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This is I think the dream of every individual today. Especially those that already have a family or expecting to have a family. Since this is the primary necessity for you to have, and it is not mandatory to have a home. But before anyone will decide on whether what house to buy, there are things to consider first before buying or building your dream house. Ill walk you through these factors and from this you can have a glimpse of what to expect when you are ready to buy your house.


First of all, you have to consider the location of your house. You need to check if the utilities you need are near your houses such as electricity, water, and the market for your everyday needs. Yes, some houses have cheap prices but if you look at the location, those said utilities are very far away and it will take you some couple of time to get there. But nowadays, if the location is good, meaning your basic needs can be bought near your house, the price is somewhat higher and is also the key factor for those who are selling their properties as well. And I think nobody would want to buy a house if that is for example inside a forest. Think also about the safety of your family whether that location would be safe if all of you will be residing in there. Check also if in case of emergencies, are there police, firemen, and hospital or clinic nearby. If yes, I guess you can start investing in the prime location and build your dream house there. Houses that are also near a shopping mall or near the business industry, its price can vary as well. Unlike for houses that are far away from the city, its price goes down. Consider also a location wherein you can easily access basic utilities and other groceries or markets for your everyday needs. For example, if you are preparing food for your family, and the market is very far from your home, it would be hard for you to prepare these things since you bull some time as well going to the market itself. And it would be an advantage to some people if the market is near their place, in that way they may not store foods and just buy them fresh in the market. In that way, food will never expire in their house since the market is just around the area. And if thats the case, there are more options to choose from in terms of what food are you are going to serve.

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Your neighbors are also one thing to consider. Not to be picky, but observe first the neighborhood where you will put in your house. Because in some places there are neighbors that are annoying and worse they have some illegal business going on. So it is very hard to be tangled with that neighborhood, especially if authorities are already involved in their business. I have an experience in our place recently that our neighbors were into illegal trading, so the police try to conduct a man hun operation in our place, so when the police and the suspect bump into each other, guns have started to fire in our place. And that puts the whole neighborhood in trauma and shock of course. So better survey first or try to mingle with some of the people that are already residing in that area and start asking on what kind of neighbors do they have. But of course, if there are bad neighbors, there are also good neighbors. And basically, you will just find bad neighbors in an isolated area like in the squatters wherein most people do have an attitude. And most of them are hot-tempered most of the time. So just be careful about picking this kind of stuff and try to consider your neighbors in choosing your home. And besides, in case of an emergency happen, your neighbors are the first people you will call for help. So better choose the right community for your dream house.

Schools and Colleges

Since you are building your dream house, later on, you will be having your own family and kids. So a better location for your home is also an easier route going to school or some school must be available in that place. Because if the school or university that you want for your kids is very far from home, it would be difficult for your kids to travel every day. And considering the traffic, we have in the metro. I guess that stress will add up to your kids when they start traveling to their school. And it would be easier for you as a parent of course if you have any concern with the school and you need to get there personally. You can get to the school in a while rather than having a home that is very far away from your kid's school. And all schools today conduct meetings for teachers and parents, so it is better than the school can be easily accessed from your home. But of course, during this pandemic, there are options to be studying at home as well. So I guess it wont be hard for this time of the pandemic to be in school since it is set in your home. You just need an internet connection and some good PC and your kids can learn from your home.

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The infrastructure of the place is very important. As the foundation of the ground must be intact and not loose for the posts of your house. This is of course if an earthquake hits your place, the ground where your house was built will be strong and stable. And not only that, your itself must be stable and sturdy for your family to be safe. Dont save up on materials just to save the cost of your house. I guess invest more especially on the foundation and structure of your house. Because this will hold your dream house from any disaster that might happen. Also, ensure that your house is fireproof since there are many incidents here in our country of fire cases. And if your house only consists of light materials, it can be burned down instantly and might cause your family danger. And consider also that your house has access to water supply and it is sufficient for your day to day needs. Because that would be a pain in your side especially if you are already residing in that area and you just found out that water supply is limited. Survey also your area if you can easily access the roadway or train stations. Since these are the primary routes for you to go to work or school. And it would be very expensive if you are far away from these utilities, and if some emergency occurs, authorities might have a hard time as well as going to your house. And if the location of your house is a village or subdivision, check also if the parks or other amenities are available for use since those are included in your pay. And also for your street, make sure your community installed some street lights in your area. So that crimes or other illegal activities may be lessened since they will be seen in your area when that happens. Another thing is, of course, the electricity supply in that area, some remote areas dont have electricity until now. So I guess for utilities, this should be the first thing you need to consider together with water supply. And we all know that electricity is the very basic necessity for us nowadays since if you consider the location of our country, its very hot right now.

Internet Connectivity

Of course, nowadays no one can survive without the internet. Since most news always reports on the internet. And most work right now is set up at home and the school also are home-based. So it is important that your place has a good signal for internet connection or at least have a port for you to have an internet connection installed. And during this pandemic, we have to be updated now and then, so the internet becomes a basic necessity for everyone. It is important also to have a strong internet connection in your place since this can be a tool for you to have your business at home. It is the trend right now, especially in this pandemic. Many people tend to just go online and purchase what they need over the internet. It also the best way to communicate with your family and friends or share updates on what is happening to you thru the use of social media. And it much easier to access almost anything if you have internet in your place.

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So there are a lot of things that you need to consider first before building or buying your dream house. Since having a house is not a joke, to begin with. And make sure also in that dream house, your family will be safe from any harm and even if natural disasters occur, your family will be safe. Its reassuring for an individual that if they left their home, their family will be safe no matter what. In that way, they will feel light because they know that their family is safe. These are not all the factors to consider before building or buying your new home, this is merely a guide for you or a checklist so that in the future you will some little knowledge on what to check first or survey first before building that home of yours. Think also about the needs of your family, consider also their concerns and not only your priorities. Because in that way, aside from you having a good and comfortable home, you also have a happy family to be with. And Ill just point it out again, double-check or even triple check the people that you will be around with when you have your own home. Because they can be of help in case of emergency and they can also be your enemy in anything goes wrong. And not all the times you are with your family, so to be safe put your house where there good people around and people that you can count on especially when you are away. And of course, ensure that there are also authorities in your place. Because we might know if some emergency occurs, it will be easier to call for help. Yes, we do have neighbors to call for, but it would be different if the people we are calling is equipped with good knowledge about the emergency that we will be having. And of course, having your dream house is not a small responsibility to shoulder, you must be prepared for anything that can happen. Because you're with your family as well. So focus on the things that will really matter for the safety of your house, And also consider tho hire a good engineer and architect to design your house. They are knowledgeable about things like this and they can provide you a stable and safe home to live in. True that many engineers and architects have high pay, its because they are professionals in those fields and it is a good investment after all. Since your home will be built strong and sturdy, unlike you will just pay other people and they will just build it as is. Its to have professionals take over your dream house, and this is not like clothing wear that if you are not satisfied youll just replace it. Building your house if for the long term, meaning if you built it you have to take care of it so that it will last long. And if you have a low budget in starting up your own house, its ok to start with small ones, and you can just replace or upgrade some parts later on.