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    Default Best Content Contest Rules

    Dear Friends,

    Probably, each of us has once faced a dilemma of choosing an appropriate price/quality ratio when buying something, getting financial services or planning a trip. We usually spend plenty of time searching for the needed information and striving to make a good choice. However, we are not insured against a disappointment about a result of the purchase. On the other hand, the result may exceed our expectations, and in that case we usually want to share a positive feedback on buying something or getting some service with other people. We invite you to take a role of experts who post their reviews about some product or service. Nowadays, the most precious asset is knowledge. Success comes to those who possess the knowledge, handle it in the right way and find answers to all their questions faster than other.

    Terms and conditions of the Best Content contest

    I. The contest has no expiration term.
    II. A new contest stage starts as soon as the previous one ends.
    III. All likes of visitors in all search engines and in all contest threads at all stages are counted.
    IV. The contest specifics are reviews about a product or service.
    V. It is possible to take part in a contest at any time and at any stage.

    The prize pool of the second stage is USD 9,600. Winners of the contest can withdraw their prizes in full.

    We are waiting for your helpful and informative reviews!

    The Contest Rules

    1. General Provisions.
    1.1. The 8th stage of the Best Content Contest, hereinafter referred to as Contest, will be held from November 01, 2020 to November 30, 2020.
    1.2. The forum administration is also the administration of the Contest. Should any dispute occur that is not described in the present Rules, the Contest administration will resolve the dispute at its own discretion.
    1.3. The prize pool of the Contest is USD 9,600, and it is distributed in the following way:
    - USD 3,400 for reviews in the Finance reviews thread;
    - USD 6,200 for reviews in the Products and services, Questions & Answers and Overviews threads.
    The prize money are withdrawable in full with no restrictions.
    1.4. All registered forum users are allowed to take part in the Contest.
    1.5. Those forum users who register for the Contest and post at least one thread in the ontest section Best content become the participants, hereinafter referred to as Participants.
    1.6. All the materials within the Contest should be placed at the forum.
    1.7. If a user ban 3 times from the contest by violating contest rules he will be permanently ban from the contest and will not going to take part in future.

    2. Requirements to the Contest threads.
    2.1 The Contest thread should fall into one of the following categories:

    - Finance
    - Products and services
    - Questions & Answers
    - Overviews

    2.2. The name of threads in this category should begin with words A review on and contain the name of the reviewed object.
    For example, A review on the electric drill Woodpecker SDH600 or A review on the Umbrella insurance company.

    See also: Earn with no risks involved and no deposit required right now!

    The model of a product and/or a name of a company or a service should be specified.
    2.3 All contest threads are available for posting from other Participants.

    3. Requirements to the Contest messages for "Finance" and "Products and services" threads
    3.1. A message with a review, hereinafter referred to as the Review, should begin with the name of the thread.
    3.2. The second paragraph of the Review should provide a short description of the advantages and disadvantages of the reviewed object in the following way:
    Advantages: ________
    3.3. Following the information specified in the points 3.1 and 3.2 there should be the Review. The review should be longer than 1000 words (excluding spaces and special characters). It is prohibited to increase the number of characters with the help of repeated characters, smilies or any special characters.
    3.4. The Reviews should not be in a form of dialogues between the participants of threads. Every Review in the Contest thread should correlate with the theme of the first post in the thread.
    3.5. The Reviews should be comprehensive, complete, and provide full information about the topic. It shall be good to specify the date of commencement of the product use or receipt of the service.
    3.6. The text should be at least 50% authentic.
    Copying of comments/reviews from other online resources is prohibited.
    3.7. Photos or videos taken by the Participants and describing the reviewed object are welcome.
    3.8. The Reviews must not advertise any company for the exception of the sponsoring company.
    3.9. The Review should not negatively describe the reviewed object in a prejudiced way and/or be published with the aim of extorting funds.
    3.10. Non-referral links to external websites can be included in the Review on the condition that those links are relevant to the reviewed object.
    3.11. The appropriate formatting is allowed if the Participant considers it necessary to highlight the characteristics of the reviewed object. However, the Participants should refrain from the excessive use of colors other than black except the cases when a short piece of text that requires special attention is highlighted in color.
    3.12. The Participants have a right to edit their answers at any time after the publication. It refers to the case when the Participant discovers any specifics that have not been described in the Review originally. It is understood that the editing shall not distort the original meaning of the answer but add some information and/or correct mistakes. The Contest administration has a right to decline the Participants edits and restore the initial answer in case it deems that the applied edits distort the original meaning significantly.
    3.13. All Reviews in the Contest threads should be grammatically correct. The reviews with a large number of spelling and/or syntax errors shall be excluded from the Contest.
    3.14. It is prohibited to place referral (affiliate) links of any kind in the Reviews.
    3.15. Under the Reviews there are likes of visitors who came to the forum following links on the search engines. Likes of the registered forum users are not counted when distributing the prize pool.
    3.16. Remember this is not a product or service review, but Post/Thread like this should be on ForexPedia Contest.

    See also: Invest in the most successful traders. More details.

