A Review about Jewelry


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    A Review about Jewelry

    Shirts, pants, underwear, dress, and other different clothes are essential in our everyday life. But other than that, clothes also become an identifier to a person. For example, work and school uniforms can help us identify what a person’s job is and which school does the one wearing it belongs to. Also, a style of clothing says a lot about one’s character and personality. Clothes are a basic necessity and a fashion accessory.

    Other than clothes, a lot of people are fond of another type of fashion accessories, this one is maybe not a necessity but surely contributes to a good look for fashion accessories - Jewelry.

    Jewelry is the beautiful piece mostly worn by women that could either be a necklace, earring, ring, and bracelet. Most jewelry is made up of rare metals and some have rare gems or stones attached to it.

    These are mostly used for a gift to someone else or an accessory for an occasion. Whatever reasons there could be for someone to wear jewelry, one thing is sure, that this is widely used as a fashion accessory.

    Here are the main factors to think of when talking about jewelry.



    Being extravagant is a right, but being bankrupt is a choice. When purchasing pieces of jewelry make sure to use the ‘extra money’ and check the warranty or return policy.


    Let someone you trust accompany you to the stores so you either avoid the scam or being persuaded by a skilled sales talk. Consider the store’s integrity, check the background of the jeweler and the diamond grading report.


    Someone who has a gemological education or credentials from the accredited institutions of your place.


    A heavy diamond earring might tear up your ears. Choose a piece of jewelry the best fits your shape, skin tone, and for what and where you are wearing it.


    After considering the facts, choose inside the parentheses. Choose jewelry that best fits your taste only after considering the first five. Having a modified option would guarantee desirable results.



    Choose a necklace depending on the dress you wear. There is a suitable necklace for a V-neck dress or a round neck dress.

    Example: Pearl strand - classy and expensive that is best paired with a formal outfit.
    Pendant- Best gifts for women during dates and special days.

    Upon choosing a necklace, it is important to consider the length corresponding to its lying position on her chest.

    Unlike a necklace, deciding what type of ring you wear doesn’t depend on the dress, instead, the ring itself is what matters. You must give thought to its metal, color, stone’s shape, size, and weight. Mostly, rings are used to symbolize love. It could be a gift for an engagement proposal or to represent one another’s vows on marriage.

    Example: Diamond ring - Used for proposals, it is the most common type of stone to give during this momentous occasion. However, it is important to consider your partner’s preference.
    Infinity Shaped Ring- Wedding ring design to symbolize infinity relationship. The metal used is the main consideration to decide on what to buy then the color.

    Consider the 4 C’s: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color when choosing a ring for yourself, for a gift to someone else, and especially for the grandest day of your life - for the wedding day.

    Who doesn’t love bracelets? When expecting someone from a trip, the number one souvenir is a bracelet. Mostly hand-woven, traditional, or threaded cheap bracelets. Nevertheless, it's the thought that counts. On the other hand, authentic bracelets are part of modern fashion, from casual office attire to special occasion’s outfit.

    Example: Cuff bracelet- Adjustable bracelets good for gifts, especially when you’re clueless of the wrist’s size. Perfect for any occasion depending on its color and metal.
    Bangle bracelet - Perfect pair to a necklace. It can be used to any occasion but can leave an impression when used in a casual-formal outfit such as office jobs.

    Color, price, and size should be thought of when purchasing one but the most important thing to ponder is the gemstones attached to it and the metal composition of the bracelet. The variety of colors of each and its compatibility with one another.

    Ears are the most sensitive spot to wear jewelry on. So, extra precautions must be observed when picking which to buy. The primary thing to examine is the kind of metal it is made of. Then, the harmony of your skin tone to the earrings’ color.

    Example: Dangles - To look sexy and appealing you should wear this type of earring. Night party-goers should find this first at jewelry stores.
    Studs - Most likely to be worn at formal attire gatherings. These are even allowed at workplaces and considered part of a professional look.

    You should not wear earrings for 24/7, it can cause severe damage to your ears by affecting the shape of ear piercing. This is also a good gift to a friend having an occasion than a ring. Since it would not misrepresent your intentions of friendship to something romantic.


    Family Gathering

    Wearing a set of jewelry in a family gathering would make a statement. Nonetheless, freedom exists but considering what your extended family might feel is still the best. This could be the time to wear a colorful bracelet or flattering earrings. You could limit the accessory up to 3 but completing could not be a problem, after all, they are your family.

