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    Natural working Trading Journal
    Good night friends of the Mt5 Forum and also the admins and moderators members. How are you and also the results of your trade this week? I hope he will always be given health and have also carried out the process of withdrawing funds so that activities inside and outside the forum can run smoothly, thank you very much for those who still take the time to share the trading plane in my journal.

    This time I will try to share a little trading plan for Wednesday morning, namely in the GBP/USD currency pair, so far the price has continued to weaken, one of the factors causing the negative trend experienced by GBP/USD is the trend of the USD Index which continues to move up if we using correlation.


    Meanwhile, from a technical point of view on the H4 chart above, the price is still having trouble breaking the trend line that I added, after reaching that area the GBP/USD price fell again and even more likely to have a chance to test the lower limit or the lowest price last week, which was around 1.3353.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1841455175.png
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ID:	17612783

    So the opportunity to move down is still open if the trend line is not broken, but if the price is able to move above the trend line, I think there is a chance the price will move up towards the 200 period moving average area, for today’s trading plan there are at least two choices that we can make later.

    Buy: If the price is able to move and break through the trend line resistance, then we can open a trade with a buy option, with a risk limit of 300 points for the key profit to reach the moving average area.

    Sell: If the candle closes is able to penetrate the lower limit or the lowest price on H4, then we can open a transaction with a sell option. The risk limit for losses is 300 points.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	1285514921.png
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Size:	25.8 KB
ID:	17612784

    Last night, the pair fell sharply. For the second day in a row, during the Asian session, the EUR/USD fell actively while testing lower levels. The pair is still unable to make a correction. If the pair breaks through the support level of 1.1330, the next target located at the support of 1.1270 may be tested. On the daily chart, support has been reached and a rebound from this level is likely. The pair should form a bullish pin candle for an uptrend. Only then can we count on the correction. It is expected and required, as a deep recession has occurred. The best-case scenario is to go back to 1.1440 and continue down the downtrend from there. I don’t doubt the correction, but the question is: Will a new low be retested? Wednesday is the day when reversals often begin, depending on the year. It is unlikely that a new low will be reached soon.
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    Good morning all traders friends, it doesn’t really feel like today is the fourth price for trading this week, hopefully all traders are in good health and can continue to run their trades smoothly, so the profit opportunities obtained are also increasing large, for yesterday’s position opening on the market apparently didn’t work out well, because the UJ candle which was predicted to continue to move up, but instead reversed direction and decreased very deeply, fortunately yesterday it was monitored and finally closed with a cut loss, so the losses suffered are not getting bigger, this morning let’s try to look for other opportunities, this time we can observe the price movements of the EURJPY pair.


    Price developments on the EUR/JPY chart using the daily time frame, it can be seen quite clearly that after the EJ price moved in an upward trend direction last month, it can be seen that starting in the last few weeks the trend direction of the EUR/JPY price began to move in a downward direction, as seen in the form of the candle pattern on Wednesday, which in the end closed down with a long body candle, so the opportunity for the EUR/JPY price to continue to decline is still quite open, but we should also monitor the instructions given by the indicator, the red line RSI is being moving downwards and approaching the limit of the oversold area, it appears that the histogram bar of the mad indicator is also still forming below the zero level with an increasingly longer size direction of the mad signal line also seems to be pointing downwards, for the exponential moving average indicator itself shows that the green 8 EMA line has crossed the 21 EMA line and also crossed the blue line which is the 150 EMA line.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	periode_ema_ej_d1__1637184704_73205.jpg
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ID:	17495317


    This week EUR / USD continues its downward movement.
    Wednesday passed without strong movements. The pair was trading between the levels of 1.1290-1.1325. In case of a breakdown of the resistance at 1.1325, we can assume that the price will rise to the levels of 1.1360 and 1.1385. From these levels, the pair may rebound and begin to fall. Also, the support level can serve as 1.1290, from which the price can bounce back and go up. If this level is broken, it will mean the possibility of EUR / USD for a further fall. It is worth paying attention to the number of initial applications for US unemployment benefits, which may affect the EUR / USD quotes.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	periode_ema_ej_d1__1637184704_73206.jpg
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ID:	17495320


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      Hi everyone, good morning and welcome back to Natural trading journal. It doesn’t feel like we are getting closer to the turn of the year.. And it looks like I will be taking a break from the forum starting from Sunday 26 December 2021..

