What are the differences between MT4 android and MT5 android?


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    What are the differences between MT4 android and MT5 android?
    Today we have MT4 mobile and MT5 mobile, can you list the differences between the two?

    Thank you.
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    Mobile trading is something that offers comfort to the trader and greater accessibility from the broker’s side. This app is very helpful for watching/monitoring trades and also for executing the trades. There are different apps when it comes to mobile trading but the most popular one and that is widely used in the forex trading world is the MT4 android and MT4 iOS. However, the company that made MT4 rolled out a new platform that already hit the app stores both in Google Play and Apple Store and that app is the MT5 mobile for both android and iOS. So, what are the differences between the two?

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    The UI (User Interface)
    On the outset, both apps looked exactly the same with some very minor differences where the icon of the app appeared on MT4 version and is gone on MT5. And also, there is a time frame option right at the top of the app on MT4 where in MT5 you will find this time frame option when you tap the chart.

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    Multiple chart
    On the MT4 android app for smartphone there is only one chart that you can use on your phone and this is the biggest limitation of this app. However, the maker of MT4 make sure to overcome this by adding a feature where you can have up to 2 charts on your phone. This is very useful and makes it much more convenient to trade directly from the phone instead of using a laptop (only for those who do not use complex indicators or script or EA). It makes it much more possible to make money from trading directly from the phone alone.

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    Landscape mode
    The good thing about trading using a smartphone is that you can use the landscape mode which will make the chart extend more to take in more historical data. the difference on the landscape mode is while using this mode on MT4 you can’t change the pair that you want to monitor. in MT5 though, you can change pairs without a problem. the icon of the time frame (clock icon) will change into the icon of the currency pair ($ arrows icon).

    More pending order choices
    Pending order is a very convenient way to trade and especially for those who trade using price action and those who trade with a big time frame. The difference in this department is that the MT5 app have 2 more choices for pending order and they are the buy stop limit order and sell stop limit order. These two types of pending order will place a new limit order for you after the price reaches a certain level. This type of order is useful for those who expect a retracement after the price moves to a certain level.

    Those are the major differences between MT4 android and MT5 android on a smartphone.
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      MT4 Android Vs MT5 Android

      MetaTrader 4 Android OS:
      The MetaTrader 4 Android OS App has an integrated mobile-powered Android trading platform. The software lets you select between hundreds of brokers and thousands of servers. It includes everything you need to successfully trad Forex: a comprehensive collection of orders, company history, interactive charts, technical analysis, and a large variety of mobile devices available.Traders with the Android MetaTrader 4 have good Forex trading capabilities worldwide. Both the analytics and commercial choices are now available on your Android smartphone!

      MetaTrader 5 for Android:
      MetaTrader 5 for Android mobile trading gives easy access from your smartphone or tablet to Forex and currency markets. Wherever you are you can connect to the server of your broker, review currency quotes, stocks and other exchange instruments and carry out business operations. All of these features are free 24 hours a day!

      Meta Trader 4 Features:
      1. Complete trading account regulation
      2. Trading from around the clock
      3. Both instructions and forms of execution
      4. Trading past
      5. Charts with digital icons
      6. Three styles of charts: windows, Japanese and split candlesticks.
      7. 9 schedules: 1 minute to 1 month
      8. 30 critical metrics of the most common
      9. 24 objects of study
      10. Financial Sector News
      11. free e-mail and smartphone chat

      Meta Trader 5 Features:
      1. Trading forex, inventories and futures worldwide
      2. Netting and hedging are two accounting schemes
      3. Strong exchange mechanism and all sorts of trading activities
      4. Comprehensive order kit, including pending and stop orders
      5. 3 forms of map and 9 timeframes
      6. Integrated methods for technological analyses: 30 metrics and 24 artefacts.
      7. Role of integrated chat
      8. Economic news, warnings and press releases
      9. Enlarged tablet edition


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