Building and constructing objects that can help you for your daily lives has always been a mans job. Throughout the years, people use to improve and innovate a lot of things in order to make sure that the tools and other equipment can be used easier and more convenient. There are tools that can be used manually but there are these new tools that uses electricity to give more convenience. Tools truly gives access for a regular man to do incredible work, with these anything can be possible. These tools are considered in to two classifications, manual tools and power tools.

Manual tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers has been a great help for regular people and especially for those people who likes to build and use these tools, the builders and carpenters. Manual tools gives access for the builders to move freely and adjust their usage by manipulating the exertion of their applied forces. It allows the carpenters to see things through, step by step and little by little, to be able to check if they are doing it correctly and eventually finish the work. Using manual tools can give you a chance to repeat or correct your mistaken move, like unwanted bent of a nail or misplacement of a screw. With the help of these manual tools, you can do a lot of simple things that can be beneficial.

Power tools, however, is the improved version of having and using manual tools. These are often equipped with batteries and some of these tools can be used with the help of electricity. For example, in exchange for the hammer, a nail gun is invented and used as its substitute. A nail gun is a power tool that is characterized by a pressurized chamber filled with compressed air, usually it contains a flammable gas called butane. Equipped with a stack of nails in chamber and with the help of pressurized tubes, it gives ease to place and push the nail into the wood or concrete. Power tools can be a cause of high maintenance cost because most of these tools tends to use a lot of screws, batteries, and electric wires. Given with the circumstances, with high performance given by its innovative reasons, power tools can be very dangerous, especially to kids. While using these tools you needs to be very careful in aiming and calibrating. One wrong move and it can injure you.

Having these building and construction industry and real estate industry to come in to place, it makes these tools very useful and have a very promising purpose, to be used to create a lot of things. For the increase of occurrence of various projects and developments of making houses and buildings coming from these industries, tools become very handy for themselves. With the use of power tools, the time consumption in arranging and sorting makes the process of doing the job decreased. Also, with the use of these tools, these can give quickly measurements with accuracy and expects to have a quicker results.

As the tools become very useful to carpenters and builders, these tools can also have expiration dates, figuratively. There are no permanent thing that can withstand that daily tons of workload. Alike to its user, tools must be able to rest for a while so that it will not overheat and eventually become over use. Tools can be beneficial to use if it is working good and is in the nice state. Making sure that the tools are getting maintained and become very neat and working is very stressing to do, especially if that tool is almost done. Probably the use of some cleaning agents will do in cleaning, but are they good enough?

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Power tools and Manual Tools can have some similar properties, for example, the metal that they are composed of. As we all know strong tools are made from quality metal. These metals are reactive to different kinds of chemicals. Some chemicals reacts to metal as if the metal is breaking or dissolving, some do cleans the metal part but is damaging mostly of its other parts, and some chemicals do clean these tools but make these tools more prone in to rusting afterwards. Knowing and identifying the right cleaning agent will be helpful to maintain your tool in to good shape. So are you sure that you are taking care of your tools?

Listed below are some of the few tips that can be helpful for you to achieve your goal in cleaning and maintaining your tools.

1. Clean the before and after use

Before you use your tool, whether it is a manual or a power tool, in able to maintain it you must be very gentle to it. In order to do that you must grab a clean piece of cloth or fabric. You can wipe any debris, like dust or rust, before you use it. In this way you can observe if there is any damage that is present to your tool. Once you are don and finish in using that tool, you must do what you did in the beginning, wipe everything that may have contacted to your tool. Remember, doing a heavy work will surely attract a lot of dirt and substances.

2. Mind the state of your tools

Always keep an eye to your tool. It is very ideal for you to monitor your tools especially if you are not using it frequently. Leaving it unattended for quite some time can give it a lot of damage. Damage without using it? Well even though you are not using it, the metal from that tool has a physical contact to air and from there might be moisture to it that can damage the tool. It can be through rust and other factors. Knowing the state of you tools will make you ready and equipped by having so.

