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Becoming a trader who buys and sells currencies ( trading ) has become a new lifestyle for millennials. Of course, as a trader, trader need a trading application or brokerage service to carry out forex trading activities .

One of the factors that determine the success of a trader is the forex broker they choose. Why is that? Because if the selected broker is untrustworthy and irresponsible, then the broker may take trader investment money away.

Trader need to know that there are forex brokers in the country. This means that the brokerage company is located in Indonesia. However, there are also international-scale brokers who have opened branches in Indonesia.

List of Best Trading Apps

This time the Finansialku section will share information about the list of the best trading applications. Here's a list of the best trading apps that trader can choose from.

ForexTime FXTM

ForexTime FXTM is an application that can perform forex trading automatically. In fact, this application has been used by traders in more than 180 countries, trader know .

That way, trader no longer need to doubt the trustworthiness of this trading application. ForexTime FXTM is a secure software for foreign exchange trading .
Interestingly, this trading application is designed for both professionals and beginners. So, it can reach various groups.

For example, flexible leverage allows trader to increase trader earning potential. However, this leverage is only offered based on trader knowledge and experience.
Now, trader can operate with fixed and variable spreads . Then, when trader have completed trader trade , the company will process the withdrawal request in just a few minutes.

Trader should have no problem using the software . All trader need to do is register an account. Then, trader also need to upload verification documents and transfer funds before trading.

Software can do trading with millisecond execution. In another feature, trader can also get comments from the company's market research team every day. Apart from that, trader can also take advantage of a range of free trading tools to make more informed decisions.

This application is available for various types of devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.


The MetaTrader app is one of the most popular trading apps for retail investors.
Not only for forex trading , this application can also be used for trading stocks, forex , and other financial instruments from mobile or desktop devices .

Apart from that, the app also provides general analysis of the financial markets using various real-time charts that include historical information. This is certainly useful for monitoring prices and offers.

A number of analytical instruments such as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliot tools as well as the latest financial news are also available.

When trader want to make profitable forex trading , then of course trader need to understand the current state of the market. This Netdania trading application aims to do just that by providing trader with trading ideas and strategies .

Netdania even collects data from more than 20,000 financial instruments as well as thousands of real time stocks . This app will tell trader when trader should enter or exit the market.

Apart from being easy to use, the Netdania trading application also provides the latest market news and updates in the economic calendar. In fact, trader can also share strategies with fellow traders .

This trading app provides real team e stock indices which include Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, TSX, Nikkei 225, ASX200, Hong Kong Hang Seng, Nifty 50, MICEX, EuroSTOXX50, FTSE100, DAX 30, CAC40, IBEX35, MIB40 and SMI20 along with statistics from industries such as oil, gold, silver, and platinum.

See also: Wide range of InstaForex technical indicators.

S oftware supported by cloud technology. That way, trader can easily share and sync data across multiple devices.

Trader can also sign up to receive notifications about major economic events in order to make sure trader never miss a trading potentially profitable.

In this digital era, everything is easier and more practical, including investing. To dive into the world of the capital market, obtain information, to conduct stock transactions, bonds, money markets, and so on can now be done through just one stock application. Some of these investment applications help beginners to professional investors to invest safely and comfortably by providing recommendations for the right instruments to company information, in order to reduce losses and maximize profits, so that investors do not give up when investing. These applications also provide the latest news about issuers, macroeconomics, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), and others.

This investment application also provides information related to market cap value , Price Earning Ratio (PER), Price Book Value (PBV), a number of issuers in the stock transaction application. Here are the 10 best stock apps! 1. Indo Premier Online Technology (IPOT) Indo Premier Sekuritas is one of the best and largest securities companies in Indonesia. This security offers investment in the capital market for both individuals and corporations and has obtained a permit from OJK number KEP-11/PM/PPE/1996. The company, which has been established since 1996, has succeeded in placing its name in the top position in the competition for the bond market in the first half of 2019 with transaction volumes reaching IDR 10 trillion and controlling 20% of the market share. The service products offered by Indo Premier Sekuritas include mutual fund investment, financial planning, investment banking (for institutional/corporate), equity sales & trading (specifically for institutions and corporates), and fixed income sales and trading (institutions/corporate). Indo Premier Sekuritas has now penetrated into the digital world by carrying the Indo Premier Online Technology (IPOT) application available on the Playstore . IPOT is one of the most popular securities applications in Indonesia by offering investment in stocks, mutual funds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). One of the superior features of the IPOT application, namely Robo Trading and Fund Evaluator .

