gold price forecast 2022
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    gold price forecast 2022
    gold price forecast 2022
    gold forecast 2022

    on weekly chart gold prices formed 2 bullish waves / movements
    the first wave starting at 26 october 2018 from level 680 to level 1922
    the second wave / movement from 1040 to 2070
    both of 2 wave content of the same movements
    example the movement from 680 to 1008 equal the length of movement from 1040 to 1370

    gold price forecast 2022

    from the highest top for gold prices 2070 to level 1675 gold prices formed bearish wave that equal the bearish wave from 1922 to 1525
    in this case gold price forecast 2022 will be bearish and gold will decline near 1530
    to establish the second leg for measured movement pattern
    gold price forecast 2022

    the bullish movement from 1675 to 1916 and the bullish movement from 1682 to 1877 both of them consist of the same movements
    this means the gold prices finished the bullish correction and will resume the bearish trend

    gold trading forecast is bearish
    gold signals performance
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