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    I don't have any experience of forex trading.. Is there any special rules which i need to keep in my mind during doing forex trading...? :/
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    new forex traders ko chaye k wo pehly demo ac ko bano phir ap is main traning ley is se ye faida ho ga k ap ko pata ho jay ga k kub trade karni chaye or kub nai
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      The beginners should start the trading from the Demo account which will give the place of practice, experience and fundamental knowledge of trading. This is very important for the beginners to first get the experience, knowledge and practice. After getting the skill of experience from the demo account should start the real account trading.
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        best way for new trader, beginner is that do more practice and more get
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          rules bohat hen trading k ap abhi forex seekho ge to ap ko andaza hota jai ga jb ap sab learn kar lo ge to us k bad ap demo account bana k practise karna forex me practise ki bohat need hoti he jb ap perfect hojain to real account pe working kijiye ga forex aik best business he
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            forex mi jo b newbie hin un k ley sub se zaroori hy k wo pehly theory ko perrehn pher os k baad demo pe kaam kereen. aor pher asal investment ker k earnin g kereen. sath sath ager ap good luck se es forum mi aa gy hain tu yahn se earn ker k insta se profit b kamaeen.
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              muje koi bta skta he k demo account khan se bna sku ga ma kese bny ga
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                my dear bvrother forex begnniers k liy be best hy woh phly demo account py practice kren achi tarh sy taa k k wahn sy acha experience hasil kr sken or real trading account me achi trading be kr sken
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                  dear main to bas yahi kahun ga keh dear forex boht risky business hai is main ap lalach main na aayen or sakoon se trading hasil keren or lalach main zara bhi na aayen kiyun keh forex boht risky business hai expereince or knowledge ka hona sab se zarori hai dear
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                    It is important for us, before deciding to trade in the foreign exchange market to fully learn and practice to have more knowledge and experience that will help us to achieve success and make huge profits appropriate.
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                      Dear brother new user k ly zarori hn k forex trading k bare me net ya kese dost se malomat khasil kre aur demo account pe practice kre jb kam krne ka skill behter ho jaye tu pir real account pe trade shoro se google pe search krne se forex k bare me kafi malomat moajood.
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                        dear beginner k liye es business mai boht c option hain agar tu wo serious ho k es business ko start karna shuru kar dain gain tu on kliye boht c option hain es business mai wo boht aage tak jaa skte hain aur apnii life ko b enjoy kar skte hain aur faida hasil kar skte hain...
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                          you should have open demo account and practice in demo account, the benifit of demo account is that you will gain experience from demo account, without practicing in demo account you can face huge amount of loss, so when you gain experience in demo account then you open real account.
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                            saalaam bhai jee app forexmein kaamakrna chahtay hain tu appko chahyia kaay apppehlaay forexk aay demo account mein kaamakrin yaah app kaay liye acha hai app ko is kaay demo account mein zayida se zayida time taak kaam karna chahyia ?><?><?><?><?
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                              dear forex kay yahi rules hay kay aap ko sab say pahlay aik bara say backup la na ho ta hay us kay baad aap ko market ki analyzing karni hoti hay or aap ko emotion say bachna hota hay or aap ko lalach say bi bachna hota hay.

                              اب آن لائن