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This feature can run all buy and sell order instructions on the stock and a predetermined price so that investors will not lose the opportunity to transact at the targeted price. The steps for using IPOT are as follows: Download the IPOTGO app. Open the app and click "register". Enter trader email and mobile number . Enter the OTP code trader received via short message (sms). Enter NIK. Complete information related to trader identity. Photos selfie while holding an ID card. Create a username and password . Create a PIN number. Double-check the data trader have completed. Next read the account opening agreement. Then, click agree or yes. Registration is complete. Trader will be asked to wait for the verification e-mail . If trader have received an email, click the link sent via email and login to confirm the account opening. Next, trader will receive a confirmation e-mail that trader IPOTGO account opening is in process. After receiving trader SID ( Single Investor Identification ) and RDN share account (Customer Fund Account), trader can login to the IPOTGO application and start investing in stocks. 2.

Mirae Asset Securities This securities company, which was founded in 1994 under the name Monas Buana Securities, often occupies the Top 3 Stock Exchanges . In 2018, Mirae Asset Sekuritas successfully listed its name as the best securities in Indonesia. Meanwhile, as of September 2020, this securities company managed to score the highest share transaction value, which amounted to IDR 227.13 trillion. There are quite a lot of the services offered at Mirae Asset Securities, including stock and bond transactions for retail and corporate, stock and mutual fund transactions online for conventional products or sharia, stock transactions on margin, to research the company and the economy. Mirae Asset is also present in the digital world by giving birth to two applications, namely HOST (for PC or laptop users) and NEO HOST (for using mobile phones). Although the minimum deposit is quite large, which is IDR 10 million, the share transaction fee in Mirae is quite low, namely 0.25% for selling and 0.15% for buying. 3.

BNI Sekuritas This subsidiary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) (Persero) Tbk is engaged in the capital market, serving transactions in the form of stock trading, debt securities, investment banking , to asset management . This securities company that was founded in 1995 won the best title for The Most Active securities Company from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) in 2018. BNI Sekurtias has obtained a license as an OJK securities broker with Number: KEP-19/PM/1995 and Number: KEP-21/PM.2/2017. In addition, this security also has a business license in the field of underwriting under the numbers: KEP-20/PM/1995 and KEP-20/PM.2 2017. BNI Sekuritas offers services in the form of investment banking , equity brokerage , fixed income brokerage , mutual fund selling agents , and many more. BNI has also reached out to investors who move online. Here are the steps to invest online with BNI Sekuritas: Go to the page . Click the account column. Click "online registration". Complete the personal data questions. In this case there are 3 types of questions, namely basic information, additional information, and questionnaires. Next, click "Register". Wait for an email from BNI. Sign the document sent by email and send it back. If the application is approved, trader will receive a username and password for the transaction.

Apart from the website, investors can also invest in BNI Sekuritas through the BIONS Mobile application which can be downloaded on the Playstore. To be able to transact on this investment application, customers need to prepare an initial deposit of IDR 1,000,000. BIONS provides a trial account that can be used by novice investors to gain insight into the world of capital markets. Not only that, this application also provides several other important features, such as automatic order lists , watchlists , trade sectors , research , fundamentals , and corporate actions.

4. MNC Securities As the name implies, MNC Sekuritas is a subsidiary of the MNC Group under PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk. To transact at MNC Sekuritas, investors are charged a purchase fee of 0.18% and a selling fee of 0.28%. To open an account, investors only need to spend IDR 100,000 as an initial deposit. The process of opening an account at MNC Sekuritas is fairly easy, it can even be done online . However, potential investors who wish to register as customers at this securities company, need to have an account at BCA to be able to open a stock account at MNC Sekuritas.

5. Independent Securities Mandiri Sekuritas comes with the MOST application. This application is designed with a user interface system or interface that is friendly to new users or novice stock investors. The share selling fee in MOST is 0.28% per transaction and the purchase fee is 0.18%.

MOST registration is done online. In addition, Mandiri Sekuritas provides face-to-face and online training support for stock investors, as well as full access to daily research from Mandiri Sekuritas professional analysts.

6. Seeds Picking up several public figures as advertising stars, making the Bibit application even more popular. In the past few years, Bibit has been aggressively promoting by carrying the tagline Automatic mutual fund investment. Its easy use makes Seeds able to cover a wide range of investors, from beginners to professional investors. For beginners, the Seed application can be their assistant in investing.