    4. Requirements to the Contest messages for "Questions & Answers" and "Overviews" threads
    4.1. The contest topic may be of the following categories:
    - Questions & Answers. The name of the topics in this category should end with a question mark. Other participants can answer this topic.
    - Overviews. The topic name for this category should begin with the word "Overview:", after which it should be written, a review of what exactly will be in the topic, for example: "Overview: Top 5 Banks for a Credit Card''.
    4.2. In the topic category "Questions & Answers" the first post in the topic can not contain an answer to the question. The first post in the topic should contain either a repetition of the question from the title of the topic, or a detailed explanation of the question.
    4.3. In the topic "Overviews", the first post should contain more detailed information about the subject of the survey, for example, why the author made just such a choice of the companies, services or other things.
    4.4. Questions and Overview may be on any products or services.
    4.5. Answers to contest questions should not look like dialogues between the Participants, discussing the same theme. Every post in a contest theme should represent an answer solely to the first topical post but not to another post.
    4.6. Answers should be comprehensive and original, exploring a theme to the fullest.
    4.7. Answers to questions should consist of 1000 words and more, excluding spaces. Answers which contain fewer than 1000 words will not be evaluated in the overall ranking. Besides, likes for such answers will be cancelled. Participants are warned against a deliberate increase in the number of symbols like repeated symbols which attribute nothing to a meaning.
    4.8. Originality of a test should be measured at 50% and more. A text can be checked for originality at
    4.9. Answers to questions should not promote a forex company, with the exception of the forums sponsor.
    4.10. Answers to questions should not promote a company, operating outside the forex market. However, a Participant is permitted to give a detailed analysis of service provider from a company outside Forex.
    4.11. A Participant is free to give exhaustive well-rounded answers with his/her own subheadings and test questions which an author can ask and answer, elaborating his/her answer and foreseeing their relation to an original question.
    4.12. Participants are welcome to use pictures and videos provided they are related to activities on the website.
    4.13. A Participant can place a link to programs but not to the articles containing details, unless they are links to the forex forum.
    4.14. Participants are encouraged to use an adequate formatting, mainly in headings, subheadings, and lists. Participants should not overuse different colors, giving preference to black. However, highlighting a brief extract would be a good idea to draw attention to it.
    4.15. All posts in topical questions should comply with rules of English language. Posts with too many spelling and/or syntactic mistakes are removed from the contest.
    4.16. Remember this is not a product or service review, but Post/Thread like this should be on ForexPedia Contest.

    See also: Explore the infinite possibilities of online trading with a reliable broker. Join now!

    5. Methods of promotion and getting likes.
    5.1. It is prohibited to urge the forum visitors to like the contest posts on the forum, including but not limited to signatures, private and/or public messages.
    5.2. Any manipulations with the statistics of likes shall incur exclusion of such likes from the overall score, exclusion of the post from the overall score or disqualification of the Participant.
    5.3. The Participants are allowed to advertise their reviews on the external websites.

    6. Determination of winners and distribution of the prize pool
    6.1. The Contest will end at 23:59 on July 31, 2020 and the Contest administration will draw the results within 10 days after that. In order to provide an objective estimate of the number of additional likes received after the end of the Contest, the Contest administration reserves the right to extend the time for summing up and announcing the results by 30 days.
    6.2. Under the Reviews there are likes of visitors who came to the forum following links on the search engines. Likes of the registered forum users are not counted when distributing the prize pool.
    6.3. The ontest administration wishes to inform the Participants that likes can accumulate for a long time as the interested audience familiarizes themselves with the topic. Many factors influence the pace at which the Reviews are liked. The Participants should not rely on a fast pace of likes accumulation in the first days after posting the review.
    6.4. The reviews posted over 10 months before the end of any Contest stage are not factored in the overall score irrespective of the number of likes that such reviews received.
    6.5. It is guaranteed that the entire prize pool will be distributed among the Participants. Those Participants who break the Contest Rules are excluded from the distribution of the prize pool, and their share in the prize pool is proportionally redistributed among other participants.
    6.6. The prize funds are credited to the Participants trading accounts attached to the forum profile (see clause 3 of the Money for Posts campaign rules). Those funds are available for withdrawal without restrictions. To withdraw funds, the Participants must have the highest verification level of the attached account.
    6.7. The Contest shall be considered accomplished on the condition that at least 50 contest topics are created. In case the number of topics is less than 50, the Contest shall be extended for a month until the number of topics reaches 50.

    7. Updated Rules : 1st July 2020
    From 1st July 2020 the rules are changed in a way that only qualified posts will be giving any bonus to their authors. Anyone who publish non-qualified, low-quality posts, will get no payment for those. Administrators of the contest will be determining which posts are qualified.

    If you are not capable to write in proper English and follow the rules of grammar and punctuation, please do not participate in the contest.

    The criteria will be as follows:

    7.1. The post should be written in proper English. This means there should be no misspellings, poor grammar or bad sentence structures.
    7.2. There should be no copy-paste from the Internet.
    7.3. Ideally (but not obligatory) there should be pictures and or schemes explaining the answer.
    7.4. There should be at least 1000 words.
    7.5. The post should be useful and meaningful, to the point.
    7.6. If one topic contains several qualified posts as per criteria 1 to 5 above, only the three best ones will be marked as qualified.
    7.7. Any posts marked as qualified will be bringing their authors likes and bonuses for 1 year so the longer participant takes part in the contest, the more posts are accumulated and the more bonuses he or she can get every new month.
    7.8. The list of all qualified posts will be published every week in the spacial topic. If your post is not among those posts, you may deem that it is marked as non-qualified forever and it will never bring you any bonuses.
    7.9. Prize distribution will be weekly Starting from 24 August 2020.


    Contest moderator - Aviz
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