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  1. What Exactly Is an Aged Care Assessment (ACAS)?

    For Commonwealth-funded elder services, an assessment is required (aged 65 and over, and Aboriginal people aged 50 and over). The assessments...
  2. Touch ID: Guide on How to Do Touch ID for New Users

    What are your thoughts on Apple's biometric fingerprint authentication sensor, Touch ID? The basic things you need to know are right here!
  3. Blue Apron: It's Overview | Target Market and Strategy

    What Is Blue Apron, Exactly?

    Blue Apron is a popular meal kit service that sends two to four recipes per week, along with all of the supplies...
  4. US Stock Market Hours and Holidays (2021 - 2024)


    The NASDAQ Stock Market and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) have regular trading hours of 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. During significant United States holidays,...
  5. 5G Eight Currencies | Basic Review of 5G

    What Do the Eight 5G Currencies Mean for Business?

    Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg spoke on the Eight Currencies of 5G at this year's Consumer...
  6. Popular Indicators on Tradingview | For Beginners


    Tradingview is a community of traders, investors, instructors, and market enthusiasts. You may progress as a trader faster by actively engaging in community conversations. There's no better...
  7. Seeking Alpha Pro: Definition | An Overview | FAQs


    What Is Seeking Alpha PRO?

    Seeking Alpha PRO is a service designed specifically for professional and individual investors who manage large portfolios. It intends to help you swiftly sort...

    According to the efficient market theory, the stock market reflects all existing information, processing and assimilating new data rapidly through...
  9. Magic Formula Investing Strategy for Beginners

    Have you ever pondered if combining the strategies of investment experts in the correct combination would result in an unyielding investment...
  10. 5 Dynamic Bullish Candlesticks for Stock Trading

    Learn how to recognize bullish candlestick patterns and what situations are best for price action trading.

    Bullish candlesticks are one of...
  11. Dividend Policy: Definition | Different Types & Factors

    The company's dividend policy is a set of guidelines for dividend distribution prepared by the board of directors. The policy specifies how profits will distribute to shareholders. It also identifies...
  12. How to Buy Bitcoin? | Understanding Bitcoin's Price

    What Exactly Is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that arose following the financial crisis of 2008. It enables consumers to...
  13. Instaforex Re-bates: A Basic Guide for Beginners


    For many people, Forex has long been a source of income. People are becoming more aware that Forex is an international foreign exchange market where currencies trade. The daily trading...
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    Is TikTok a Public Stock?

    A stock, also known as equity, signifies an individual-owned fraction of a corporation, which entitles the individual to their proportional share...
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    Wish App: Legit or a Scam?

    The Wish app is a shopping app for iPhone and Android that allows you to order cheap things online and save lots of money. Most items are shipped directly from China, while many are shipping from the...

    Apple Inc. is one of the United States' top five tech companies. Apple is a leader in breakthrough technologies that drive the global market for consumer goods, software, and other online services,...
  17. Different Chart Patterns All Traders Should Know

    Technical analysis is one of the most effective tools traders have for identifying market movements enables them to indicate support and resistance levels within a probable period. When analyzing...
  18. Oil Contango and Backwardation Futures Trading

    In the financial press, contango and backwardation of the oil price curve discuss frequently. The first thing to grasp is that crude oil futures,...
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    Short Note on Buyback of Shares


    What is a buyback shares?

    A buyback of shares refers to a buyback of companies of previously issued shares. It is a type of corporate action in which a company makes a public notice...
  20. 100-Day Moving Average: How to Buy Stocks Using a Moving Average?

    A simple technical analysis strategy, the moving average (MA), creates an average price that is regularly updated to smooth out price data. The...
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