Because, when customers register, Bibit will make a selection based on their profile, age, income, risk, and investment targets, so investors don't need to be confused about where their funds should be stored. This application that has obtained the OJK permit has a very affordable minimum investment. With only Rp. 10,000, investors can make investment transactions at Seeds. This nominal is quite profitable, especially for novice investors who want to learn more about the ins and outs of the world of capital markets without worrying about experiencing big losses. This application, which is supported by various e-wallets , offers a wide selection of mutual funds ranging from stocks, bonds, to the money market. There are several advantages for investors who register with Bibit, namely registration is done online and can be completed in minutes, all mutual fund purchases at Bibit are free of commission fees, investment funds can be withdrawn at any time without penalty, can start from IDR 10,000, and profits obtained from mutual funds is not a tax object.

7. Bareksa Bareksa is one of the most popular investment applications for capital market activists. Bareksa is a practical application, because all activities, from registration to transactions, are carried out online. This application, which has received OJK supervision, offers more than 150 mutual fund products, both conventional and sharia. In addition, there are more than 50 investment managers who are ready to help investors to achieve their investment targets.

8. Stockbit Quoting the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Stockbit started as a forum for exchanging information for investors regarding issuers or stock recommendations. Before long, this forum grew to be able to influence price movements in the capital market. Over time, Stockbit has also transformed into a stock investment application where investors can discuss, analyze, and trade stocks. This application, which collaborates with Sinarmas securities, has several advantages, including investors being able to trade stocks online, take advantage of the stock learning feature and simulate buying and selling shares online .

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9. RTI Business RTI Business provides a variety of capital market information, ranging from price quotes , charts , financial data, analysis, company and capital market information, and much more. Through RTI Business, investors can monitor a company's performance within five years through income statements , profitability , cash flow , growth , earnings , and balance sheets . In addition, this application can also help ordinary investors to better understand online stock investment transactions through the IDX Virtual Online Trading feature.

10. Magic This application, which has been downloaded by more than 1 million people, has guidelines and product recommendations that are suitable and most profitable by referring to the financial condition of investors. This subsidiary of Ajaib Group is also quick to provide information about the best time to buy and sell shares so that investors can maximize the profits they get. In addition, one of the best online stock investment applications has also obtained an operating license from the IDX and the OJK.

As trader know, investment is an important thing especially for the future and this is done in order to maintain trader financial or financial condition for the main long term. Trader can choose any investment path, whether it's investing in gold , houses, land, stocks, certain commodities or what the Indonesian people are currently doing, namely Forex trading. This is an activity of buying and selling foreign currencies between countries that can generate profits.

What is an Application?

Software application or commonly referred to as an application is a sub of software that utilizes various capabilities in carrying out tasks according to the wishes of its users. Examples of sub-classes of applications are word processors, media players such as videos, music, and so on.

In 2021, there are already many types of applications, because all current devices are based on the operating system.

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Not to mention that currently the development of technology is increasingly helping bettors to trade Forex even beginners are also getting easier to learn because there are many guides that can be used. With the existence of smartphones or mobile gadgets now, more and more brokers are starting to create trusted trading applications for their traders so that they can access and check the flow of forex trading and important information.

There are so many advantages that traders can get if they take advantage of applications made by these brokers with trader mobile gadget technology including:

More reliable because this application was directly created by a reliable broker who is well-known and already has a good reputation not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world
Trading applications from these brokers are usually equipped with more complete features such as Indonesian because most brokers are still supported by the use of English so that the language menu is very helpful for traders to be able to understand the content contained in it.
Trader can still make the same transactions as when trader access the broker directly with a PC without any differences, including the application already has cooperation with local banks for the entire transaction process during trading.

3 Choices of Trusted Trading Applications That Have Official Permits

When choosing a trusted trading application, at least choose one with a high reputation and some of them, if necessary, have been directly verified and supervised by BAPPEBTI or the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency. Here are some applications that can be trader choice for Forex trading, among others.

What is Bappepti?

BAPPEPTI is an abbreviation of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency which assists the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia in being accountable to the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. If trader look at its duties, Bappepti is a body that monitors and supervises futures trading in Indonesia. This includes cryptocurrencies, gold futures, and forex.

1. cTrader

This is a trading application platform specially developed by Spotware. Actually this is not a company or broker but quite a lot of brokers who buy and use licenses from this Spotware example are Pepperstone, FXPRO, IC Markets and OCTAFX. This application is indeed still young compared to others, for example Metatrader, but this application is also known to have a very good reputation because the facilities for trading in it are identical to the ECN system and have their own sophistication in risk management.