      I’m not on vacation, I just want to take a short break from the forum.. It’s possible that I’ll just start returning to the forum around January 03, 2021.. After all, the market will definitely be very quiet, so it can’t be analyzed properly.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2021-12-23-16-16-10-37.jpg
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Size:	303.2 KB
ID:	17509922

      Ok continue.. In this post, I will again discuss the GBPUSD currency pair from yesterday’s analysis review and I will update the analysis again for today’s trading.

      In a previous post I said that the GBPUSD currency pair seems more likely to move bullish on the grounds of the Stochastic Oscillator indicator, the price which again failed to breakout support at 1.3200, and the condition of the candle that day with a bullish engulfing pattern., the GBPUSD currency pair is really bullish.. And it has even passed my closest Take Profit.. The daily high on Wednesday’s trading reached 1.3362, which is only 13 pips away from my second take profit.

      Analysis of GBP USD

      Okay, I’ll start discussing the analysis section.. Simply based on the reaction and the shape of yesterday’s candle, I assume the GBPUSD currency pair is likely to be bullish again.. Another reason is because the Stochastic Oscillator indicator has crossed which indicates the possibility of further bullish movement until it reaches the Over Bought area..

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2021-12-23-16-16-03-92.jpg
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Size:	294.5 KB
ID:	17509924

      However, if I look at my technique, which actually functions to counter emerging trends, then the GBPUSD currency pair has the potential to move bearish. Because currently the GBPUSD currency pair is trading above today’s pivot point, which is at the price level 1.3316.. I personally will also start selling entries at the resistance levels of the pivot point.. For clarity, I attach the results of my pivot point calculation.


      Well, based on candle analysis and indicators, currently the GBPUSD pair is showing its presence further bullish potential.. If I check the usual resistance which is close to the pivot resistance, then I suspect the GBPUSD currency pair will pursue the take profit target at the price level of 1.3438..

      That’s my analysis and also a new entry that I will start knitting again.. Hopefully this journal can help a little to answer how I trade now.. That’s all for this journal.. Thank you for your input and visits, friends.. Good morning and have a good start to the day.


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        Good night invest social forum friends. How are you all friend? Are you all right? I’m sure all of you are still good and will also get better. Thank you for visiting my friends in my journal and I certainly feel very happy about what you have conveyed here through the comments column. I pray that all of you will have good luck and always be healthy, amen. Here I am very happy because my recovery is almost complete and now I still have to pay $4 dollars. Hopefully, today the results can be even more so that I can withdraw. Below is the result of my work since last Monday and I hope it will be successful in the future and I am sure of it.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	788055687.png
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Size:	384.7 KB
ID:	17510298

        Thank God it’s Friday, which is the last day of this week. The market is. Open. Hopefully, today we can all make big and consistent profits. As usual, every day I always do daily analysis and coincidentally yesterday I did an analysis of the GBPUSD market and coincidentally my analysis was right in accordance with market movements, and without having to have a long conversation, let’s just do a GBPUSD market analysis, and please see my uploaded image below.

        Technical analysis of D1

        It seems that from the daily timeframe; it seems that the bullish signal for GBPUSD is very strong, because on the daily timeframe, the signal looks like a fresh bull signal. So for transactions I actually prefer to buy now actually because the signal on the h4 timeframe still gives a sell signal, but if there is a change in the buy signal later this afternoon, I will just enter a buy directly without having to use a pending buy limit order.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	1046514507.png
Views:	1
Size:	322.8 KB
ID:	17510299

        That’s my analysis of the GBPUSD market movement and hopefully what I say here can be useful for all of us so that we can feel the benefits, of course my analysis is not 100% accurate, if there are errors in delivery or words that don’t fit I apologize as much as possible and also do not hesitate to criticize because criticism is constructive.

