One of the most annoying things that could happen to your personal belongings is rust formation. Perhaps cycling is one of your favorite sports so one day you decide to go out for a ride. You get your favorite bike but as soon as you go out you notice your bike starts to squeak. Then you check your wheels and to your surprise, they have lost their shine. Rust has formed all over the wheels and screws. These things happen to many of us. We have something special to us only to be disappointed when it turns rusty and this is why taking care of rust is such an important matter. Preventing your belongings from rusting can save you lots of money. Most people spend extra on buying multiple replacements for old broken equipment. You should know that even desktop PCs and laptops have components that rust over time. When you check your PC's interior, you may be surprised that rust has started to form in your motherboard. It can be so disappointing to have your most valued possessions lose their former condition to rust.

What Is Rust?

Rust is an orange or brown powdery substance that forms when the iron is introduced to oxygen forming iron oxide. It smells a bit like blood. This is because they both contain iron. Rusting occurs when the iron is submerged in water which is why you would notice that metals with iron content rust more easily when left in places where rainwater can come into contact with it. When inhaled, rust can cause allergies and other complications that are detrimental to your health. Even salt water can be a catalyst for forming rust which is why so many old boats that havent been maintained for a long time and are just sitting at the docks are rusty.

Rust can damage your appliances. Rotating motors such as those found in electric fans, air conditioners, and washing machines are vulnerable to rust. If rusts start to build up in places it shouldnt, these rust build-ups can clog your appliances motors and propellers. This could cause overheating and short circuits which can burn and start a fire. Rusty appliances can become fire hazards that will endanger your life and others around you.
Ferrous metals such as alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel are types of metals that contain iron that can rust over time. Non-ferrous metals on the other hand do not rust even when soaked for long periods because they do not react with oxygen. Some examples of these metals are aluminum which is a common material for screen doors. Copper is another example of non-ferrous metals. It is a reddish-brown metal you would usually find inside wires and cables. However, do not be discouraged when you have rust problems. You should know that preventing your items from rusting isnt as hard as it has to be. There are simple and very easy ways you can do to prevent or remove rust. The following are some tips on how to deal with rust.

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Check All Of Your Property

Check everything you own. For example, check your car if it is in good shape. Cars that are left outside where it doesnt have a roof to protect it from the forces of nature are prone to rust. If there is mud on the wheels of your car, you should clean these immediately. Use a hose to rinse your wheels and scrub them with a brush. Mud contains enough water to cause rust to form and its also a place where bacteria could grow making it a potentially harmful substance if left stuck to the wheels of your vehicles. Another issue with mud is that when it dries up, it damages the integrity of the rubber of your car wheels.

Check your gates if you have ferrous metal gates for your house. To prevent your gates from rusting, hire someone to coat them with paint, or to save money, you could do it yourself. Doing your paint jobs is easy as long as you have enough free time. Use a brush or a roller to apply the paint evenly. Be sure not to miss any spots. Any missed spots can easily form rust if not fully covered. You could apply some anti-rust lubricants on the hinges of your gates and doors. Humid contains water vapor that can condense if the temperature suddenly drops. This is why when you take a hot bath, your bathroom mirror can sometimes be cloudy from the mist if the exterior temperature is a lot cooler. If you live somewhere humid, having a dehumidifier can help with this issue.

Buy Stainless Steel Products

One of the things you can do if you hate having rusty items is buying products that do not rust. This way you wouldnt have to worry even if your items get wet. Buying stainless steel items ensures that you have reliable equipment or tools that arent prone to rust. For example, if you are a cook, buy stainless steel knives and utensils instead of iron ones. Stainless steel is a special type of alloy that contains iron but does not rust so easily. This is because when certain metals such as iron, chromium, nickel, and silicon are put under high heat and melted together to form a single alloy, the alloy created after the fusion of these metals no longer reacts to oxygen as much as plain iron would. Stainless steel is very hard and durable. You may come across a variety of stainless steel.

There is stainless steel with higher resistance to corrosion while some have a higher hardness. The differences between the ratios of the metals used for fusion determines the qualities of the stainless steel produced. Even though stainless steel alloys still contain iron, due to its high content of chromium, the process of rusting is halted. Chromium oxidizes very quickly and it forms a protective layer surrounding the metal surface preventing oxygen from entering and reaching the iron within the alloy. Stainless steel has a quality of being able to resist tarnishing its surface keeping itself shiny and smooth. This is why this type of steel is called stainless. Because stainless steel doesnt rust, it has a longer lifespan than regular steel. Therefore, it can be a lot cheaper to buy stainless steel products in the long run. Stainless steel is also good for the environment because it can be melted down and recycled.

