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    Major currencies
    Major currencies 8 hain neeche currencies ke naam aur un ke countries diye gaye hain.
    1. USD (United States) 2. EUR (Euro ke member countries) 3. JPY (Japan) 4. GBP (England) 5. CHF (Switzer Land) 6. CAD (Canada) 7. AUD (Australia) 8. NZD (New Zealand)
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    ye aik bohat acha forum hy aur jo log forex mein new hoty hein un ke liye bohat acha hy aur ap ka thread bi boht acha
    he mujh ko es mein sekhny ke liye bohat kuch mila he aur mein isko bohat zyada like krta hon lekin jahan tak ap ke
    thread ke jawab ka taluq he to main abhi new hon mujh ko sahi tarah se pata nahi he islye abhi main sirf study kar raha hon thanks...
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      I myself am pleased with the EU and it is the most frequent pairs that I learn so that's where my trading pair and we indeed must do from what most of us understand and EU are the best for me and most importantly the patient.
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        I myself am pleased with EU and the pair are very nice to me and I am very happy with it and it was very nice and all it took was patient and process will be very good indeed and we must be able to analyze calmly and EU best.
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          Yes thanks for this information, i believ that new traders can benefit fron this thread. in forex there are major currency pair like you rightly said but also there are cross pair, exotic pair and pacific pair. you will do well to make reasearch on this isthat new traders can improve their knowledge
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            ap in buhatachi information share ki ha buhat sy logo ko maloom nahe hota ha in currencie k baray ma.aur mjy jo besst currency lagti ha woh eur/usd ha jis sy ma acha profit earn kar laita hu aur loss b kam hota ha
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              Assalam O Alaikum, bhai jan aap ne new traders ke liay yeh bohat achhi basic information di hai. Kiun keh forex market main new traders ko pehlay to inn currencies ke baray main pata hona zaroori hai. tabhi wo behtar practice ker sakta hai.
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                asslam o alikum bhaai jaan Every broker give lot of indicators to know about the future direction of the market. Learn about their use by searching in search engines. After that first apply them on demo trading account. Then go towards real trading account good night.
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                  G bhai ap theek kh rhay hai in major currencies mai kafi zyada flectuation hoti hai or mostly traders Eur/Usd,,Usd/Jpy,,Aud/Usd k pairs mai trading krtay hai.Q k in currencies pairs mai daily flectuation other currency pairs ki nisbat kafi zyada hota hai.
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                    jee bahi jan yeh aik online busnsie hai is amin jitny b symbols ya curnces hai sub he major hain zyda major is main gbp or jpy hai achas profit hota hai
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                      hello dosto website pur brooker ki turaf sy bhi kum az kum 1 dollar ka account deenay ki offer ko parah hy, laikun mujhay yaqeen naheen howa ky ye kaisay mumkun hy ki 1 dollar sy tading ho sakti hy ya phir?
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                        hii sab ky liye aur yehi humara approaching hai aur demo, annual is mein a lot of important hai experience increase, karnay ky liye audience par conveyance kary tab aap aik achay aur able banker se
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                          hi everyone This means that if you have $1000 in your account and you place a stop loss in EUR/USD of 80 pips then you will have to place a profit stop at 240 pips (3 x 80). So a loss of 3% will mean
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                            dear rizwan ang major currency pairs are :)
                            The four major currency pairs are:

                            The British Pound and US Dollar (GBP/USD)
                            The Euro and US Dollar (EUR/USD)
                            The US Dollar and Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)
                            The US Dollar and Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)
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                              major currency woh hain jin main usd use hota main 85 percent tak dealing usd main hoty liay pori world main usd hi badshah hai.

                              اب آن لائن