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  1. High Inflation: Is It a Good Time to Invest in the US?

    The US stock market is the largest in the world, but there are many companies from other countries that are also good investment opportunities. Some, such as the Dutch Booking, the Japanese Pioneer...
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    Investment 2022: What to Buy

    Forecasting is not an easy task. But last year the BCS Express team coped with it successfully: the Strategy-2021 was largely justified. Now experts have compiled a detailed guide for 2022: which...
  3. Bitcoin: Learn all about cryptocurrency and how to invest safely

    Unregulated currency that works freely over the internet, does not operate in any country's economy, does not have a Central Bank or a Mint to issue it, and there is no minister of the Economy that...



    The concept of currency and exchange is an old one, and one emerged at the expense of the other, in need of revolutionizing the means of barter. Virtual currency came to innovate...
  5. Safe and Profitable Investments for 2022: Evaluate Your Options Before Investing

    What do trader plan to do with that extra money that trader have available? We know that hiding it under the mattress is not the best option. Invest through profitable financial vehicles such as...
  6. Stop Loss and Stop Gain: what it is and how to use it

    Stop Loss and Stop Gain are essential tools for those who want to invest in the Stock Exchange without giving up 100% security. In this article, trader will understand how to use these techniques to...
  7. Commodity investment: main technical indicators

    Forex is by far the largest market in the world with extremely high levels of liquidity. For this reason, he is sought after by traders around the world, who carry out their operations 24 hours a...
  8. Litecoin Price Predictions: How It could go in 2021 and Beyond

    Litecoin cryptocurrency was up by more than 140% in 2020. In 2021, LTC showed very fast growth till May; however, due to some external factors, the situation significantly changed. The Litecoin price...
  9. Inverse Head And Shoulders Definition

    A head and shoulders pattern is comprised of three component parts:


    1. After long bullish trends, the price rises to a peak and subsequently declines to form a trough.
    2. The price...
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    Best Online Trading Course

    Trading plan


    Each trader must make up an own trading plan that will help them out-do the market. Many books say that technical analysis is the same for trading stocks, commodities, or...
  11. What you need to know about the Schedule of Trading Sessions and Hours of World's Top Stock Exchanges



    You can only buy shares while the exchange is open. It is on the stock exchanges that the shares are circulated, and you can buy them only when the trades are open. Almost...
  12. Long-Term Bonds And Their Role In Investment Portfolio: Should You Do Long-Term Investments Or Short-Term?



    The selection of financial instruments for your investment portfolio is a fundamental part of planning your financial future. So where do you start? Actions? money? Bonuses?...
  13. Maximizing Your Profits on NYSE and NASDAQ: 20 Tips For Successful Trading



    The NYSE is the largest stock market player in the world, far ahead of its closest competitors ( Nasdaq , London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange). This is where all the ups...
  14. What are the Best Forex Signals and Strategies in 2021?



    The growing popularity of forex signals is quite justified, since they can be used to conclude transactions in the foreign exchange market without the need for a detailed...
  15. Want To Earn Through Forex Trading? Learn How Forex Trading Can Quickly Increase The Trader's Income


    The Forex market has been around for many years. In this article, we will get to know it in detail: we will learn about its history, operating principles, existing indicators and...
  16. Forex: What You need to Know Before Investing in Currencies l USD/EUR



    The currency in the United States is the American dollar (symbol: USD or $, code 840), it is one of the main reserve currencies in the world. One dollar equals 100 cents,...
  17. Cryptocurrency mining: Scams with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies - Consequences and prevention



    The era of cryptocurrencies began in 2009 when Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency, was launched. Since then, new cryptocurrencies have emerged, including some...
  18. Moving Averages: Simple, Exponential And Weighted Moving Averages


    If you are interested in knowing the answer to What is a moving average? or about the simple, exponential and weighted moving averages: formulas and examples , this is the guide article for...
  19. Investing In Stocks: The Companies With The Most Profitable Shares In 2021



    The exchange is the place where the buyer and the seller meet. Unlike the grocery market, financial assets and real goods, such as oil, are sold on exchanges. Contracts are...
  20. Making Forex Trading Easy To Learn: Expert Advices For Permanent, Long Term Profits



    Many people dream of making a good living without sitting in the office 5 days a week. To do this, you can master Forex trading. Everyone is able to trade, regardless of the...
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