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    ThankYou Trading Journal
    Friends, today I have got to this forum for the early time and I have no experience of using on this forum. I will work on it only after observing others’ posts, believe I will make wonderful work. If I do a misreading, I will appeal to the Moderator to encourage me. Along with this, I will also appeal to the Senior member to help me and tell me about working in a trading journal. A friend of mine is working on the mt5 forum before, I have learned a lot from him, if still, I have made any mistake then please tell me about my mistake.

    Trading Plan:

    USDX is moving up again after touching the support level 94.70, which is in the fresh demand zone and right on the 50 periods simple moving average curve on the H4 time frame. I see the psychological price level of 94.90 as an important price level before, where the price moved around this price level for a long time before finally falling. Most likely the price will return to it and later there I think there will also be a strong price reaction, especially since there is already a fresh supply zone there.
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    A sell option is still an attractive option in my opinion, where USDX has the potential to go down in the future with its long-term target at 1.3454. Overall, the USD has the potential to strengthen again where the results of the NFP are predicted to determine the Fed’s steps to tapering shortly.
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    • Good morning all partners in InvestSocial everyone. How are you? I believe you are healthy always and hopefully, our profits will again build-up and the flexibility of our account will be even stronger?

    Today's Fundamentals:
    • There are many high-impact and medium impact news waiting. There look to be strong hopes of market players that the BOE will perhaps be the first central bank to carry out adjustments to influence costs by the outcome of this year.

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Name:	IMG_20211129_142937.jpg
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    • The intention was caused because expansion in the UK was published to have come to the greatest degree in the last decade. The issue of data in the finished two weeks regarding long-than-normal average wage and consumer price ratio as well as an increasing unemployment rate reinforces these views.

    • For this weekend I look at a pretty interesting time in EURJPY. If you glance at it within the H1 frame, it shows like the EURJPY is in strong control, but the cost position is now in the resistance zone. Will the next price movement breakout resistance or vice versa, there will be a repudiation and move back down? When seen from the resistance position, it turns out that the protection is very high because in a record the resistance. If you have such conditions, you can be certain that today’s EURJPY will go up as well. However, the development in EURJPY, if seen daily, will be cut off by the movement path.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20211129_142947.jpg
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    • This level is expected to be the means to the control of the next group. If it deals with fighting through this resistance level, then EURJPY has the chance to return to the strong trend, which shows the flip area between the prices of 127.84 to 127.901. On the other hand, if it moves below the support level of SMA5, then there is a chance for the price to remain the downward trend, which shows to the nearest demand sector.


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      Good evening all colleagues of, How are you and your trading results so significant?

      • Today’s Fundamentals:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20211130_172748.jpg
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ID:	17498860

      We can look at many high-impact and medium-impact News Now. Upbeat market position, mainly prompted by China news. Real estate developer Group in China said it would make coupon payments on the bond’s interest maturing at this point. Additionally, the Economic Projection Summary update will see 2024 added to it. Additionally, at 18:30 GMT, Fed Chair Jerome Powell will have a press conference to announce the financial policy announcement, adopted by a question-and-answer session.


      NZDUSD currency pair last week has been moving bearish and until now the cost has dropped the support level at 0.69280. The loss is even not easy to separate below the support level and is even on dominance and this of course still provides a dimmer to market participants whether NZDUSD will even have the chance to be ugly again or there will be a switch against this NZDUSD. currency pair last week has been moving bearish and until now the cost has fallen the support level at 0.69280. The loss is even not easy to break out below the protection level and is yet on dominance and this of course still provides a dimmer to market participants whether NZDUSD will even have the chance to be rude again or there will be a switch against this NZDUSD.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20211130_172735.jpg
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ID:	17498861

      Therefore, it is true that if there is no time from either resistance or support; it is clear that the development of NZDUSD will still be concentrated. That’s why we should expect first until we get a green light from the market, if once on in the H4 timeframe, the price can break out again above the 50 MA and 200 MA, there is an opportunity of a switch against NZDUSD.


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        Good evening all colleagues of, How are you and your trading results so significant?

        Today I have started my work again, I hope I will be successful this time. If I make any mistake, then you should definitely advise me. This way I will know what mistake I am doing and which mistake I should not make.


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          Good evening, all colleagues, for this forum.
          • Request to Respected Aviz:

          I have done 10 posts, but till now my post is not visible. I have sent the request and hope that in a while my post will show. I have to send a private message to the most respected sir Aviz. In my opinion, Sir Aviz is doing the best job on this great forum. I pray that sir Aviz lives a long life.

          • Active positions:

          I only trade in Gold and don’t trade in any other pair. Along with me, my other friends are also working on this forum. For a long time, I started working on this forum but left because I was busy with my housework. I have placed huge trade in gold at the moment, and it is causing me a loss. Right now I have a loss of $40.