    Special occasion

    Impression matters on a public gathering. Since you could not talk to all your acquaintances then let what you wear speak for you. To look glamorous wear long necklaces with a short one, to look exciting wear a ‘matchy’ color of accessories, to look rich make sure to display all shining diamonds. Either of which is up to you, as long as you know what you want.


    Well, different from special occasions the ‘first impression’ matters on the first date. So, choose wisely on what to wear. But on a repeating date, you can think to wear lesser accessories since gifts given are most likely to be jewelry.

    Typical Days

    Going to work, school, or shopping is an ordinary routine that calls for your ‘everyday’ jewelry. During these days, it is important to keep in mind that in public places expensive accessories draw the attention of many people, including thieves and pick-pockets.


    Buying Online

    Before proceeding and scrolling and picking your next jewelry consider the reviews and feedback of the website, the seller, and the product. Do not settle for one review, instead, search and compare.

    Pros: The choices are plenty. Comparing is easy. No more hassle from travel and money can be saved a bit.
    Cons: Prone to online fraud and scam. You need to do a lot of research.

    Buying in Jewelry stores

    Stores with prestige names often have higher prices for paying the brand name itself. So give thought to other stores but double-check the certifications and terms of purchase.

    Pros: You will be accommodated and all questions are answered quickly. You can touch the jewelry and be 100% sure of its authenticity. Less research since they have professionals who are well educated with jewelry and stones.
    Cons: Hassle of travel and walking. Dealing with the staff that could go a little bit complicated. Ending up buying more than you planned to buy due to their luring advertisement.

    As you go buy another jewelry or a set of jewelry, remember to consider the list before the purchase to help you guarantee and decide with no regrets. Second, remember that jewelry is a fashion statement so before buying one know your taste and think that what you wear implies so much of who you are. Third, there is a piece of jewelry for every occasion so contemplate with your future activities and important events to have a perfect match. Lastly, when deciding where to buy choose which platform is convenient for you.

    As you have completed and check the list then you are ready to go and grab your next jewelry. To add another flavor of your beauty and boost your confidence. Or to reserve a perfect gift for that special someone on a very special occasion.
    Whatever your reason and wherever you buy spend your money well and enjoy your new jewelry.
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    It is known that the basic needs of life covers food,water,clothing and shelter.clothing among all is quite important and it goes beyond covering the body but also for beauty and this is the place of fashion that cannot be overemphasized in the life of man.In addition to good and fashionable clothing,man uses necklace,rings,bracelets,earrings and so on and so forth.
    as a result if this there are many types of outfits and designers of all these products and are making good profits out of the business.The place and the use of jewelry has advantages and disadvantages which are not limited to the following;

    a.It is source of employment to many people because there are lots of outfits that are established for this purpose
    b.it adds to the beauty of man and distinct him as belonging yo a particular class of people

    a.People easily get obsessed and end up spending beyond their ability which is not healthy for the finance of many
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      Jewelries are used for decoration many women for example really don't want to go out of their houses without wearing one from a jewelry or the other there are various forms of jewelries that will confined in the market today.

      there are both cheap jewelry and expensive jewels depending on what an individual can afford theories are used for making people feel accepted in society many people will not go out of the house is without putting on one form of jewelry or another and that is because of the level of importance that they are attached to this jewelries it is important to note that jewelries is not what make somebody to become very acceptable in society but rather they are just meant to make you look better after your dress.

      1. They can make somebody look good.
      2. They can actually provide employment to many people.

      1. Some people do a lot of nasty things just to be able to afford a certain kind of jewelry.


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        Interesting thought about jewelry. For me, it's something more than an accessory. Jewelry pieces help me to express myself, and besides, it helps to make each outfit better in other's eyes. Mostly, I have diamond jewelry, and for each stone, there is gsi certificate I got from the gemological laboratory you can find following this link https://gemscience.net/. As you may know, some criteria define the quality of the diamond and all of them you can find in that gsi certificate.


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          Originally posted by Rowlandson
          Pieces of jewelry are really important. They help people to obtain the confidence that they need. I have a friend who won't leave the house without wearing at least one jewelry. She feels herself like she is without clothes. Recently it was her birthday and I found something very interesting for her. I thought that a wolf necklace will be perfect for her. And I wasn't wrong. She was very happy when she saw it. I liked it so much and I'm thinking about buying something for me too hehe. So let's wear jewelries they really help us to become different persons.
          Thanks for sharing. I was looking for something special for my friend, I think I found this.


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              I recently saw your post and my wife also can't help but go out without jewelry, the funny thing is that she also loves animal jewelry. I recently bought her a wolf head necklace which she loves, she wears it regularly. I think this jewelry sets off her personality well as she loves animals and besides we have several pets.


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