        Technical analysis of H4

        In the image upload above, I took it from the h4 timeframe. On the display it can be seen that the GBPUSD market movement has managed to break the 200 moving average, and this means the trend has turned bullish, but on the other hand there is the RSI indicator showing the market is overbought as well as the stochastic indicator which is also signaling a decline signal, apart from that also observing the existing candle pattern also forms a bearish engulfing. This means a really strong sell signal, in my opinion.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	739309371.png
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Size:	271.6 KB
ID:	17510300

        Even though the sell strong signal looks strong, I myself still haven’t dared to enter a sell because the trend is bullish, so my solution is to just install a pending buy limit order to minimize the risk later.


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          Good night everyone I hope all my friends is fine. Because many big countries took a day off during yesterday’s trading, of course this affects the level of volatility of major currency pairs, so many tend to experience sideways, if we try to pay attention to the H1 timeframe GBPUSD has experienced the most movement in terms of limited price movements compared to the previous one. Other.

          Today I will try to discuss the price movement of the EURJPY currency pair during the trading week, it was seen that there was a strong dominance of buyers during the 4 trading day period and made EURJPY closed with the formation of a bullish candle with a long body on the Weekly timeframe.

          H4 time frame

          On Tuesday, EURJPY recorded a bigger gain compared to last Monday’s trade, where this currency pair strengthened to 0.41% or 52 pips. There was an evening star pattern that formed on the H1 timeframe before entering Wednesday’s trading, but this did not make EURJPY weak again, because on Wednesday the currency pair recorded a strengthening of 0.41% or 52 pips. During Asian session tended to experience sideways trading in the price range of 128.7x to 1.285x, there was pressure from strong sellers at 09.00 WIB, but strong buyer dominance at the opening of the London session made EURJPY continue to strengthen.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	207859506.png
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Size:	334.7 KB
ID:	17510512

          In Thursday’s trading, EURJPY seems to have experienced ups and downs before finally being able to record further strengthening, this currency pair had weakened by closing at 129.1x price range, however when entering the New York session there was a bullish engulfing pattern that formed on the H1 timeframe., and brought EURJPY up to its highest price level on December 16 last, so that it closed higher by0.30% or 38 pips.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	940979281.png
Views:	1
Size:	405.0 KB
ID:	17510513

          After strengthening for a period of 4 trading days, EURJPY finally recorded a weakening on Friday, because there was a Christmas celebration so at that time the market closed early, so it only weakened to -0.14% or -17 pips. Possibly, if there is no big day, this currency pair could weaken with a larger range of price movements at that time.

          EURJPY trading:

          While in the previous week the EURJPY currency pair recorded a decline to its lowest price level on December 6 last, when Monday’s trading the EURJPY strengthened again, had moved sideway during the Asian session with traded in the price range 1.277x to 1.275x, will but the strong pressure from buyers during the London session made this currency pair close up to 0.38% or 48 pips.


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            Greetings to all of us,

            Good afternoon trading friends wherever you are. Sorry I can only update now because there is indeed a lot of work to be done.

            On this Wednesday, I will discuss the movement of the euro because there are indeed open positions that are open there.

            technical analysis EURUSD Time frame daily

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2022-01-13-19-35-39-93_a068875e8d70110f8d1ec48729c67374.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	378.5 KB
ID:	17520743

            Based on the picture above, I have determined the following intraday support and resistance price levels:

            Resistance2 (R2): 1.1396

            Resistance1 (R1): 1.1382 Support1

            (S1): 1.1354 Support2

            (S2): 1.1338

            From the chart above, it appears in the 1 hour time frame Today, the EURUSD pair tried to strengthen again after forming a Higher Low, which still underlies the confidence of the Euro market, which will stick to the US dollar sentiment.