          • Forex Factory:

          There was not much news in the forex factory today, so there was not much movement in the market. Tomorrow is Friday, and there is a lot of movement in the market on Friday. We try to ignore trading on Friday.

          • Recent trading results:

          I have made a profit in all the trades I have done so far. Almost I have also made a profit of $39. I did all these trades in gold, and I love trading in gold. Often whenever I trade in gold, I get a good profit. I will also tell you that if you have any issues in Gold Trading, you should contact me because I have very good experience in gold trading.



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              Good morning all forum pals. I don’t understand why my post is getting rejected. I try in every manner to write a publish in the proper way and there need to no longer be any grammar mistake in it, however, nonetheless, all my posts have become rejected. I would really like to invite all of your pals that kindly check all my posts and inform me what they do with my mistake? Next time I will try and ignore all my posting mistakes and publish flawlessly.

              Running positions:

              A gift, my three trades are engaged in jogging and all three trades are causing me loss presently. Right now, I’m dropping more than $30. I understand this loss isn't always plenty but in a while, my account can be recovered soon.

              Closed positions:

              Yesterday I closed a few changes because I felt the market trend is changing. It happened precisely the manner I think and modified my change inside the market. If I didn’t close my trade I could have lost even more. That is why it is stated that each time we need to have traded, we have to open our change only after doing proper money management.

              GBPUSD Outlook:

              At the outset of this week, I didn’t see a gap that turned into too large, honestly, and it nevertheless seems pretty regular. In the H-1 time frame itself, I still feel that this pair sincerely has a chance to move returned up once more, even though final Friday tried to make a decline or even a totally robust resistance has started to form above, however searching at the modern-day state of affairs that is certainly anything can manifest and if, for example, GBPUSD can without problems penetrate the white one hundred fifty moving averages place, then the possibility to move back down is of route very large, but then again if, as an example, it fails then we can take advantage of this white vicinity as a really perfect area yes to place a Stop loss, particularly for people who really want to strive to buy this GBPUSD.

              So far, I haven’t observed any strong symptoms that the US dollar will strengthen within the close to future, however sure, something known as forex trading can occur, and we've so as to do that with extra caution and also selectively. At the least. Moreover, for those who run this forex trading in one of the pairs with quite massive movements like GBPUSD, sure, where adjustments can certainly occur in no time, if we aren't careful, it could be severe.


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                Good morning, it's just before noon. How did last week's trade go for you? The weather is still sunny and pleasant today, and we must have a positive attitude in our activities. The sky is currently cloudy, and the temperature is rather chilly.

                Positions that are closed:

                You are aware that I received a margin call the last time, as a result of which my account is currently zero. I'm no longer able to trade. Last time, I put my silver trade on the downside, but the market tanked, and I lost a lot of money and received a margin call as a result.

                Active Positions:

                There are currently no open transactions.

                Silver trend:

                Silver is currently in an upswing, and there were no evidence of this last Friday. The downturn, in my opinion, is still valid. I'm voting sell for next week because there's a chance the price will move up first to search for a correction, which we can then use to enter a sell position. The price range from 25.100 to 25.555 is the aim for the upward correction, therefore if someone wants to sell, they should wait until the price hits that zone. It's around the red line or in the 25.770 price area for a thin stop loss.

                Crude Oil Prospects:

                Crude Oil appears to be going higher towards the 115.00 zone, although the weakness appears to be rather deep, as the pair is down roughly 210 pips from the market's opening position of 115.00. After advancing higher, buyer pressure began to return on Friday, and Crude Oil rebounded to the 115.40 level. This surge, in my opinion, is also a trap, because Crude Oil previously appeared to want to continue its slide, but the price appears to have reversed back through the previous swing.

                Friday's movement started horizontally, but there was a decrease at the close of the American session, which lasted until Thursday, when the market continued to move lower into the 114.40 zone, which I just measured at 350 pips, presumably a broad enough range for movement for two days. Furthermore, the market appears to be sideways for Friday, as it was merely up and down yesterday.


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                  Hello and welcome to my trading diary. Because of geopolitical factors, the forex market is rife with uncertainty. I got a good profit in a few trading positions yesterday. In my last post, I had already changed it. This week’s market has been open in a gap, and we can see USD has reached a monthly high near 99.50, crossing the 100-day SMA trend line, showing that buyers’ pressure will push the price higher to around 98.29. The USD will rebound to the correction level of 98.90 before dropping below the midline of 97.70. The price USD was hovering at 98.78, a multi-year high, and additional upside divergence might approach the 99.10 zones. When the ascending trend line is broken and the resistance is breached, the door is open for 99.50 at the conclusion of the week. The primary infection between Russia and Ukraine will raise the price, as well as the number of people infected.