3. Have cleaning materials ready

Maintaining the tools can be very stressful and frustrating. Once the tool has achieved the state of having rust, it will always be the cause of the problem and can cause a lot of future disaster to your tools. Cleaning your tools requires a lot things, especially if it is truly damaged. Knowing that rust is the most common problem in your tool, you must have anti rust cleaning agent on hand. Make sure that every spot with rust is being treated. You can also apply some of it to the parts where there are no trace of rust, so that you can protect it for the future. Once that the agent successfully done its job, scrub it in metallic brush or scrub, and rinse it with water. Once it is don you can wipe it with dry cloth or fabric. Set it aside for a little while to let it dry for a few minutes. Once it is dry, put some coconut oil around it to coat its most vulnerable part. Having this coat can protect your tool from rust even though it is stored and placed in storage for a while.

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4. Always wear protective gears while cleaning

While cleaning and maintaining your tool with various chemicals, your safety is the priority while doing so. Having to wear protective gears while cleaning your tools is essential, especially if that chemical is very dangerous to have contact with. A simple goggle for eye protection and heavy duty gloves for your hands can do. Wearing protective measures while cleaning can save you away from harm brought by those different chemicals. Anti-rust cleaning agents can cause you itchiness if contacted to skin, however, there are some agents can cause a lot true damage and can be life threatening. Take note: you need to be more careful and be more responsible in doing so because one single mistake can hurt or injure you.

5. Finding the right location of where to place your tools

Like any other things, tools must be placed in a control, safe, isolated, dry container or toolbox wherein there is a limit from dust and moisture such as water in the air or ground. Choosing the right location for your toolbox will definitely help you to maintain the good status of your tools. For example. If you have a storage room and there is a compartment, like a shelf, you can put your tool box on top of that. Why at the top you ask? Mostly, if there is a damage to your house, most probably the water will flow or keep moisture next to the ground. Having it on the upper shelf will also give in a limit access to dirt, air, and other elements. In addition to that, the toolbox itself must be clean enough for your tools. Even though you have a safe space or spot for your tools to be located to, if the toolbox is not that clean enough, the process of rusting and other things will surely takes place. Always remember, to take good care of your tools is to take good care of where and how it is treated.

6. Store chemicals with care

Accompanied by the tools are the chemicals used by the people who are in the carpentry businesses. These chemicals can be stored either directly or alongside with your tools. However, if you wishes to take good care of your tools, you must make sure that these chemicals are tightened and sealed in within their containers. As mentioned before, chemicals may cause some true damage to your beloved tools. In explanation: it is very convenient to do this if every time that you are done and finished with using these said chemicals, you must close its lids and tighten it. It is advisable to add another layer of tape to minimize the chances of having chemical leakage.

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7. Keep the batteries in shape

Be responsible in storing batteries. Battery operated power tools are needed to have maintenance especially to their stored batteries. Batteries from these must be taken out after use so that the batteries will not melt inside of the tool. When the batteries are unattended without proper storage, it makes the batteries melts and destroys whatever it touches, it is toxic to both people and your tools. Remember to store batteries in an isolated place, make sure that is it also safe form other elements and it is completely sealed in the container.

8. Keep out of reach

Treat your tools as if it is your prized possession. Make sure that it is only you or other members of your family, besides children, are able to have an access to your tool box. Tools are too heavy and sometimes have pointy edges of which is a very dangerous aspects for children. Be mindful to keep it out of reach to children. Remember, the idea of kids in seeing a tool is like a toy. They might pick some tool and play with it, and without supervisions of an adult, these incidents will surely happen. As an advice: avail or install to your tool box a pad lock. Always mind where to place and assign to place the keys of it. To make sure that no kids will use it. By having these you can actually control the situation of having your kids be playing with your tools.

Having tools placed in your garage or storage room is an ideal place of where to keep and store your tools are. Alongside with your toolbox, it must be secured for security reasons and measures. It is to avoid unwanted accidents to happen.

Keeping your tools clean and neat is a good way to make sure that these things will work properly. Without the complete knowledge of doing so, you will end up in a bad place by not following these instructions. It may cause you harm or danger especially when you do not know how to use the tool correctly.

As a conclusion, tool cleaning and maintenance is surely a big deal. It requires mastery and management to be able to do it. Without the knowledge of doing so, you will find a hard time executing various tasks. Equipped with the right tools and right techniques you will surely have a safe execution.