            Setup if Breakout opportunity EURUSD

            Buy:If the price of the 1 Hour close candle penetrates the R1 level perfectly (the body candle is far from the upper limit of R1), then get ready to look for the best BUY Entry position, you can also let your position reach the R2 level (the strongest Resistance level today) to see the market reaction against that level to go back up or not.

            Sell ​​: If the price of the 1 Hour close candle penetrates the S1 level, then get ready to look for the best SELL Entry position, you can also let your position reach the S2 level (the strongest Support level today) to see the market reaction to that level to go back down or not.

            technical analysis on TF H1

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2022-01-13-19-35-35-48_a068875e8d70110f8d1ec48729c67374.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	381.0 KB
ID:	17520744

            On the daily TF itself, it has been seen that for now is trying to get out of the support zone and wants to break through the price of 1.14470, which was the price before the bearish trend occurred.

            In terms of indicators, it is indeed very suitable to buy in the long term because currently the RSI is at level 50, but it certainly requires large capital if you want to swing.


            The current conclusion because I am a daily trader type, I will do:

            Sell: 1.13677

            Take profit: 1. 13000

            Stop Loss: 1.1.14200


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              Good morning friends, it looks like the forum has finished repairing because it is accessible in the morning. How are you, friend? I can’t believe it’s Friday the last day of trading this week, this week there are a lot of interesting movements in the market so I think this Friday will be the peak for market conditions in significant movements, must be careful and alert to the opportunities that arise on Friday.This is because the market may lead to conditions that are difficult to read, conditions and directions, but significant market conditions or leading to extremes also provide a very large opportunity to earn profits if you can read the conditions.

              Technical analysis of the GBP-USD and the correlation with the USD

              GBP index. -USD saturated bullish

              The GBP-USD movement on Thursday yesterday moved in two directions, was quite bullish at the beginning of the European session but then turned bearish in the American session, from the daily candle that formed on Thursday yesterday, it formed a dominant pattern of long shadow highs or led to a bearish shape. pin bar, from the condition and movement of the GBP-USD yesterday I saw where there were symptoms that the GBP-USD was saturated with the bullish trend so there was a correction, the temporary condition was still a correction because after all the trend that occurred in the GBP-USD was still bullish, but the bearish condition was also corrected has the potential to be continued today so that it changes the direction of the GBP-USD, because from a bearish pin bar candle it becomes an opportunity for bearish pressure to be strengthened.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	1964532922.png
Views:	1
Size:	31.1 KB
ID:	17520899

              In technical analysis if you pay attention to the daily timeframe, especially from the shape of the candle that was formed yesterday, then yesterday’s candle is also interesting to serve as a resistance level for the high candle, if today it turns out that the GBP-USD is again dominant in the bullish movement, even a large power appears in its bullish movement, it will be a confirmation that the GBP-USD will continue to be bullish or continue the bullish trend and end the correction, but if the GBP-USD is again dominated by bearish movements today and even a significant bearish power appears, then there is a potential GBP-USD will lead to RBS trend-line and 200 MA is a possibility that today’s bearish conditions will return GBP-USD to a bearish trend if it manages to break the 200 MA as a dynamic support level and a reference for trend direction.

              The USD index showed signs of bearish saturation

              It was observed that the USD index yesterday also moved in two directions, was bearish significantly but turned bullish so that the daily candle formed is almost the same as the daily GBP-USD candle, namely a candle dominated by a shadow low or showing that bullish pressure is starting appears on the USD index so that it can also be seen as a condition where the USD index is starting to saturate with a bearish trend, if you look at the daily timeframe and refer to the 200 MA, actually the USD index still looks like a bullish trend in my opinion, and a significant bearish movement that occurred in a few days more as a temporary correction because the movement of the USD index is still far above the 200 MA.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	2008854527.png
Views:	1
Size:	25.6 KB
ID:	17520900

              The potential for the USD index to return to a bullish trend can be seen from the daily candle that was formed yesterday, also from the RBS area where the USD index has not been able to enter that area, it is already under bullish pressure. USD index will return to the bullish trend.