                  Closed Positions:

                  I had to buy trades open on Silver the previous week, and the tremendous price action moves targeted resistance above 25.551, closing all positions with a profit, and we still have the option to buy this pair for the long-term 24.113. If the USD strengthens further and upside development leads to a corrective level of 1.1080, keep the position open by crossing the 38.8% Fibonacci retirement level of 1.2834. On the downside, sellers’ pressure is building up as they wait for the 50-day SMA to break even with the daily pivot point. If that happens, more declines might start in the overnight session at 1.2669 and continue through the immediate support descending channel pattern at 1.1100.

                  Active Positions:

                  No active trade.

                  Today's News Events:

                  I uncovered some critical high-affected news on today’s news calendar that I’d like to share with you. Today, AUD news will be revealed, allowing news traders to trade and profit in Australian dollar pairs. In addition, it will issue certain CAD and USD news in the evening during the US trading session.

                  Silver Trend:

                  The Silver is hovering at 25.399, and we can see that the big dips will again reject the 25.990 level before rebounding to the upside at 25.955. I choose to open purchase trades in the current legislation zone and wait for the market’s reaction to the unemployment rate. If the dollar index continues to rise, bulls will only be able to cover the 25.110 zones if the index rises above 99.90. On the downside, However, I am holding the Silver trade because when the war between these two countries began, Silver dropped the first day, but now it is rising, showing that this is a phoney movement, and Silver will drop. I am expecting Bitcoin to reach 25.990, with 25.550 as the next target.


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                    Good morning,
                    Today I am updating my trading journal for the first time. If I make any mistake in the trading journal, then kindly you can tell me what mistake I am doing? Today I have opened a trade-in bitcoin market and I am getting little profit straight.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220514_063222.jpg
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ID:	17966938Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220514_063232.jpg
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ID:	17966939

                    Active trade:
                    I have opened a demo account and also opened a trade in this demo account which is engaged in my bitcoin. This trade lot size is 0.10. I have placed this trade-in buy direction 29607 and I am also making a little profit at the moment. Right now, I am making a profit of $0.24 in this trade. I have neither put take-profit nor stop-loss on this trade. I am sure that I will get a good profit in this trade, so I did not even open this trade-in buy direction. Bitcoin could try to test the 23000 area, or it could try to test the 27000 level by the next week. I have placed this trade at the right time, so I am very happy to be profitable in this trade.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220514_063124.jpg
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Size:	38.2 KB
ID:	17966940

                    Close positions:
                    This morning I had placed a sell trade in bitcoin and I was afraid of loss in the trade so I closed that trade early. I suffered a loss of $0.56 in this trade. If I didn’t close this trade, I could have made a huge loss. I hope to make a good profit in today’s trading. I’ll say again if I’m making a mistake, then guide me. If you want to ask me anything regarding trading, then you can ask me. I pray that you also get good profit with me.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220514_063107.jpg
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ID:	17966941


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                      Hello everyone. It is crucial that we're ready to enjoy another day of trading activity. Each week presents traders with an opportunity to earn money and to achieve consistently successful results. So we must be encouraged to try the best we can as we are given the chance to earn real cash with the bonuses provided through the forums.

                      open trades

                      Today, I'm trading on Crude oil. It's an open market and is expected to hold for the long run. Yesterday, this pair reached the 109.10, which was close to 107. Then it retreated from there and began holding lower than 106.50. Now, I believe the pair is going to move towards the resistance level of 117.60. I'm holding the sell trade and am sure that it will go up. The Crude oil market is quite unpredictable. It has been one of my most favorite pairs, but for a period of two months or so I've not sold this pair due to these sudden changes.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	running.png
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ID:	17968949

                      close trades

                      Yesterday I had one trade. both involved Oil and Both oil trades were able to hit my stop loss. yesterday I had mentioned in my weekly updates that I'm not certain of my oil trade. However, I was extremely certain about oil, even when it hit my goal later , but before hitting my stop loss. I was in the middle of a trade on oil at 107.72 and the stop loss being 106.72 and my target of only 100 pips. The trade initially was directed toward my stop loss later touched the mark. I lost almost 12 dollars. I believed that the pair would fall in the near term, and I'd take it back up. However, I was mistaken. That's why I'm not going to be trading with this pair. This is a highly volatile pair. When it has started with a bullish trend, it will be all in a bullish direction without any corrections to the downside. We can all see the fact that this pair has begun this trend over the past few months and is currently going up , without any corrections on the downside.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	close.png
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ID:	17968950



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                        Greetings and good morning. These days I am not getting time to update my trading journal but still, I try to take time and update my trading journal. I was posting in 2 other sections, but in both these sections I was not able to get a bonus, so I decided not to post in these sections. The movement of the US Dollar is going down every time and I think US Dollar has to come more down zone. The US dollar trend is going down and thus the US dollar is hooding at the 104.18 level.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	war.png
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Size:	523.8 KB
ID:	17969049

                        Currently, war is going on all over the world, especially between Russia and Ukraine. Because of this time, the market of the whole world is unstable sometimes the market goes up, and sometimes the market goes down.

