How much trash can you throw on vacation?

I've never thrown garbage anywhere, not just on vacation. And my children too. Probably from childhood. My father was a driver and often took me on trips near and far. We once went to work with his team in Surrey, Uzbekistan. I will always remember this journey. Night sky, full of big stars, fast flowing river. My father always told me not to leave foreign objects and garbage in nature. Insects and various animals live here, they can die. You come to the clearing and relax, and when you get out there look around to see if you leave it as it was. I will remember it all my life. And yet, if garbage is thrown around, and you're the first to do so. And others, looking at you, will stop throwing trash. Therefore, tourism should be banned for the protection of nature. This is definitely a dream. Such tourists should not be allowed in nature! It will be a lesson for them.