The products of science and technological advancement has turn rural to urban city and urban city to semi-london.All capital city of state of Nigeria has become semi-london through the aids of Adron home and property. Though the projects require huge amount of money(millions of naira) for the completion of adron home and property project, hence the project has a lot of benefit.

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Advantages of Adron home and property:
-Every class of people rich and poor can acquire Adron home and property.

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-The salary earner,through monthly payment towards Adron home and property can acquire their own home.

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-Monthly payment for the purchase of a house in Adron home and property can be affordable.
-It turn rural to Urban area.
-It make environment more beautiful through their horticulture.
Disadvantages of Adron home and property:
-It leads to deforestation.
-The project require millions of naira; very costly.
-It leads to local bricklayers and Carpenters to be jobless.