Although already working with various brokers, this application has been customized to be compatible with all brokers. This application has various advantages, including:

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cTrader can be synced with Cloud for browser and desktop
There is a choice of forex trading using demo and real accounts
Can execute trades while modifying positions such as take profit, stop loss and pending orders directly using this application
There are complete charts or diagrams with technical indicators that can be displayed using portrait or landscape mode. This application has more than about 50 indicators as well as various types of charts and there are also about 26 timeframe options which are rated the most than other similar applications.

What is Technical Analysis?

Stock technical analysis is an analytical method that usually uses or refers to historical data which is used as the most important indicator either by looking at the movement of the chart, transaction volume, price or certain other patterns that are usually used as the basis for investors to make a decision whether to sell. or buy this stock. Usually, this technical analysis is always used for trading from stock traders.

There is also a complete account report including trading statistics for each instrument as well as the history of trading-related transactions. Here the trader can know how much profit trading for each instrument traded.
The complete report is not only for each type of instrument but also market sentiment such as buying and selling ratio, DOM or Depth of Market and also the economic calendar.

This is a trading platform created by Metaquotes. Just like Spotware before it, this is not a brokerage company. However, many brokers use and provide this application where they buy licenses directly from Metaquotes such as Exness, OctaFX, FBS Markets, OCTA Berjangka, XM , Askap Futures, Monex Investindo Futures and others. Even because of its popularity, the application has been widely used by traders all over the world. Trader can connect with a variety of the best Forex brokers with a complete variety of features.

Some of these features include an economic calendar, market news, trading history, execution of buying and selling trades, charts with various technical indicators, changes in real time prices, free demo accounts and so on. Trading positions in this application can be synchronized with the desktop version so that trader can more easily monitor various account activities anywhere.

HSB Forex Investment

This HSB Forex Investment is a trading application developed directly by PT Handal Semesta Berjangka which previously was Hanson Semesta Berjangka and this is a local broker who already has official permission from CoFTRA and has become an official member of ICDX or the Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange and also ICH or Indonesian Clearing House. This application is also very suitable for use by beginners because there is complete content about forex games, education and even has a demo account that can be accessed directly on one platform.
The analysis features for trading in real terms are still incomplete like other applications, but all the indicators are sufficient and even this application also has various advantages, including:

Traders can make deposits, withdraw funds or withdraw and also execute live trades using the application
There is a chart that has technical indicators in it
There are various kinds of supporting features in it, ranging from forex games that can be played and very fun, educational content, forex calendars and trading signals.
There are promos that are so attractive and specially provided in this application such as the Lucky Trader draw which is held every week and also a trading commission with a value of USD0.
There is CS or customer assistance who is very communicative and uses Indonesian
There is a live account and a demo account complete with a registration process, all of which are done directly using the application.

Actually there are many other trusted trading applications and all of them have their respective advantages that suit the needs of traders to trade Forex safely and make sure to always choose applications that have official permission from the authorities so that the trading process will always run smoothly without If there is a problem, in Indonesia, make sure that the broker is registered with CoFTRA .

Need a recommendation for the best trading application that is safe and also reliable? If so, that's really fitting, because in the Hallo GSM article, we will discuss some of the best trading applications and have obtained an operating license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Becoming a successful trader can be said to be a dream for everyone, especially young people today who want to earn money while lying down without having to leave the house.

Now, in the online era like today, this dream can actually come true, namely by buying and selling shares through applications.

The activity of buying and selling shares of course cannot be separated from the trading application. Trader may have heard several names of trading applications through advertisements on YouTube or on other social media platforms.

Yes, although there are many kinds of trading applications and can be easily found in the Google Play Store application store, we also have to be careful and try to invest through trading applications that have obtained permission from the OJK and CoFTRA.

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If trader are interested in getting involved in the stock world, here are the recommendations for the best trading applications that have been registered with the OJK.

This is a stock investment application that has been used by popular Indonesian traders. They have been proven to be able to earn up to tens of millions per day from this one application.

The appearance of the application is quite simple and not confusing, so for novice investors Magic is the right choice of trading application.

Here trader will receive notifications about information about the best hours to buy or sell shares so that the profits obtained are maximized and avoid losses.

In addition, trader also don't need to hesitate to invest in Ajaib, because this application has received the blessing of IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange) and OJK.
Designed to make investing easy, Poems ID is also included in the list of the best trading applications in Indonesia that are worth a try.

Poems ID has a feature called ProStock which is a service for investing in stocks in real time safely and easily. Through this feature, trader can perform fundamental analysis that is supported by complete and up to date company reports of course.
This application, which is under the auspices of PT Phillip Sekuritas Indonesia, can also act as an intermediary in buying and selling shares.