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China Communications Construction Group Ltd (CCCC) was Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in Beijing, China. It began its core business of building roads and bridges in China. Is working on major projects and the company listed its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007 and then in 2013 the company started its shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company began acquiring national and international projects. The license of this company was canceled by the World Bank in 2009 because I was running a project and this company was involved in fraud due to this project. Coco's license was suspended for about eight years and the company did not have any project in eight years, but as soon as the company's license was restored, the company re-established its name in a very good way and Create great, successful projects. The company is currently very busy with infrastructure design and infrastructure ski stations and is working hard on them because all the projects they have are related to both of them and apart from that the company is also involved in ports. Construction of roads, construction of bridges and infrastructure of railway lines takes and works on the child construction projects and these are all very big projects that this company successfully achieves because of this company's The ranking is among the top construction companies in the world

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Major Development Projects :

--> Tianjin Port 25 million tons waterway projects.
--> Shenzhen Yantian Phase II.
--> Gwadar Deep Water Sea Port Project in Pakistan.
--> Hangzhou Bay Bridge.
--> Han Expressway Project.
--> Shanghai Luo Jing Port Phase II.

--> China Communications Construction is one of the biggest Construction company in the world.
--> It provides employment for the citizens
--> Good quality and beautiful project Construction

--> Slow Construction speed
--> Expensive company