10 Steps to forex learning & Trading !
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    10 Steps to forex learning & Trading !
    10 Steps to forex learning & Trading !

    In my humble opinion, and as I have learned forex to trade eventually ... a newbie should do the following if he is blue-eyed.

    1 - Download Metatrader terminal and run it ... press F1 to open its help file and study the functions of terminal ...knowing it fully well so there is no fumbling in operating it.

    2 - Use a moving average of bigger period ... for instance, a 200 EMA ... using H1 time frame and study the price action ... monitor the price behavior around above and below the moving average ... open of a candle ... what the price does when a new candle opens if it is going up ... and vice versa.

    3 - Learn about fractals ... price formations ... shapes and other graphical identifications.

    4 - See where you may need some assistance in entering the market and what kind of trigger there should be to help you decide ... then start checking different tools and indicators to see what serves the purpose.

    5 - If you happen to decide regarding some indicators ... research and study them ... see how they impend those signals and meet those requirements that you seek and test them against the running market. (Never ever go for an indicator seeing its painted history ... it might readjust or repaint itself).

    6 - Never ever try to learn the market on an over-crowded chart ... don't start too many subjects at once when learning ... it will confuse you.

    7 - Now is the time to pick some filters and entry points ... your study of the price action should help you decide where your entry point should be and how do you feel comfortable entering the market. If you are comfortable with a signal showing an arrow ... prefer using it.

    8 - Calculate your boasted balance against the balance of your demo account ... and maintain a trade journal ... you can write 300 instead of 3000 in your trade journal to be more realistic as to how much money you are going to trade with and calculate your profits and losses accordingly ... to have a near-to-reality picture of what a live account would look like if you were trading one.

    9 - Now see ... if you are in profit how much stop loss and profit target your set of rules is providing you ... decipher out your r:r ratio and devise a way to increase it if it needs rehabilitation.

    10 - Now trade for at least 6 months ... remember 6 months of demo trading does not include the time it took you in learning. You can leave rest of the half year's experience to your live trading, reality macho.
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    Nice information
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      learning to be done continuously and all will be well with focus and always be patient and always able to focus would be very nice and all will be well and all need the process and it would be very nice and it would be very nice and it was very nice.
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        10 points boht hi important points btay hai aap ny . or newbie ko specially inn points ko follow krna chahya . boht acha aap ny defined kya hai step by step . ky kasy downloade kya jata hai forex plate form or uss ko used ksy krna hai . or humy duran trading kin cheezo sy avoid kr na chahya . inn sb ky bary mai acha btya hai . or inn mai sy mai ny bhi kuch points ko follow kya hai .
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          A stock that tends to trade at a lower price relative to it's fundamentals (i.e. dividends, earnings, sales, etc.) and thus considered undervalued by a value investor. Common characteristics of such stocks include a high dividend yield, low price-to-book ratio and/or low price-to-earnings ratio.
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            For now on, it is very difficult to predict. Even EUR have so many problem that make it become weaker day by day but with US crisis, I think we will only move sideways until the end of this year. Long weekend will coming soon, let just enjoy our daily trading and didn't expect much big movement in the end of this year.
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              I think it would better if we can look into the stock markets of the bigger countries like New York and Tokyo and others. Because sometimes these are helpful about the movement of a certain currency pair.
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                Stocks are partitioned in various ways. One common way is by the country where the company is domiciled. For example, Nestle, Roche, and Novartis are domiciled in Switzerland, so they are part of the Swiss stock market.
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                  Stocks usually are portioned in numerous techniques. One particular typical approach can be with the state the spot that the company can be domiciled. By way of example, Nestle, Roche, and also Novartis usually are domiciled throughout The European union, so one of these usually are section of the The European union supply marke
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                    ap k ye steps me nay read kye hain aur meray khyal me hum ko aesay he kam ko karty rehna chahye aur is tarha say he hum ye sub kam kar sakty hain aur in ko samjh sakty hain.
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                      learning to be done continuously and all will be good and self control are very good and all will be fine and all need the process and all will be fine and all need patience and it would be very nice and all will be good.
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                        ji bhai jan ap ne blkul thk kaha hx aur ap ne jo information d hx wo bht he achi hx hm traders ko is se bht faida hoga agr hm log is pe amal kr len to aur demo pe practice krty rhen
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                          steps to learnig forex is very useful and we must obeys these rules to work properly on forex and in the trading all these rules are necessery to follow these
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                            the most important thing in learning we must seriously and all will be fine and all need the process and all will be good and self control are very good and all need the process and always wait would be very nice and all need the process and all will be good.
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                              the most important should be patient in learning because learning is not an easy process and all need can always focus would be very nice and all need calmness and should be ready to be good once and for all take a process and we have to be ready and focus would be very nice.

                              اب آن لائن