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  1. Sticky: New Forum domain from November 25, 2021

    Dear forum users!

    On November 25, 2021, we will move to a new domain.

    Please be informed, that due to technical, the forum may be unstable from 00.00 to 7.00 (UTC + 00) November 25.

  2. Appeal against rejected posts from users - "Bonus for quality" program

    Dear users!

    If you think that the post was wrongly rejected, you can appeal editor's refusal.

    In order to appeal your post, please indicate link for the post and describe in few words why you...
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    Sticky: Rules program "Bonus for quality"

    Dear users!

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with the set of rules of our forum for the placement of original posts to participate in the program "Bonus for quality".

    Rules valid for all...
  4. Sticky: Introduction What are Insta Futures...


    What are Insta Futures (hereinafter referred to as IFs)? IFs enable traders to make deals with each other shaping the price of an underlying asset. The price could vary from zero in...
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    Sticky: Insta Futures trading discussion

    Dear forum users,

    You can discuss Insta Futures trading in this topic.

    A detailed description of Insta Futures is here.

    Good luck!
  6. Sticky: Regarding analysis posts with charts made on mobile

    Dear forum users,

    Those posting analysis with charts made on mobile, will have lesser bonuses.

    Authors should respect their readers and provide qualified content rather than half-baked posts...
  7. Sticky: New rules for withdrawing profits from forum bonuses

    Dear forum users,

    Starting December 14, profit from all forum weekly bonuses will be subject to withdrawal only when certain conditions are met.

    The new rules do not apply to bonuses received...
  8. Posting bonus concerns into posts with analysis

    Dear forum users,

    Forum administration asks to stop posting bonus concerns into posts with analysis, separate topics should be used for that, unless the user wants to share his credited amount.
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    Bonuses for low-quality posts

    Dear forum users,

    Please note that all authors will receive 1$ or less by posting illiterate posts with broken English or typos.

    Only quality content will bring authors significant bonuses.
  10. Thread: test

    by MT5 Administrator


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    Sticky: New algorithm of bonus program

    Dear forum users,

    The editorial team of the forum has significantly reviewed the algorithm of bonus program, aligning it to the three main principles:

    1. Quality of English (QoE). If you do not...
  12. Important rules of making a good post in Journals section

    Dear forum users,

    Please read important rules of making a good post in Trading Journals section.

    1. Write only when you have something useful to write. Nobody is interested in your opinion...
  13. Sticky: Recommendations on how to write popular and useful posts as part of Contest of the Best Answers

    Dear friends!

    As you all know, starting from January 1 authors of posts receive 50% of bonus for likes from users who come to the forum through search engines.

    What does it mean?

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    Sticky: Hello! Please specify your question in details?

    Hello! Please specify your question in details?
  15. Sticky: Information for clients of

    Dear users!

    Please note that contests and bonuses are not available to clients of which is a European regulated entity.
  16. Sticky: Re: Any problem with Bonuses for post, post here!

    Sorry, it was a mistake. Now we don't have a technical opportunity to withdraw all your bonuses without trading.
    We are working with this system.
    You should withdraw profit only.
  17. Sticky: Re: Any problem with Bonuses for post, post here!

    Our tech team said that will checking during this week.
    Please wait. I can't help you anymore. Just wait.
  18. Sticky: Re: Any problem with Bonuses for post, post here!

    Don't worry, we are checking. Please wait.
  19. Sticky: Re: Any problem with Bonuses for post, post here!

    Dear clients, your balances were corrected - second ticket for week 44 (from 09/11) was that correction.
    We're sorry for tech problems. Bonuses for week 45 were credited correctly.
  20. Sticky: Re: Any problem with Bonuses for post, post here!

    Interlock, i asked IT, you should get your bonuses during 1 day.
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