              The symptom of a reversal or reversal occurred in the GBP-USD which is supported by the USD index in a correlation, so for today I think it is interesting to pay attention to the potential for the GBP-USD to move bearish and can be a confirmation when in the European session there is a significant bearish movement. Significant in the European session can be an interesting moment for sell entries, but if bullishness returns to dominance, it’s a good option to follow the bullish trend.


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                Good afternoon fellow traders, greetings to all of us! How are you? I hope you are always in good health and there are no obstacles whatsoever and it is also smooth for trading? It doesn’t feel like we have entered on Thursday. I say many thanks for the visit from all of my colleagues who gave their feedback and support.

                Yesterday, I analyzed the movement of the GOLD pair, which I assume the price is bearish after touching the resistance level at the range 1858.40 which is also the upper line of the Bollinger Bands indicator, and it turns out that for this assumption, the price is indeed bearish, which is even now. Seeing the movement of the GOLD pair that I observed on a daily basis, it can be seen using several indicators such as the Bollinger Bands indicator, the Parabolic Sar indicator and the Stochastic indicator showing a line that is pointing downwards for all three, for this, of course, assumes prices are more likely to move bearish.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220512-182620_1.png
Views:	149
Size:	81.1 KB
ID:	17966015

                Active trade

                Today I have opened my trade in Gold. I think the gold that goes today will go down. Because today the currency of USDX is going to go up, I am sure I can make a good profit in gold. I have set my trade 1845 and TP 1820 is fitted. Now the reaction of gold is visible at the bottom.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220512-181244_1.png
Views:	90
Size:	23.5 KB
ID:	17966016

                Today's Economic calendar:​​​​​​​

                Currently, the economic calendar will not be special in terms of trade. There is no more influential news today, but we can see much more moderate news. The market will be very crowded tonight and we will make good profits. Details are below.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220512-182831_1.png
Views:	90
Size:	32.8 KB
ID:	17966017


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                  Good morning everyone, I hope the news is good and encouraging, especially on a Friday like this. Of course, the weather this morning is very cold? Hopefully, in good condition and this morning we have some analytical plans in order to get an advantage in trading by using some of the right methods so that in the future we will get a much more optimal result, of course.

                  While updating the journal in the morning, of course, in cold weather. I will try to analyze the USDX. And for this analysis, I used several indicators to make trading easier. My MA also added the RSI indicator. This morning could be true, or at least be used as a reference to be better at trading and opening positions. Below is an explanation of today’s analysis.

                  Active trade

                  At the moment I have a contract, I lose a lot of it. The size of the transaction was very small, and the transaction was rough. At the moment it’s 0. 0.5. Now, GOLD is in the selling trend, and it should be significantly.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220513-063826_1.png
Views:	101
Size:	24.6 KB
ID:	17966202


                  For gold, at 1850, we saw a simple receding hillock. There was no confirmation from the bulls there, and even now it cannot be taken as a full-fledged level. We are already in the new price zone under 1830 and have returned to the previous channel before all the confusion before the rise of gold. This means that, having worked out the top, the market will hopelessly return again and test 1800. If support is not confirmed there and there is no powerful absorption, one should not expect a miracle from 1810 to 1820. The decline has already opened the way lower for us, but traders are clinging to the growth in the past and for them such a decline will be strong, so there are more buyers in the crowd now and it will be very easy for the market to fail quickly with a breakdown of 1800.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220513-064103_1.png
Views:	97
Size:	79.6 KB
ID:	17966203 ​​​​​​​


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                    I hope you have good and pleasant news, especially since it's Saturday when the weather we saw this morning was a bit cold? Of course, this morning we prepared the best possible analysis so that in trading next week we can get results and if we understand a proper analysis of course we will not experience any more losses and in trading of course we get a better profit than before, hopefully just this morning's analysis helped friends in the show trade. The dollar index rises sharply and breaks new negative resistance for intraday fix near 104.02 as buyers are still waiting for the next break above the 100-day SMA line to provide further gains. Confirmed positive strength could directly challenge 71.3% Fibonacci. The return level is at 103.00. Conversely, if Jupiter's strength converges on the 104.50 barrier, the Bollinger Bands and Cloud Midline Oscillators will point strongly at 104.90 and then immediately resist the upper band around 105.10.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220514-055655_1.png
Views:	217
Size:	75.5 KB
ID:	17966900

