Success is Impossible If we dont take care of Risk and money management.
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    Success is Impossible If we dont take care of Risk and money management.
    As i experienced in my trading career that one thing is very clear and important that those trader who don't take care of risk and money management that they are mostly failed in trading.Because with the help of risk and money management that trader can easily understand that which volume and leverage is suitable for our trading according to capital and we can easily understand and take decision that when we need to deposit and withdrawal amount.Many new trader don't know about it and they never try to learn it and that's why they don't know about suitable volume and leverage.
    We need to learn and discuss this important issue that are help us to make success in Forex
    Please Discuss and share your opinion
    Humaray Behtareen Jawab Ky Mukablay Mai Hisa Lain
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    G haan bilkul.agar hum kamm risk main kaam karty hain to hum is main kaam kar kay achi earning lay sakty hain or is tarah hum is main kaam kr kay earn bhi kr sakty hain or seekh bhi sakty hain.greed ki waja sy loss he hoota liey money management boohat he important hai.
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      Risk factor tu buhat ziada hai forex mein mager meri apni thinking yeh hai k kabhi kabhi aapko live mein bara risk lena perta hai, Mager risk ko minimum rakhte huye trading kerni chaiye aur money management ka taluq bhi risk factor hi hota hai.
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        forex pa trading krana asa he ha jasa ap koi full complete setup of business run krha ho kew k is ma ap ko bht sa matters ko handle krna hota ha ak trader jab tak acha business man ni ban jata wo kamyab trader ni ban sakta or mara khyal ma trading sa zyada management issues ko handle krna sab sa zyada important ha
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          jis tarhan hamen ahr 1 business ma risk lena aprta ha is liay forex b buhat hi a6a business ha jis ma hamen risk b lena parta ha success k liay or is ma buhat zyada risk ni hota hs is ma hamen buhat a6a kam akrnay ko milta ha
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            there are so many forex tips for the trader i am fully agree with your trading tips for the trader in this business if we can not take care about our trading in the forex market we could not able to make profit from this business
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              bhai source ki zarurat iss business me nahi hoti hai iss me jitna aap kamaty ho woh apni marzi se kamaty hain koi rok nahi sakta hai iss me aap ko or iss ko seekh len to aap iss me bohat earn kar payen ge ....................
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                yes dear forex is very risky busihnuss in this businuss a trader can get loss if he will not do care about money management and about forex information and knowledge is very risky businsus in which we can get loss if we do not consider money management
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                  forex trading business risky business tou hai but forex trading business main big earning kay liye hamen apne risk ko bhi minimize karna chaye lalach se kam nahi lena chaye aur learn karte rehna chaye.
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                    yes definitely agree with you..hamein trading k waqt bohat si baaton ka khayal rakhna parta haii..agar koi risk aur money managmnet ka khayal na rakhe to i think k wo market mein zyada der survive nahi kar sakta..:)
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                      g han ager humein money management nai aati aur risk se na bachein aur humare pas knowledge aur experience bhi nai hota to hum forex main success kabhi bhi hasil nai ker sakein ge
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                        jee han aisa hi hai success jab tak impossible nahi hai jab tak aap risk naa lo risk lena parta hai agar kuch haasil karna hai to success bhi haasil karna chahtey ho to risk lo or uske saath hard work or learning bhi karo takey risk profit me badal jaye
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                          yeah dear absolutely risk and money management are the two most important factors of forex trading,we must have a full proof plan of money management in order to decrease our risk factor as humanly as possible if we want consitent success in forex for long time.
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                            forex k buiness main risk aik aisa fact hai jis se humain agaly pal main kia ho jay mean hum loss kar jay gay ya profit hasil kar jay ga kuch ilam anhe hoat hai is leay agar humain market k trand ka andza ho aur tab hum trdaing karay toz ida behtar ho ga humray leay :)
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                              agar hum risk lay saktay aur issay bardasht karsaktay hain to forex hamary liay best business hain que kay iss main risk lazmi laina parta hain

                              اب آن لائن