If you've been trading Forex for a while, you're undoubtedly very familiar with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the standard Forex trading platform. MetaQuotes released it in 2005, and it is by far the most popular Forex trading platform. MetaQuotes has since developed MetaTrader 5, which has received mixed reviews from the Forex trading community. As a result, the vast majority of brokers continue to rely on MetaTrader 4.

Despite its limitations, MT4 is a reliable and versatile trading platform ideal for the vast majority of Forex traders. The numerous indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors that give so much functionality are due, in part, to the platform's thriving community of coders. Whether or whether it is sufficient for you depends on the type of trading method you use and how far you are ready to go for a minor edge. For those of us who are still using MT4, the hotkeys and shortcuts listed below are useful.

Metatrader Hotkey for Changing Chart Types

MetaTrader supports line, bar, and candlestick charting. Use ALT+1, 2, or 3 as hotkeys to swiftly switch between chart types.

Typing 'ALT+1' displays a bar chart, as illustrated in the figure below:

You may get a candlestick chart by pressing ALT+2.

You can get a line chart by pressing ALT+3.

Metatrader Hotkeys for Navigating a Chart

You may navigate back and forth on a graph by clicking and dragging with the mouse and can change the magnification by clicking the toolbar icons; however, utilizing the MetaTrader quick menu may be handier.

Zoom: Use SHIFT plus the minus (-) key to zoom out, and SHIFT plus the plus (+) key to zoom in, or just type + or - on the number pad.

Scroll Across Time

To move back and forth in time on the graph, use the cursor keys. The right cursor key moves ahead on a chart, whereas the left cursor key moves backward in time. You can use the mouse to scroll through a chart even faster. Scrolling up moves you back in time (to the left in the illustration), while scrolling down moves you ahead in time (you scroll right on the chart).

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For scrolling fast, use the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' buttons; 'Page Up' scrolls back in time, while 'Page Down' scrolls forward. To get to the bottom of the chart, click here: The HOME key will jump you to the most recent data point on your chart. The END key will jump you to the most recent (current) bar.

Metatrader Hotkeys for Other Simple Operations

Fast Navigation Box

When you press Enter, the 'Fast Navigation' box displays; it is a little box that appears on the bottom left-hand side of the price chart and can use for various purposes.

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You can use the fast navigation box to:
  • Switch between two open charts by writing over the symbol.
  • You can change the timeframe of your open chart by putting M1, H4, or D1.
  • A fast navigation chart can also jump to significant dates or periods.
The fast navigation box will clear if you press ENTER again.

Tile the Charts

When you press ALT + R, your windows will sort so that you may see numerous charts at once. The image below shows an example of multiple tiled charts:

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The Use of Command Windows

Use the following hotkeys to open and close useful command windows in MT4:
  • To open or close the Market Watch window, press CTRL + M. This is an open window beneath the browser and allows you to switch between two points of view using tabs. A tab is a tick table for the tool you've chosen. The Symbols tab contains a list of tool and their pricing. By selecting a tool from the Symbols list, you may customize what appears on the tick chart.
  • The MT4 browser window opens by pressing CTRL + N.
  • The terminal window can access by using CTRL + T. The terminal window is located at the bottom of the screen and appears several features, such as alert settings, account history, and internal mail.
  • CTRL + D: This key combination will open or close the data window. The data window makes it easy to see each bar's value. A price chart with the data window open next to it shows in the image below.

Using the Crosshairs Object as an Example

For the crosshairs object, use the CTRL+F shortcut. By using the crosshairs, you can count the number of bars between two spots. It also shows the pips difference between the two points.

Other Programs' Keyboard Shortcuts

Some MetaTrader hotkeys are universal, and you may be familiar with them from other applications. The most recently placed object will remove from the chart if you press the backspace key. If you mistakenly delete an object from a chart, you can undo the deletion by pressing CTRL+Z (ALT+Backspace will also perform). The current chart will save by pressing CTRL+S. If this is your first time using these hotkeys, we recommend that you do these tests on a demo account with a virtual fund so that you can practice without risk.

Hotkeys for MetaTrader that Use Function Keys

On MT4 and MT5, you may rapidly access various features by using the function keys on your keyboard.
  • F1 - open up the MetaTrader user manual.
  • F8 - opens up the properties window, where you can adjust the appearance of your graph as well as other options.
  • F9 - will open up a new order window.
  • F10 - opens up a quote window. This table contains a list of instrument symbols such as bid and asks prices. The new order window will open when you double-click on an instrument.
  • F11 - enables full-screen mode on the platform. You'll move from having the graph on the screen, as well as the browser, terminal, and so on, to only having the current price graph on the screen, which will take up the entire screen. You can exit the full-screen mode by pressing F11 once more.
  • F12 - permits you to advance through the graph's bars. It provides you with information about the current market price. Do you wish to return? Shift + F12 is a simple combination to remember.
Settings New Hotkeys in MT4

The option to configure your hotkeys or shortcuts in MetaTrader 4 is a highly useful tool. It allows you to customize your favorite indicators, expert advisors, and scripts by assigning your key combinations. All you have to do now is configure the quick MT4 shortcuts to your liking. Find the indicator, expert, or script that interests you in the browser and right-click on it to configure the MT4 hotkeys in this manner. Then, as indicated in the image below, pick "set hotkey" from the drop-down window:

You can choose between 'ALT' and 'CTRL,' as seen above, and then define the key combination you want to utilize. In this scenario, the trader selected ALT + Q as their hotkey for the Moving Average Indicator, making it much faster and easier to use the tool regularly. As you can see, MT4 provides a plethora of useful capabilities that can quickly start with just a few keystrokes. But what if you want to take your platform's functionality to the next level? The MQL4 language allows users to create their indicators and Expert Advisors, one of the main reasons for MT4's success. The MT4 community offers a wide range of custom indicators for download.


MT4 keyboard shortcuts will not make you a better trader, but they will help you be more efficient, allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity. Once you've learned how to use them, you'll find that they can perform you save a lot of time by making chart studies faster and quicker. As a result, you will be able to do more tasks in less time. Try out a few of these the next time you're developing your trading tactics to see how much time you can save.

A demo trading account is the broadest way to explore new ways and test your trading tactics if you want to practice trading. Demo trading allows you to trade without risking any real money while giving you access to real-time prices and MT4 functionality. It's a useful approach to sharpen your abilities until you're ready and confident enough to make a real trade. We hope you find our guide regarding MetaTrader 4 shortcuts to be useful. This article is only a piece of basic information, and hopefully, it can help new traders. If you want to learn more and to get more information about MT4 and MT5 hotkeys and shortcuts, please visit and check out www.instaforex.com or www.investsocial.com.