                    Running trade

                    Currently I have a trade in crude oil and the lot size of this trade is 0.01. I lost $ 15 on this crude oil trade. I know that the crude oil trade usually causes such losses. This damage will be easily repaired shortly after. I am 100% sure that I will make a good profit in my current business. Details of the deal below.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220514-055637_1.png
Views:	144
Size:	21.6 KB
ID:	17966901

                    CRUDE OIL

                    Crude oil prices rose sharply during the week and broke the high weekly resistance barrier, crossing the 100-day SMA line at 105.35, which will be the dominant range for seller and the next possible target, hence the pressure from above. Will start again. At 100.50. I have decided to enter a long trade in the current stability zone and look forward to opening next week to manage these trades above the 111.00 physical resistance. Suppose the price continues to rise and the reading continues.In this case, the lines between Bollinger Bands and Oscillator Clouds will also point sharply lower while MACD is trading above its midlines and pushing back RSI 60. Therefore, a steep slope to 112 could break the 61.3% Fibonacci retracement level. 90 And then follow the immediate resistance above 113.20.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220514-055845_3.png
Views:	83
Size:	24.3 KB
ID:	17966902


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                      Good morning all friends, I can't believe we have entered Saturday this week, which certainly makes us as traders again get a holiday from busy analyzing and executing market entries. Ope continues to develop a good trading plan with the hope that during the next week our trading activities in forex can be even better and consistent in getting good profits. As we can see, the strength of the dollar index will break the historical swing at 104.98 and close weekly below 104.40, which indicates the resumption of the bullish trend next week and when this 100-day SMA Breaks the line, it will be opened. Extra height doors about 105.80 for buyers. In the first session, if the price of this big news stays above 105.00, the expected breakout range will cross the level of 71.8% Fibonacci retreatment at 106.30 with immediate correction and buying pressure. On the other hand, if the selling pressure increases, prices and expectations may turn out to be positive.

                      Active trade

                      I want to take advantage of this trade; I thought crude oil would rise on Friday, but it did not rise. Now I am sure it will rise, because it fell last week and fell very low. If we talk about the market, if the market breaks the last trend line once for the whole week, then it will definitely turn again. Now I am sure that the market will come back and bring me a profit. And after the market opens on the third day, there will be a lot of movement and a significant increase. Its final target will be. 106.60. It appeared a bit last week, but has dropped significantly over the past week.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220515-070541_1.png
Views:	125
Size:	21.0 KB
ID:	17967577

                      Closed trade


                      CRUDE OIL


                      Crude oil reacted sharply to the weekly chart. It started two weeks ago when it fell below 106.00, which is a strong support for the trend line, and then fell below 110.55. The trend line has many times helped prevent market breakout efforts, and this has led to a sharp candle in the market. This pattern will be important for the continuation of crude oil purchases this week. More importantly, the oil's long-term target is 112.60, although it will take more than two months to reach. RSI and stochastic are also set for the pair to grow, provided the current support line is not broken at 106.35.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220515-072159_1.png
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Size:	75.4 KB
ID:	17967578


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                        Good morning fellow traders, greetings to all of us! How are you doing after going on vacation for two days? I hope you are always healthy and also certainly add to the spirit at the beginning of this week? I don't forget to say thank you very much for the visit from all of my colleagues who have provided feedback and also support from what I have conveyed in this journal. The US dollar index is strange in itself. And it could actually continue the vertical support at 104.00. There is no significant news on the economic chart, so maybe some final channels are planning. Lots of improvements happen every day. Now the previous resistance is 105.00. The new curve may be trying to form a north. We gathered a few more days and went upstairs.

