How do you prevent Margin call?
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    How do you prevent Margin call?
    Hi everyone

    Many people often face problems red pips which will ends and it leads to a margin call (MC).

    So what will you do to prevent the MC?

    1. Close and Cut loss the floating position
    2. Do Deposit to increase the margin
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    Dear margin call se hum is tarha se hi avoid ker skte hein ke leaverage apne acount ke virtual balance ke hisab se set krien and news time or amm waqt lots sizes minimum rakhien jis se margin call se avoid ker sktein hein
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      margin call ko koi be apne account me daikhna pasand nahi karta han ap nay sahi kaha jab trade loss me gir rah ho to cut karna cahiye or capital xiada hona cahoye
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        humei margin calls ko avoid krne k lye apny account me leverage hmary invested capital k hisab se he set krni chahye aur market ko analyze kr k hmei trade km he krni chahye
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          First things first: Trade smaller!

          If you are risking a margin call then you are most definitely trading much too big.

          Second thing: "Hedging" might stop the bleeding in the immediate term, but it doesn't change anything. It just locks your loss in as long as you have the hedge on. You won't be able to recover so long as you're hedged and there's no guarantee that once you do lift the hedge that the market doesn't carry on against you and trigger that margin call anyway.
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            forex main trading akrty howe aksar apko margin call ati hay jis main apko margin increase karny ki zaroorat hoti hay mery sath jab jab bhi ye hota hay main trade nahene band karta hun balky deposite kara ka apna margin increase kar lyta hun is main
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              It is a very good platform to learn a lot of things .. and one of the best quality of this forex forum that you can earn a lot with learning.
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                yeh ek bhot acha forum hay humain is se bhot kuch seekhne ko milta hay.. hum ko is se bhot zyada faida hota .. baatain pata chalti hain newnew aur bhot se faiday hotay hain ..
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                  I think we should be doing trading with money menejement then all will be fine and will all be nice and it would be very nice and all will be fine and will focus very well and all the needed process and patient will be very good indeed.
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                    nice bro :):) well yeh aik boht acha forum hy aur jo log forex mein new hoty hein un k liy boht acha hy aur ap ka thread bi boht acha hy muj ko ess mein seekhny k liy boht kuch mila hy aur mein ess ko boht zyadh like krta hoon. lekin jahan tk ap k thread k jwab ka talaq hy to mein abi new hoon mujh ko sai trh sy pta nai hy ess liy ai mein sirf study kr rha hoon
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                      I think we should be able to manage with nice and all will be well with us can be patient and manage money menejement it is very important and all will be fine and the focus will be very nice and it was very nice and all will be good.
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                        I think we have to manage money well menejement then all will be fine and all will be well and will focus very well and would all be nice and from the manage that then ktia margin call is not going to happen and it's very important that
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                          dear bro me ap ki bat se agree hu in the forex tradnig business if a trader is trading and at a stage he got the mrgin call then it is a very serious position fir the trder and the traders should have to be aware of that and i think that if you want to trade without the fear of the margin call then the trader should have to use the lot of the sixze hundred time smaller then the total account balance
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                            bahi mara muj as kam kah abra mah pata ha kah jab bah ham as koh achi sa join karva hota ha hamy as koh bohot achi lagta ha kasa bhe kam koh achi karna ka bara ma hamy yah karna cheya tha.
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                              Margin call se bachny ke liye zrori hy ke ap is me jitna ho saky is me careful ho ke trading kre is me margin kam se kam rakhen or is me apny deposit ko maintain kre or stop loss or take profit ke sath trading kre

                              اب آن لائن