Strategy depend on the capability of working


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    Strategy depend on the capability of working
    Do you ever realise that trading strategy is different completely from trading system? trading system is just a unit or a component of a trading strategy and each trader has his own way of trading which makes you different from the others because knowing someone trading strategy does not guarantee you success in any way you may have access to the best trading system in Forex and still come out a great loser. if we must earn good then we should have a good strategy which can help us achieve our goals I mostly trade the support and resistance level and this is my strategy I would really se have the capability of working out for me.
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    Every trader have his own way of trading according to his experience and inspirations from someone. Many traders use different indicators to start or close their trades. Some opted for support and resistance levels as you mentioned earlier. Some traders rely on fundamental and technical analyses. A large number is having copy tradingand robot trading for accuracy purpose.


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