                        Running trades in Crude Oil:

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	running.png
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Size:	15.7 KB
ID:	17969050
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	cl chart.png
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Size:	12.2 KB
ID:	17969051

                        At present, my two trades are running in crude oil and I am getting a good profit in both these trades. But I will not close these two trades at all and will wait for a good time. When the good time comes, I will close my trades to a good profit. Right now, I am getting a loss of $20 in my crude oil trade.

                        Close trade:

                        I Couldn’t close any of my trades today, so I won’t be able to share the photo of the closed trade.

                        Forex factory news:

                        There is great news in Forex Factory today. If traders trade with a positive mind today, then there is a lot of profit for them in the market. We have to follow the market, especially USD and EUR. Along with this, today GBP can also prove to be very important. Their detail is listed below.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	economic.png
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Size:	65.3 KB
ID:	17969052

                        Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
                        FOMC Member Bullard Speaks
                        Core Retail Sales m/m
                        Fed Chair Powell Speaks
                        FOMC Member Mester Speaks


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                            Yesterday, we saw a lot of volatility in the market. Most of the currency pairs moved unexpectedly. Yesterday, I updated you about a few trading positions in my trading journal. However, the trades are in floating loss. Yesterday, I was getting more than $10 in profit. But I didn’t close at that time and waited for more profit. However, all the currency pairs went against the existing trades.

                            Running trades

                            Currently, I’ve two active sell trades in the Bitcoin. Both sell trades are in floating loss. I opened the first sell position at 29350.78 and the second sell position at 29350.78 level. If the price moves up, I’ll get another loss. I didn’t close the sell positions when it was showing some profit.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	active.jpg
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Size:	35.7 KB
ID:	17973032

                            Close trade

                            Last week, we saw a lot of volatility in the forex market. Last week, I opened one buy trade in the Crude oil. The volume is around 0.04 for this trade. I didn’t set any stop losses in the sell trade. However, the profit target is at the 107.90 level for a buy trade. But this trade is auto-closed. I think The Crude oil may retest the 99.01 level but it is close to a loss.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Closee.jpg
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Size:	25.6 KB
ID:	17973033

                            Trading Plan

                            Yesterday, we saw downward movement in the EURUSD currency pair. Additionally, the US Dollar was dominating the forex market. Yesterday, I opened a sell position in the Crude oil. The open price level for the sell position was 110.06. I updated you about this particular trading position in my previous post. After opening the sell position, it moved as expected. But it didn’t continue its downward movement. Later, the price reversed from an oversold level.


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                              Good morning, my fellow forum members and my friends. It's time for an update to the trading journal. I'm currently doing it.

                              The running trade

                              Today, I trade in bitcoin, and as of now I am suffering a tiny loss. I'm not worried about my losses because I'm sure I will make some profit from this trade. I created this trade-in demo account since I do not have a bonus as of yet. The specifics of the trade are as the following.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	runningg.jpg
Views:	72
Size:	17.4 KB
ID:	17973294

                              Bitcoin Trade detail

                              Entry Point Entry Point: 29391

                              Take Profit: Not set

                              Stop Loss: No yet set.

                              Volume: 0.07

                              War updates with Russia with Ukraine:

                              President Obama signed the agreement of humanitarian and military aid during his visit to Seoul. The pledge of support for Ukraine was announced at a time when neither side is making any more than incremental gains, and the conflict is scheduled to enter in its fourth month. Biden, the president of the United States, Biden on Saturday signed a new $45 billion package of humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine while the Ukrainians prepares for a prolonged conflict in its eastern regions. He also said that it will not cease fights until Russian forces are removed.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	warr.jpg
Views:	25
Size:	56.5 KB
ID:	17973295

                              On Saturday the president Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine acknowledged that the final outcome of the conflict will need a diplomatic resolution but he also raised concerns about what this would mean.

                              Closed transaction of Bitcoin:

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	close.jpg
Views:	25
Size:	19.1 KB
ID:	17973296
                              Today, I concluded trades in bitcoin. I placed this trade into purchase and was concerned that the market was not fully understood, so I ended the trade. Overall, I lost $0.49 on this trade, which isn't a lot. I believe that it was just not the best moment to trade, and so I ended the trade and entered a new trade. It's very simple to recuperate from small losses.

                              The outlook of Bitcoin

                              I believe that this pair is able to go higher and be able to test the next resistance level. Even on the weekly timeframe, it looks like the bullish engulfing pattern is forming, so I believe that next week we should think about buying by increasing the price target towards the closest resistance level.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	bitcoin.jpg
Views:	25
Size:	53.9 KB
ID:	17973297


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