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    A simple question
    Bahio kia ap ya bata sakty hain kay Pairs kay darmian main koi relation hota hay aur ya positive hota hay ya negative

    Jaisy Gold & silver aik hi side par move karty hain

    agar ap kay pas koi information hay to kindly share karen.
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    G han bhai jan ap ne bhot he acha swal pocha ha bhai jan man ap ko btana chaon ga k man ne aj tak na he gold trading ke ha or na he silvar man to sirf simpal trading krta hon or mery liy to wohe best han
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      as salam o alaikum dear me ap ko batata hon ke zeyada kes kes pairs me relation hota hai .. usd/cad with OIL agar OIL up hoga to usd/cad ka rate down jahy ga .. es ke waja me nai party os par bowt time lag jahy ga

      eur/usd and usd/chf ka be relation hai

      gbp/usd and usd/chf

      aud/usd with gold

      and OIL with cad/jpy
      when oil price rise then cad/jpy also rise means jpy
      is weak and cad is strong .. soo jpy is weak aginst cad soo jpy for example
      90 now will 92 jpy for exchange to cad
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        g bilkul thora bahot to relation hota hy currency pairs mein jaisy Eur/Usd aur USD/CHF ye dono pair opposite side per move karty hien yehni agar Eur/USD up ho ga to USD/CHF down ho ga isi tara gold aur silver ek hi simit mein move karty hien yehni agar gold up ho ga to silver b up ho ga.
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          jii bilkul thora bht relation to hota ahi currency pairs men jese k eur/usd ye dono pair opposite sides k hain pr inme similarities hain and ek hee move pe chltay hain
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            Nice question dear, jaisy currencies me pairs hoty hain is tarha gold or silver me pairs is liay nahi hoty kiun kay wo metals hain or inki khud hi power of fluctuation bohat tez hoti hai in kay sath kisi pair ko involve nahi kia ja sakta. Currencies market crash bhi ho jaen tab bhi profit le sakty hain kiun kay agar aik market crash hogi tu second pe impact positive par jay ga. Gold or silver ya crude oil are different from currencies.
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                It looks true cool with first, but This is very distracting, IN ADDITION TO leads your current trader to help stray via the catered technique of trading. this increases trading, AS WELL AS revenue regarding the business maximizing income In line with trades. this company does not income with the buy AND hold trader, AS WELL AS they don't advise in the direction of these kinds of strategies.
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                  forex mein sabhi pair achay hein ager hum ko trading ati hey to mushkil se mushkil pair per bhi trade ker sktay hein, her pair best hein lekin is k liye boht practice or experience chahiye ager humarey pass nehi hey to hum ko boht loss ho ga or ho skta he k hum apna account ura dien.
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                    bhai jaan aap ka sawal acha hai lakin her koi gold aur silver ki trading nai kerta kiu k hamare pass itna captal nai hota mane aaj tak nai ki is mai investment ki hoti to lazmi btata
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                      Sorry brother mujhe is baat ki koi knowledge nahi hai kyun k mein forex trading mein abhi new trader hoon and meine abhi sirf currency pair mein trading ki hai to mujhe metal trading ki koi bhi knowledge nahi hai abhi.
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                        han g boht sy pairs ka aaps main taaluk hota hy jis trha aap ny hi kga k gold or silver aik jasy hi movekrty hain isi trha or b boht sy pirs hain jo k aik dusry k khilaf b chlty hain or aik dusry k sath sath b choty hain
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                          yes janab forex mai currency ky relation hai aik dosary ky sath jesa k gold or sliver and usd or euro ye sab aik dosary ky sath move karthy hai agar gold up hojathy hai tho silver bi up hojath hai or down bi dono sath hojathy hai
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                            g han pairs me relation hota ha our ye sab relations mere khayal se usd pe depend karte hen. jin ma usd base ho un ko ye bahut ziada effect karta ha.
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                              gi bilkul relation hota hy jaisa k ap gold ko USD sy bi buy kr skty hein aur GOLD ko EUR sy bi by kr skty hein aur GOLD ko GBP sy bi by kr skty hein ess liy ap ko yeh example di hy ess ys ap EUR/GBP ka difference daikh kr yeh sab kaam kr skty hein lekin yeh sab ap live market mein check kr skty hein.

                              اب آن لائن