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Do Some Regular Maintenance

Check your pipes and search if any of it has rusty edges. This includes the drainage pipe from your rooftop that channels water collecting from the roof during a rainy day. If your tap water seems to be a bit cloudy, this may be due to the rust that has formed inside these pipes. Washing with this dirty water can be very unhygienic and unhealthy for your body. Have a plumber replace old metal pipes with new plastic-based pipes. This way you can ensure the safety and cleanliness of your water supply. Plastic also has a longer lifespan than metal ones.

Use Rust Converters

Rust converters are chemical solutions that can also be used as primers for paint. If you have rusty tools such as shovels, saws, and axes, brush off the rust on the surface of these materials. Wipe off any remaining debris and then use a paintbrush to apply a coating of rust converter over the metal surface until it is fully covered. Always wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and even respirators to ensure your safety when handling various chemicals. You can also use abrasive tools such as sandpaper to scrape off any rust build-up. For car owners, remember to use rust inhibitors. A car is mostly made out of metal and any component of your car is prone to rust. There are anti-corrosion sprays such as the Boeshiled, a product of the Boeing Company. This spray has a very good reputation and is recommended by a lot of people.

Kitchen Ingredients For Rust

There are even kitchen ingredients you can use for rust removal. You can dissolve rust when soaking any rusty object in white vinegar. This is one of the safer methods of rust removal. Use a deep bowl where you could place your rusty objects and allow them to soak for at least a couple of hours. After soaking, wipe off the rust that has reacted with the vinegar. Another ingredient you can use is baking soda, an ingredient used for cooking desserts. Mix some water with baking soda until youre able to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the surface of rusty objects and wait for a couple of hours. Afterward, rinse the rusty objects until all of the paste is removed.

Some Rusty Items Must Be Disposed Of

Sometimes, there are rusty items that you own that you have to dispose of instead of trying to save them. If you find any old cooking materials such as utensils, metal spatulas, pots, and pans that are already rusty, it is recommended that you dispose of these immediately. Throw them away or sell them as scrap metal and you may earn a small profit. It is better not to try using these materials anymore because you would be risking your health if you accidentally consume the rust from these materials. You should never put any rusty object in your mouth. This is why its best to just let go of these items. Trying to remove the rust also isnt an option because the chemicals for removing rust can be very harmful and if you fail on removing all of the rust, some debris may still be left unchecked.

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Other Concerns

Check if you have any padlocks that have begun to rust. If these padlocks rust too much, you may not be able to unlock these even when you use the appropriate keys. Check if your roof needs refurbishing or replacement. Rusting can create holes in your roof which causes leaks. Hire a carpenter to fix and replace rusted panels if you have metallic roofing. Check your electrical wires. If you have rusty switches, call your local electrician to replace these with new ones. Dont do it yourself if you are not experienced in handling electronics. After coming home from a rainy day, dry your umbrellas. Water can seep into the tiny crevices of your umbrella where rust can form. It only takes a couple of hours to dry your umbrellas. This would prevent you from having to buy new umbrellas.

If you are a PC owner, the components of your PC that are susceptible to rust are your screws, your power supply, and your computer case. The main cause for this is due to humidity so set up your PC someplace that isnt humid or use a dehumidifier for your room. If you have experience in building PCs, replace the old rusty screws. Purchase a new power supply if you see any rust within its interior. An old power supply may no longer be salvageable, especially a very rusty one. It is best to replace this immediately or else, this power supply may fail and it can create a short circuit and cause a fire. Only do this if you know how to handle computer components. If youre unsure of doing these repairs yourself, hire a computer technician.

Check to see if you have any unnecessary nails protruding in your wooden furniture. Use the back end of a hammer to remove these nails and dispose of them. If these nails puncture your skin, it may lead to severe infections such as tetanus. These would be very dangerous especially if you have kids playing around the area. A lot of gardening equipment such as shovels and rakes are usually in contact with mud. Whenever you are finished using this equipment, always rinse the soil away and store them in a storage cabinet or a storage room if you have one available. Do some cleaning around your house. Cleaning and organizing will help you see if there are other things you missed that need to have rust treatment. It is best to prevent rust from occurring rather than curing it.