) paritgupta

      Team 17:
      A) Mindgames
      B) but3t
      C) kissshore

      Team 18:
      A) imran55
      B) Mani622
      C) fxaziznirob

      Team 19:
      A) tank
      B) sohel_ctg11
      C) nasimuddin

      Team 20:
      A) NoorNabi
      B) jamedil
      C) abokarma

      Team 21:
      A) galib saifulla
      B) kingkedi
      C) forex_addict

      Team 22:
      A) majeedbwp01
      B) Ghaidar
      C) Smartest Fool

      Team 23:
      A) style
      B) nottyhassan
      C) NONE
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        Great! That is what we mt5'ers always want. Another exceptional team assault. Ok I am preparing my guns for it.

        I am team no 1. Who will be with me?


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          Count me in just too much excited

          "I want to Participate"
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            I want to participate


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              Another great contest to welcome the month of Ramadan.
              Thanks Instaforex


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                Great exciting contest....!!!

                I want to Participate...."
                Am still hibernating, will wake up one day, all depends on fate. Hope to see you all-soon! Miss you all friends!


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                  I want to participate.

                  Best of luck to all participants.


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                    Wow another demo contest ! Count me in! I want to participate.


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             really smiling
                      Am still hibernating, will wake up one day, all depends on fate. Hope to see you all-soon! Miss you all friends!


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                        I want to Participate

                        Another Unique contest from Mt5 and Insta
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                          Always wait for MT5 forum demo contest. Thanks for arrange.
                          I want to participate, please book my seat.


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                            i want to participate


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                              i want to participate


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