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Thread: Why won't boxing be banned?

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    Default Why won't boxing be banned?

    Why won't boxing be banned?
    Let's start with the fact that boxing cannot be banned because it has become a sport. Just remember that boxing is not a street fight but a sport that teaches a person not only physically but also spiritually. By the way, when it comes to fist fights in Torres Street, a person engaged in boxing is more likely to go completely and it should not be forgotten that those who are more engaged in boxing can guess wisely. The enemy and therefore the preparation of the legs, will allow him to do so if the circumstances require. So the most important thing is that boxing has some benefits, one minus, the nose can't be very flat (I know) but it is the cost of training and my fault. I have been doing this for 7 years and doing it only for myself, I will say this: once it started, my head started to work better and my thoughts about life in general changed a lot.

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