                        Today's important news:

                        The morning will start with a lot of Chinese economic data, the most important of which will be retail sales in a few hours, followed by the economic outlook for the EU, which could have a significant impact on the euro, but the economic calendar. The most important thing is to hear the report on monetary policy today. In addition, the most highlighted data concerned a monetary policy report hearings is going to declare in upcoming sessions. So try to analyze the market fundamentally.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220516-062243_1.png
Views:	137
Size:	37.4 KB
ID:	17968323

                        Closed trade

                        I have a lot of experience in CL trading. I try to make a profit by trading it, but every time I fail and tomorrow I lose. This is what happened on Friday when the market opened and you took position in CL. I've been using it for a while, but when the market rises again; I believe this is an uptrend. It will go up and not come back, so I closed this trade with a loss of. 23.50. It could touch 111.30 as it changed direction in a week.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220516-062352_1.png
Views:	73
Size:	13.6 KB
ID:	17968324

                        CRUDE OIL​​​​​​​

                        We built a fort in the north. He is looking at different headlines from the movement above 112.44, as he is collecting a large current. Among other effects, the strong force of the chain is initiated repeatedly. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. In general, with the center above the installation, the system to cross the main lines in the near future. The upper body is free from any unwanted movement before that. You can buy shades and combine and twist. Show concern. First, it reduced the bid to 110.56 after the election. The relative strength of the relative strength of the stock is also equal to the strength of the pair, provided there is no deficit at the current rate of 108.35.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20220516-062528_3.png
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Size:	25.4 KB
ID:	17968325



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                          Good morning fellow traders, greetings to all of us! How are you doing for this Tuesday? I hope all of you are always in good health and there are no obstacles whatsoever to carry out today's activities with enthusiasm? Don't forget to say thank you very much for the visit from all of you who gave good feedback and support. The US dollar index is still bearish, which is seen as a sign of bearish saturation if the bearish movement continues till it crosses the support area. I can confirm that the US dollar index will continue to fall sharply. The USD Index is very close to the support area if it can break the support area where the movement is, but if you look at the current trend on the H1 timeframe or higher.

                          Bonus update

                          Everything I said yesterday was fine, and I got 25 dollar I think in terms of my work I got a little of this because I have done so much work that I should have got 60 Our moderator should have a onetime bonus fix so that member's can wait for their bonus till then.

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Name:	Screenshot_20220517-072446_1.png
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ID:	17969149

                          Active trade

                          My trade in CL was unprofitable, but at night the price went up sharply. My loss is about 4.90, but its daily candle stick pattern shows upward movement. Therefore, I want to see a significant increase in its value because my trade comes from the upper zone. At this point, the price will drop a few pips, but then the price will rise sharply. I think this is the next one. The target will be set at 120.60, a strong resistance level. However, if the price does not touch the upper limit, we will see a further decline in its value, as this is already the support area for the lower broken level, but further fall could be dangerous CL.

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Name:	Screenshot_20220517-072912_1.png
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ID:	17969150

                          Crude oil

                          The price of crude oil is hovering around 11,5.20, and we can see the massive swing over will break out the monthly peak divergence level of 110.90, which will confirm that the bullish trend resumes covering the overbought barrier of 100-day simple moving averages at 125.50. I decided to open buy trades with the current stability zone and wait for the next session breakout above the 71.3% Fibonacci level at 116.40; I plan to keep holding the bullish base above the descending channel of 119.40. The MACD trades above the middle trend-line and is firmly pointed towards the south zone. In the meantime, speculative buying on the RSI and Bollinger Bands could be challenged at 124.30 to take advantage of the wide range of the 50 and 100 day simple moving averages.

