House made entirely of glass

Architects innovate in designing houses whose design and ideas may surpass the nature of the usual homes usually made of cement and wood bricks, but the ancient wisdom that says whoever owns a glass house does not throw people with stones may apply to these houses made entirely of glass.

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The creative and imaginative architect and engineer, Carlo Santambergio, is Italian, whose designs were distinguished by extreme strangeness, he designed an integrated house of glass with the exception of the sleeping bed, and says that he designed this house to inspire the transparent life of people to display furniture and lifestyles, the cost per square meter of this house has reached About four thousand pounds sterling, was originally created to display furniture, but the matter changed to become a home to live in.!

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As for the best glass for this design, it is extraclear glass, which is made of a material that needs a lot of attention, so cleaning the house completely is a kind of challenge, but the sight of the stars in the sky while sleeping and watching the falling snow without leaving the house to watch it may remove this trouble, this is what he said Engineer Carlo.

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Building this house entirely of glass means using technology in design at a new level, good and changing 360 from the old. This is what some critics said about the Carlo house, some said it is a new concept in architecture.
It seems that this house is definitely for those who have great boldness and a vast land or desert in which there are no people .. !!