How often do you change cars?

Unfortunately, I have not yet reached the place to change cars. At the time, I personally had only two cars. The first Moskvich 408 car remained with me for many years, then I kept it for major repairs and never finished, but sold the car without engine. At that moment, I got a job and they gave me a car to work. So I decided to sell my car. After a while, I changed jobs and I always had the opportunity to drive other people's cars. Then I changed the work vector and I became a pedestrian. Nobody thought about buying a car, because I already had a great experience driving behind my back. However, a few years ago I had the opportunity to buy a car again and now I am a proud owner of a Mazda 6 car. As you can see, I have never had a chance to change a car in my life, but I hope that in the future this change will come and I will have the opportunity to buy another car, change another car. To be honest, my Mazda 6 and I are very happy with it and I am not going to change it.
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