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Name:	Screenshot_20220517-073040_1.png
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                            Good morning friends in Invest social. Thank you two friends who yesterday were willing to stop by in this good name journal. I hope you don't get bored to visit my journal and I hope that the knowledge and analysis can bring benefits to all of us. Thank God, I'm healthy and well. How are you, my friends? I hope you are in good health and always take good care of yourself. The US dollar strengthened at the beginning of the first trading session. 10103.20 is still stuck due to the upside. So, finally, the US Dollar Index is found again. The downward trend slowed down noticeably, and did not pass at 3103.17. The dollar deepened, reaching the price level of 103.10. It is also possible that the US dollar will be insufficiently used again. Also, successful at the grassroots level. Thus, the price of the dollar reached 102.70 shillings.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220518-081203_1.png Views:	0 Size:	81.8 KB ID:	17970042

                            Today's important news:

                            After a long hiatus, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will publish the Wage Price Index and fix it at the same level of 0.8%, the current forecast is close to 0.9%, which is 0.2% today. Leading analysts expect the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) to be released at 6.0% at the same time, so it is likely to rise by around 8.1%. Take a look at the applications below for a basic market analysis.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220518-080835_1.png Views:	0 Size:	19.6 KB ID:	17970039

                            Active trade

                            Crude oil and I made a profit of 2.70 on this trade. I have a slight suspicion that I have opened this trade incorrectly and may get lost in it. The market can go down now and I will lose a lot. At the time I entered this trade, the market trend was up, but now the market trend is reversed. The details of this transaction are as follows.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220518-080950_1.png Views:	0 Size:	21.0 KB ID:	17970040

                            Crude oil​​​​​​​

                            In the last one day of this week, the price of crude oil continued to stabilize, and when it tested the upper limit at 115.56 it rose 6.78%. However, when we look at the daily chart, we find that the price is hovering between $113.60 and 111.30. However, I do not see any sign of confirmation of the current status of the couple. In this case, I cannot expect big swings in the coming hours unless the price trend breaks from the 110.20 support or 113.70 supply area in the next session.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20220518-081101_1.png Views:	0 Size:	76.2 KB ID:	17970041


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                              Good morning fellow traders, greetings to all of us! It doesn't feel like for now we are on Thursday. How are you all friend? I hope, of course, that everyone is always in good health and also smooth in trading so that they have pocketed the coffers of abundant profits. Don't forget to always say thank you very much for the visits from all of you who gave feedback and also support. The US dollar index found support at 103.62 and finished trading at 103.90 on Wednesday. If prices remain stable at current levels by the end of the week, the medium-term pessimistic forecast discussed in yesterday's piece will be cancelled. The oil price, on the other hand, sank dramatically during the New York session after failing to break beyond Tuesday's high of $15.36. The negative slide may continue in the medium term as prices settle below the support level of 110.34.

                              Today's important news

                              And, because most events will centre around it, I expect high market volatility, notably in the price of the Australian dollar. The Australian economy will report Employment Change, which is predicted to be quite positive for AUD-based currencies. Apart from that, the Australian Unemployment Rate has a substantial impact on market conditions. As a result, rather than examining the market from a technical standpoint, we should try to assess it from a fundamental standpoint.

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Name:	Screenshot_20220519-071432_1.png
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ID:	17970814

                              Closed trade

                              I considered opening a trade yesterday and was aware of the trend, but crude oil fell owing to today's news, and I lost. My trade began at 112.56. However, I had a 15-point loss when the market hit 111.30, and the loss was growing, so I kept the deal open. I was losing money, and it was getting worse, so I kept the transaction open. The damage is extensive, but I am confident that it will not be repaired. I decided to open the trade, then close it again, and now I am satisfied with my distance. I'm also aware that the market is not in a good mood today, having created a very perilous, but my first account has been washed.

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Name:	Screenshot_20220519-071605_1.png
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                              Crude oil

                              The price of crude oil was under heavy selling pressure. The bull, on the other hand, managed to take the lead and boost the price to 107.47. Despite this, it is clear that the seller would not give up. The oil is clearly in a decline, according to the indications of the hourly time frame. Furthermore, the market scenario cannot be determined because the vote count following the Ukraine-Russia war is still underway. Naturally, this has a significant impact on market sentiment. Today, I believe the price of crude oil will fall. Furthermore, the price has a good possibility of approaching the 112.80 mark.

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Name:	Screenshot_20220519-071734_1.png
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