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    The biggest advantage of trading this pair EUR USD is that since it is a liquid pair a trader will be able to make bigger trades and will be paying smaller spreads.
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      There are many reasons for the popularity of EUR/USD pair. One of them is that there are so many traders who think that trading EUR USD currency pair is because it is quite predictable.
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        There are some very typical patterns which are associated with EUR USD. If traders are successful in getting a thorough hang of various market environments, and get their fundamentals cleared regarding tendency of this pair in various environments; they will be able to read, understand, and analyse the market with much better accuracy.
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          Since the EUR USD pair has a negative correlation to the Dollar Swiss Franc i.e. USD/CHF pair, it is considered a safe option to evaluate both EUR USD and USD/CHF charts which will help a trader or investor to correctly and accurately predict future moves.
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            Trading EUR USD can be as simple or complex as you make it. The final goal however is simple – booking profits from as many trades as you can on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
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              Most EUR USD traders are extremely wary about trading while they are expecting any big news announcements which can cause several unpredictable fluctuations.
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                The GBPUSD fluctuates more than EUR USD. However, when EUR USD forms an up or down trend, a trader can quite safely assume that the GBPUSD is moving following the same direction, and so we can state that these two – the EUR USD & GBPUSD are correlated.
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                  USDCHF has a negative correlation with EUR USD, meaning if the EUR USD is in an upwards rally then it is more than likely that the USDCHF currency pair is going downhill.
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                    To be able to successfully trade the EUR USD, a trader can also consider measuring the daily price range. When he notices that the range is falling around the average range of the past a few days then it is to be assumed that EUR USD may make a new movement very soon.
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                      A Trader can also identify the most suitable and effective trading session for EUR USD. EUR USD is amongst the most traded pairs of currencies in the world.
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                        EUR/USD pair is also called Major as it constitutes the largest chunk of the foreign exchange market & exhibits high market liquidity.
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                          EUR USD is the most popular pair with the lowest spread. EUR USD currency pair is the most appropriate choice for traders who are just starting out.
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                            It’s a good currency pair for beginners because the pair responds well to basic technical studies and rules, which new traders learn in the beginning.
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                              EUR/USD pairs are amongst first few lessons that the new trader is given and when he applies them to trading he gets to see the impact and result in real time. This helps him build confidence in his thought process, strategy building and above all trading in real market.
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                                EUR USD pair does not have the tendency to be very fickle or impulsive under normal and moderate market environment. In a market condition when things are in control, the pair can be traded safely with minimal risks & closer stops.

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