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    Looking at the pair from the fundamental point of view – EUR USD gets quite a lot of global economic coverage. This makes the EUR USD pair easy to follow and keep a watch on.
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      The EUR USD is affected due to the things that impact the value of Euro and/or U.S. dollar vis-a-vis each other as well as other currencies. Therefore, the different interest rates between the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Federal Reserve (Fed) affects the price of the currencies.
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        A trader should bear in mind that EUR USD pair is highly influenced or affected by the Trade Deficit status. The course that EUR USD takes is dependent on the way trade deficit status stands.
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          The euro U.S. dollar (EUR USD) is a currency pairing whereby the euro and the U.S. dollar can be traded against each other.
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            The EUR USD can be thought of as the euro versus the U.S. dollar. The EUR USD may also be written as EUR/USD.
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              The EUR USD currency pair is highly liquid and not only most popular but also at the top of the most traded currency pairs.
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                The EUR USD currency pair is one of the more interesting trades in forex. Any currency pair featuring the euro is interesting because it pits one nation’s economic outlook against the eurozone nations.
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                  In the case of the EUR USD, it becomes even more compelling because between the two currencies, a large portion of the global economy is covered.
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                    The EUR/USD is the most widely traded pair because the Euro and the US Dollar are both considered to be very liquid, meaning that you can consistently put a large amount of money in a trade or take a large amount of money out with minimal movement to the price.
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                      a currency pair shows the quote of the relative value of a currency (base currency) against another (quote currency).
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                        There are several most traded currency pairs that traders should know, which involves the following currencies: U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, etc.
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                          EUR/USD is the abbreviation for Euro and U.S. dollar pair, which shows how many U.S. dollars (the quote currency) are needed to purchase one euro (the base currency).
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                            For example, the quotation EUR/USD1.3224 means that 1 euro can be exchanged for 1.3224 U.S. dollars or that 1.3224 U.S dollar can buy 1 Euro.
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                              Since interest rate is a key factor to determine the currency value, the interest rate differential between the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve would influence the EUR/USD currency pair.
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                                EUR/USD also correlate with other major currency pairs. Since the U.S dollar have positive correlations with Euro, British pound, and Swiss franc, therefore EUR/USD tends to have a positive correlation to the GBP/USD currency pair and a negative correlation to the USD/CHF.

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