What is basically Forex definition?
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    What is basically Forex definition?
    Salam Friends, :rolleyes:
    Forex is basically Foreign Exchange of currencies, where we trade of different currencies.
    In this market participants are able to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies. Forex exchange are made of banks, Commercial companies, investment management firms and forex brokers.
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    it is basically called exchange of currencies.... yah hm curence ki trading karty hain jske natije me profit ya loss hmare hisay me ata hai ab ye hm pe hai k hm kese kam krae hain
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      forex ki ek asan lafzon me definition yehi kar sakta hon k ek currency ka dosry currency sau lain dain.ye forex ki sub say asan aur mazaydar definition hai agar hum is pay amal kare to.
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        dear forex ak matlib currency ha ore forex business bi didderent currency pair me hi hota ha kisi pair ki price up ore kisi ki down hoti ha ore market me price up and down hotay hi traders ko profit ya loss hota ha
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          forex ka matlb hai . chance to the every people for trading . forex ka mtlb hai online job karna ya ghar beth kar kam karna. agar business k lihaz c dekhe tou e business b hai. and so on.
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            i think ya ak market ha jhan currncy ki tanction hoti ha jis ma bhut say log amkerty hain or is maap ko earning bhi hoti ha and loss bhi but ya ak forgn exchneg bussines type ha
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              Yes, its a right information because Forex is really a trusted business in which international currencies are involved and we trade on these currency rates. Major currency pairs are likely to trade mostly because in these pairs countries estable themselves and we have a best opportunity to trade with the trend.
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                yes your saying right forex trading mean exchange currencies between different countries we buy sale and gain good profits for ous its worlds no 1 online business that never scam or fraud but we must learn it if we want to earn here forex trading
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                  pakistan forex forum is a outstanding business which is providing the facility of international currency excahnge services in a good way so that one can make more and more profit in a good sence and can get learn more and more in his field of trading
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                    Forex, foreign exchange jis mein currencies ki lain dain ka kam hota he, jahan ye decide hota he k currencies str0ng hogi ya weak ye un countries ki economic position pe depend hota he, ye independent body hamesha decide karti he.
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                      yes indeed very true that forex stands for foreign exchange market where traders are able to buy a currency against the base currency in their account and are also able to sell the counter currency against the base currency as well as the current currency against the counter currency and will make profit from the speculation of the market.
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                        Yes, you are right, a battle between the buyers and the sellers. This market revolved around the buying and selling operations. Sometime we have to buy and the other time we have to sell, whatever we do in this market, we should try to understand the basics of this market.
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                          bhai forex aik world ka best business hai is me bohat paisa hai is se hum sab kuch hasil kar sakty hain life me is ka matlab hota hai foreign currency exchange market and yeh week me 5 din open rehti hai .
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                            yes dear main bhi aap k baat sy agree karta hoon k forex aik aisa business hai jis main currencies ki exchange kaery hain . aik currency dy k dosri currency laty ho. es business ko trading ki zuban main forex kahty hain
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                              bikul,forex main aik tarekay se aik pore country ke economy involved hote hai.isleye.forex ke market main daily ka volume hota hai 4 trillon dollars ka hota hai.forex main trading kerne ke liye experience chaiye hota hai kuin ke forex main risk ka factor bhi involve hota hai.thanks.

                              اب آن لائن