To start what capital!!!!


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    To start what capital!!!!
    Capital does give you edge to scalp as micro account taking lot or risks daily is not adviced as scalper as there has to be hard money management rules that we had to follow but If you start with good capital about 1 thousand then you can look for 1-2% daily but In order to achieve that you will to take unnecessary risks but their are losses on the way and When you do that with that bigger account then you must target one pair only for scalping rather than overtrading or basket trading

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    In as much as the capital invested does not matter that much in the outcome of your trading, investing more money gives you more freedom of trading and the fear of losing is not as much as the one who has investing little money. Trading skills is what matter most but that coupled up with a big capital investment you can make a lot more than a skilled trader with a little capital. With that being said, just invest what you can afford to and grow with it slowly and with time you account will become big and allow you to trade bigger for bigger gains as well.


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